What Is Priapism – Definition, Types, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

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In men, erections occur when proper bloodlow enters the spongy-tissues of the penis. At the same time, the veins-valves close and end up trapping the blood. For this to happen, genitals-arteries must relax to allow a flow through them.

Since an erection, in most cases, is required to be maintained, the vessels filtering deoxygenated red blood cells (RBC’s) away from the genitalia constrict in an enzyme-controlled reaction. Some natural ED remedies work by intensifying this process.

It happens that the erection is interfered with. In most cases, we are used to EDs being portrayed as an inability to get an erection. Well, the opposite can happen.

What is priapism?

When an erection is no longer necessary, the vein-valves open-up to reverse the blood-flow (hemodynamics). Pills like Viagra work by manipulating the enzyme that facilitates this process.

Priapism, shortened to PP, is an ED. This is because the process by which an erection transpires is impeded. If the circulating blood is caught inside the erect-penis, PP is likely to happen. The condition us rare and happens to less than 200,000 US-cases. It is self-diagnosable.

What is priapism in regards to EDs? It is when an erection endures for more than four hours. It is not as advantageous as it seems. In fact, it is rather painful. Some unsafe remedies for ED can lend to this.

The subset of the population most likely to experience PP are men in their 30s; but, children are also susceptible to it. In fact, if one’s child presents with a persistent erection, request professional advice.

Types, symptoms and priapism treatment

There are many types.


Also known as low-flow priapism, this phenomen when blood is stuck in the erectile muscles of the penis. This means that the genitalia will remain enlarged even after physiological arousal passes. Researchers do not fully know the reasons behind this phenomenon.

Those with leukemia and sickle-cell-anemia are predisposed to this ailment, which if undiagnosed for long, can induce permanent ED, along with discomfort.

Non-ischemic priapism

Also known as high-flow priapism, it occurs when a damaged vessel impedes circulation in the gonads. An injury sustained to or near the testes can cause this class of PP.

It is rarer but significantly less serious, but can still be dangerous if and when ignored.

Symptoms and priapism treatment

The symptoms of the two classifications of PP are not the same.

The following are implications of ischemic PP:

  • An erection over four-hours
  • Aching in the gonads
  • A hard-shaft but soft glans

With low-flow priapism, symptoms present later but progressively intensify. For example, one may notice arousal in the area without sexual stimulation. They are short-lived and sometimes undetected. When prolonged, they will become a nuisance.

High flow will display almost similar signs. The distinction is that in this case, one will rarely experience any discomfort. PP therapies should be sought in an established institution immediately.

Main priapism causes and home remedies for treatment

Priapism is a result of disruptions in one’s hemodynamics in and around the male genitalia, the explanation for which are below.

Sickle cell anemia

Most with this illness do experience episodes. It is not known exactly the two are related.

Some medications

Medications that alter circulation, like ED drugs, alpha blockers, antidepressants like the trazadone HCL (Desyrel) or chlorpromazine (thorazine), blood thinners, and some hormones, can be the villain. Generally, readily available pharmaceutics, such as liquor and cannabis, can also induce PP. Saw palmetto extract and best multivitamin supplements should be taken with caution, if you are afflicted with PP.

Carbon monoxide

It causes poisoning in which the RBCs cannot retain satisfactory oxygen quantities, similar to what occurs in those with sickle cell.

Injured penis

Injuries to the genitalia/spinal-cord may be instrumental in causing PP.

Spider bites

A certain classifications of spiders, like the Black-widow, are known to induce PP through its bite. Scorpion stings can also do the same.

This should be treated by Drs. As for temporary at-home fixes, you can take painkillers. Holding your urine in your bladder can also be adverse. Be sure to take in enough liquids.

Diagnosing untreated priapism from symptoms

If you encounter an erection that won’t go or that is troubling you, do not hesitate to consult with your doctor, as the information listed below may be crucial to accurate diagnosis:

  • Erection duration
  • Injuries sustained
  • Drugs and medications that you might be currently using, including herbal products such as Yohimbe supplement
  • Average period of titillations

The doctor will run a diagnosis based on the provided information. You will also be examined for any tumors or clots. He may use an X-ray machine to track dye-injected into your arteries, This is called arteriogram. He might even go for a Doppler-Ultrasound.

By the end, you will have a prognosis for your disease,which happens to be crucial, as these tests may expose some form of cancer.

There are many options for you and your doctor to discuss, like surgery when u aim at numbing the area and needle-draining the blood; use of medicines that fight alpha blockers; using ice-packs to relieve the arteries; and even, tying-off the damaged ones.

These are complicated procedures best carried out by a GP who will apprise you of which one is best.

Female/Clitoral priapism definition

The clitoris is the small sensitive/erectile organ from which the penis descends, thereby serving as the feminine equivalent of that. When a woman is sexually-excited, the clitoris gets bigger. This is one of the notable Muira puama benefits. Consumption of ptychopetalum may potentially enhance her sexual-vitality by making the hemodynamics in those regions much better.

The same blockage of one’s hemodynamics that comes about in men can occur in females. In this case, it is categorized as clitoral PP which does not necessitate intercourse.

Alpha blockers and antidepressants are the chief causes of female PP. Although it may not be as serious as it is in men, get emergency care to avoid complications.

One can peruse some diagrams to boost your awareness of therapies for PP.

Final thoughts

If you are using zinc supplements and any other enhancement, it is best that you get to apprise your physician of it.

If you see the flags of PP, immediately request a physician. If it is not caught, you may be forever incapable of receiving physical titillation during copulation.