What is a Micropenis Syndrome: Conditions, Disorder and Treatment options.

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A sexual reproduction problem is one of the most important things that you can never neglect. This is one of the most important areas in a human’s life as it performs an extensive role in the continuity of the generations. Those who have a weak productive well-being are at the danger of leaving this world without continuity of their genes. There are many problems that you can encounter in your copulatory part and for men, one of this problem is a microphallus deformities. Many don’t know about the idea of a micropenis. This is a defect, which is a medical terminology used to describe a penis which is smaller in length than a typical one.

Nihal Hatipoğlu and Selim Kurtoğlu from the Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, in Kayseri, Turkey explain that microphallus can be due to a pituitary or a hypothalamic insufficiency, some primary testicular-insufficiency, or can be idiopathic. The add that having an endocrinologic assessment helps in determining the true etiologies of such a “dwarf-member”.

In adulthood stage, the micropenis syndrome, also named as microphallus, is where you will find a fully-matured individual with a less than two inches of penis-length. Even though this is a rare problem which you will find in only a small percentage of men. However, there are many who have it, and would like to know how they can try to get their penis enlarged. There are many ways they can accomplish this, among them is the use of penis enlarging pills, which can be a good way of coping. Men who are really having this problem, and it can be quite frustrating to manage it, may need to be very clever to eradicate it.

What are the causes of micropenis syndrome in adults?

There are many causes as to why you can have this problem even though this problem take place when a baby is not even born. Micropenis therapeutic strategy can occur by one of the following things:

  • One of the biggest cause of this problem is related to the hormone imbalance when the fetus develops androgenic traits while in the womb. The infant is most likely to contract this problem if the testosterone-levels are inadequate. Therefore, one of the major contributors to this problem is due to inadequate formation of testosterone hormone in the body of the boy at fetal-stage.
  • Hereditary aspects can also cause this problem in kids. If you have a family-background of this micro penile deformity then it is most likely that a boy kid can be born with this problem. This can be either from the maternal side or even the father side as genetics are transported in the blood.
  • It has also been evidenced that there are kids who get this problem due to an environmental problem that surrounds the mother when expectant. When a maternal parent uses certain kinds of items that can contain any steroid then this can cause certain enzymes in the body to be released and therefore direct to this problem.
  • Exposure of kid or maternal parent of the newborn to toomuch pesticides can direct to this problem. This is why infants should not be near in any place where pesticides are being used and if exposure of a maternal parent of a newborn infant is done to such chemicals then it is good to be appropriately wearing protective gear since they can transmit these poisonous chemicals to their infants.
  • It can be caused by any defect anywhere along hypothalamic-pituitary-gondal axis, a defect in peripheral androgen action, isolated growth-hormone deficiency, a primary structural anomaly, or may be a part of hereditary syndrome.

Even though a man who has a deformed length of the penis such as micropenile deformity, this doesn’t mean that they will never have pleasurable foreplay. In fact, they can just have intercourse just like normal individuals do. However, they have to mange the stigma of having a small penis which is not a usual thing in men. Some females like men with a big penis and this can cause affair problem between a pair who have this problem. This can be handled with therapeutic sessions where the pair attends admonishing sessions that assists them to know how to manage this circumstances and know how they can make their intimate lifepleasing even when the husband has a small penis.

However, there are several therapeutic strategies that an individual can use to make sure there is an increase their penis length. These therapeutic strategies can be a convenient therapeutic technique which is through the use of natural phenomenon while others would choose for over-the-counter items and eventually for complicated clinical procedures.

Main micropenis treatment that you can find In the market today

When you have this problem, there are several therapeutic strategies that you can use to combat this problem. Among them consist of:

Natural penis enlargement methods

This comprises the use of natual ways that will not be involving the use of meds or any other kind of therapeutic technique. Just like the use of natural Viagra, there are certain kinds of herbs which are used to make the penis lengthen and they are picked from forests while others growing in gardens. These compose of Korean red ginseng that gives nervous system a boost through ginsenosides, Maidenhair tree, Lepidium peruvianum or Lepedium meyenni, L-arginine, Eurycoma longifolia, Tribulus Terrestris, Muiara Puama, Turnera Diffusa, Catuaba etc. These herbs help to elevate the amounts the nutrients that the body need so that certain hormone such as testosterone can be released in the body. This will then help the copulatory parts to improve and begin to function as needed. Some of the herbs which are used for this purpose consist of Korean ginseng as well as maca to cite a few. This technique has its benefits which comprises its fewer sidereactions and it’s inexpensive to combat. The disadvantage of this technique is that it can take a while for you to observe actual changes and need an individual who is constant when itcomes to taking this dose.

Another natural technique which is used to acquire this combating technique is through consuming healthy meals that contain necessary chemical components that can help to improve levels of testosterone and other hormones which are used for the growth of the man copulatory organ. Food that can be used for this purpose comprise eggs for vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), pumpkin seeds for zinc and magnesium, bananas for potassium, tomatoes for lycopenes, cruciferous veggies like broccoli for indoles, watermelon for L-citruline and L-arginine, dark chocolate for cacao, pine nuts for zinc and magnesium, oysters for D-aspartic acid, salmaon and other sea foods for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, Brazil nuts for selenium, potatoes for potassium, Vitamin A (retinol or beta-caretone) for carotenoids in carrots, anthocyanin in berries, capsaicin in Serranochillies, andosterone in celery, vit B12 in liver, honey with quercetin, clams for nitric oxide, catuabafor catuabine A and catuabine B, etc.

Exercise is also part of these natural technique which are used for penis enlargement as it is used to promote and lengthen the penis. These exercises consist of the hot cloth warmup, the jelq method, Pubococcygeus flex exercise etc. Sometimes, the use of specialised devices such as penis extender is used for this purpose.

Over the counter products used for treating micropenis condition

For those who would like to improve their masculinity using over-the-counter items, they are presumed to use the following items. Micropenis combating technique is made through the use of creams which are spreaded to the shaft of the penis. There are also sprays which are used for this purpose. Sex pellets for men are also used for this purpose and are readily available in many clinical settings without even the need for a directive.

Medical techniques used to treat micropenis condition

There are different kinds of strategies that can be used clinically. Surgical operation is one of the strategies used to help a penis to be big and it is one of the most effecient penis lengthening strategies you can find. You can find many pictures on the net which have been taken so that folks can see how this is done. There are other medicines which can be recommended by a clinician that can help to increase the amount of testosterone hormone which is used for this.