Tongkat Ali Extract (testosterone) – Benefits, Dosage, Reviews and Safety Information.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Supplements for Men's sexual health

If you know herbal-Viagra, you definitely know Tongkat-ali. Primarily, it is a plant, present in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is also called Malaysian ginseng, but Tongkat-ali is the most used.

For years, it has been known that Tongkat-ali can upraise one’s energy, useful for health as well as be aphrodisiac. It was mainly used in powdered-form, though it is now available in a root-extract.

Tongkat-ali uses for men and women


Tongkat-ali was being used as a libido-enhancer. Many researches say that it can actually have erotic-advantages.

Aggrandizes T

This is perhaps what Tongkat-ali is mostly known for. More T means more machismo.

Tongkat-ali works a little differently from other T boosters. Not only does it supersize the production of T, it does the same for cell-production.

More sperm

More sperm and viable ones mean more fertility. It is able to aggrandize the mobility, speed and the number of sperm-cells. This is very important, heeding that today we are more subject to a number of sperm-killers such as sugar and partying.

Refine sexual experiences

Sex is of less use if it cannot be rejoiced. Also, your sperm will need to be viable for better chances at conceiving.

Tongkat-ali comes to help in this case. It will give you the gusto needed to get the work done.

Enhances fertility

Seems like Tongkat-ali is all you need for good sex? Well, actually it will give you more than that.

Research results have shown up to 17% more fertility of men who took it. This is mostly due to good sperm and more sex drive.

Penis enlargement

Looking for a way to enlarge size? Not adding two inches to your member. Prefarably, Tongkat-ali will make more cells that make T. It is this that is thought to do the penis enlargement.

Don’t buy many Tongkat-ali-extract itemss in the to get a bigger member though. It won’t work that way.

Controls mood-swings

We all want to be in a good mood. But that cannot always do that. The stress is there to make sure of it.

Taking Tongkat-ali, whether in extract or some powder in your coffee can help with that. It will also keep you in a state of well-being.

Muscle build-up

Are muscles the thing for you? Or are you done with fat accumulations that won’t let you be happy? Maybe you need some Tongkat-ali.

The thing has been used in bodybuilding and athletic improvements. Nonetheless, its impact will not be the same as anabolic steroids.

Tongkat-ali dosage information for root extract and powder

Important things that are overlooked when taking a Tongkat-ali is taking gaps. Habitually, your body will see herbs as extraneous corollaries that should be averted. Hence, bodily functions will depict the herb inefficient. You might, therefore, take something for weeks without ever having nearly the wanted results.

When taking Tongkat-ali, make an arrangement; so for example, if you have a dose to last you for 10 days, take it for the first three, take a two-day gap and go back to taking it. This will give your system enough time to make use ofit to get satiated.

If you are ingesting it in powder, 200mg (100:1) is the prescribed dose. Since a root-extract is less dilute, about 25g are to be taken.

It is better if you take it on two devisions of the day. Still, this is not a definite-set dose. Go back to the manufacturer’s directions for more spot-on facts.

Tongkat ali testosterone boosting supplement

There have been many discordancy on the problem of its testosterone-aggradizing criteria.

Some say that MOLs such as alkaloids and glycosides are present in a Tongkat-ali. These are the MOls amenable for more T. As it happens, definitel reports are yet to warrant whether it can really do that.

Where to buy the best Tongkat ali extract.

It is not an amazement that online sources are the best places where you can get your Tongkat-ali. The basic thing is to know the differences in which it comes.

Tongkat-ali was chiefly sold as a powder. Nonetheless, technology made better forms. Theextract is the best kind in which you should get your Tongkat-ali.

When purchasing, you will get to know things signified as 1:200 or 1:50. What that means is that there is one part of Tongkat-ali where there is two-hundred parts Tongkat-ali extract.

The 1:200 supplement is most prescribed. It will give you value for your buck and still give results.

Different people will take differently to doses. The imperarive thing is not to take an extra dose. Although you will not face life-threating side reactions, you will end up becoming readily agitated and aggressive. Just take one pill diurnally, and then progressively look for a way around the dosage.

Make sure that your Tongkat-ali is taken from a trustworthy source. It is not a pledge that the initials scribbled on the label will actually be true. Following are some suggestions;

Do not take the powder. The extract will be more auspicious, performance-wise. Don’t be attracted to budget-friendliness disseminated over the internet. As it happens, some of them have been found to contain mercury.

Appraise for registration info. if you are unsure about the seller. See what their contact page has. Know what to foreknow price-wise. Finally, run a research on the web for the seller.

Tongkat ali root extract dosage side effects

Taking Tongkat-ali in the prescribed dose will not cause side effects that can’t be handleable. Nonetheless, measures are still to be taken.

  • Anxiety – Some are much more receptive to changes in their hormone levels. This can end up causing stress. If this happens, stop any further use of Tongkat-ali.
  • Aggression and mood swings– Taking very high doses of Tongkat-ali will cause agitation and aggression. In some people, even the prescribed dose will do that. Reduce your dose if this occurs.
  • Sleeping problems – Well, it might keep you wide-awake all day long but Tongkat-ali can also give you sleeping problems. If you are taking large Tongkat-ali doses, begin to take less. As you becomes used to it, your sleeping experiences will better.

You will find other further information regarding Tongkat-ali on the internet, magazines and even advertisements. Well, it can make substantail changes in your life. But this is only if you have the knowledge and will do get it right.

Tongkat-ali should not be used for medical problems. This can render men infertile or even ED. For females who are expecting and breastfeeding, the use of Tongkat-ali can wait. The fact is for women sexual fitness such as pregnancy, several hormones play a part and even an significant irregularity can direct to miscarriage.

Always keep in mind to consult with your clinician when under any prescription medicines or have a background of longlasting diseases.