Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction: How to Quit?

Posted: December 29, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction - natural treatments

Smoking and ED are inter-related because when you begin getting obsessed with one, it will have some kind of distress on the other. Smoking causes a whole lot of disturbances to our system which could end up in ED if you are not taking care of yourself right. We all come from different beliefs. You may be wealthy or could be unfortunate; some are educated and others are not. But, whatever your background is, the act of dragging is equally harmful, by all means. There is not one way that you can get to learn, which will hide-out the endless small harmful substances in that small stick from making their negative impact on your cells.

According to the AHA, lighting up does let you having to deal with ED. In their annual conference that occured in Miami, few years ago, they proved how these two are correlated. There is no way to run. So, you would better start thinking twice before getting yourself on an offensive way of life.

A whole long list of variables can let you start dealing with erectile dysfunction. These can be divided into two sections: the mental factors and the physical ones. Hence, smoking, as well as ED, can be described as cause and effect. It is a known fact that this habit can have a very bad impact on your vessels. In its turn, this will get translated to your penis and that is when you face ED. The good news is that the very second you give up this very nasty habit, you are more likely to feel better in many areas like your vascular health, sexual desire, and performance in bed. It is simple.

Are Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction in Harmony?

For those of you who believe that smoking isn’t by any way befriending your passionate life; then, you are surely on the right way of thinking. These two are not in a good relationship with each other’s.

It is imperative for you to understand the link between the act of getting yourself one of these harmful products and its effect on your vessels.

Considering the fact that smoking, usually, has adverse effects on your circulatory system, it is simply a chief antagonist to your hardening of the male member. Again, having a healthy and sustainable erect penis is a function of keeping one’s effective vessels. Smoking brings some deficiency into the arteries making them narrower. Hence, it hinders the capacity of the veins to reach a necessary expansion to trigger and sustain an erection. For this reason, every smoker is exposed to a much higher risk of getting ED, when compared to a non-smoker. Now, that you are understanding the risks that are involved in your love life and sexuality which are linked to smoking, would you still do it? Is it worth it to have a cigarette and end up having a lousy romantic night with your loved one? I am sure you do not agree; but, if you are hooked, then, it is going to take you some time to wean off. It is worth it!

Furthermore, your power in bed is at the mercy of a how well you have your circulatory flow going towards your penis. Unfortunately, nicotene is a one potent enemy vasoconstrictor that can mess up your blood veins in two different ways. Firstly, as a stimulant, it creates a sort of spasms that affect arteries that goes to all your internal organs and extremities. Secondly, it demolishes the very lining of your vessels, and hinders their capacity to relax and assist the additional blood flow. Again, a study has proven that nicotine interrupts with the processes inside the veins which assist in facilitating required erection.

When one truly understands the disastrous effect of this bad habit on your reproductive system and your proper circulatory system, one has to add that the effect is somehow instantaneous.

The research, using the Doppler Imaging, examines the most profound arteries that serve the penis, it was shown that these have the ability to instantly react when an individual is smoking. The results demonstrated that it clamps down in such a way that after only two sticks of cigarettes, all the flow is reduced to half. Do not forget that about a similar quantity of nicotine is available in almost all nicotine gums or gradually discharged from a nicotine patch.

Interestingly, despite quitting smoking or giving up its replacements, the long-term dent in the lining of the arteries and nerves can hardly be ignored. Indeed, studies have revealed the reduction in nightmare sexual erection which is always subject to stick to cigarette smoking.

A study, done by a collaborative effort between Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and the Urology of Indiana, went very deep as to try to explain the correlation between puffing and ED. Ther findings were revealing as it was proven, by collecting findings from the past three decades, how harmful this habit is on your bedroom life. When you want to have an erect member, you should be expecting to provide a proper relaxation to the muscles of the down-below area (the cavernous smooth muscles) and an effective dilation of the arterioles. These two will allow a needed inflow of blood which gets trapped; and hence, allows you to have sex. These are two automatic mechanisms that occur every time a man wants to have some good times.

Also, the Urology Research center in Tehran tried to assess the link between smoking cessation and ED. The findings were shocking as the severity of ED was highly correlated to the dose and duration of being exposed to tobacco. One hundred and eighteen patients were studied and they proved the association.

Best Tips for Quitting Smoking

The fact that you have made several attempts to quit this debilitating habitude without success is not enough reason for you to be discouraged. All you need to do is to develop a new methodology. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute have offered some suggestion and steps required to quit your addiction to tobacco and enhance your ED. As vital and effective as these recommendations are, it calls for your personal efforts by accepting responsibility on time, as no one can do it for you. Some of the suggested steps are as follows:

  • Itemize why you feel like quitting and examine the possible reason for your failed attempt in the recent past.
  • Take away anything cigarette, matches, ashtrays as well as lighters from your car, office, and home.
  • Be mindful of those things that stimulate or entice you to relapse like coffee or alcohol. Avoid them as much as possible.
  • Seek necessary support from your friends, family, and co-workers if needed. Boldly inform them that you have quit and stand by your word. You will need their support.
  • Consult your doctor concerning the possible prescription or OTC drugs that are existing and that were developed to assist men and women to quit one of the deadliest habit in the world. Check out for the healthy and preferable ones. Then, keep to the dosage or usage.
  • When you remember cigarettes, remind yourself again and again that you have taken upon yourself to quit and it is no longer your choice of relaxation because it is distasteful and offensive to your healthy organs.
  • Look for an alternative to smoking such as outdoors activities to keep you occupied and fill up your time. For those who became addicted in a way or another; stopping means that you will start getting very hungry. Prior to the cessation of this dangerous stick, you used to spend your stress and free time sucking in its toxic substances. Now that you lack this option, you will start asking for food to preoccupy your buccal area. The mouth has to keep something coming in. You need to program your mind positively.
  • Get set for some sudden cravings and temptations togo back to smoking. Never be discouraged.

Statistical Facts on Smoking

  • A statistical study has revealed that men who smoke regularly have a 200 percent probability of developing ED when compared to non-smokers.
  • Tobacco hinders the effective circulation of blood to all parts of the body; and, the genital system is not excluded. This makes sustainable erection difficult.
  • As soon as you give up smoking, you begin to experience improvement in your health within 2 to 12 weeks.
  • Your probability of having a heart attack is drastically reduced.
  • About 15 percent of smokers have at least once experienced ED.
  • About 30 percent of men who were or are still smokers are prone to fall victims to impotence. So, whether you are an old smoker or a fresh one, you will be touched by the negative effects of this curse.
  • About 13 percent of males who never tasted cigarette are prone to have some kind of ED.

Some Aides after Quitting Smoking

  • The inhaler

This is only available by prescription. Here, the cartridges are created to imitate the hand-to-mouth motion that happens while smoking. As the nicotine is discharged from the inhaler, your buccal area is the medium of absorption.

  • The Lozenges

The treatment is for 12 weeks. Many findings proved that these lozenges are possibly increasing the risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer.

  • The Gum

You are only permitted to chew just one piece of gum within two hours; but, you are not to be exceeding twenty-four pieces within twenty-four hrs.

  • The Nasal Spray

This spray ensures that the delivery of nicotine into your bloodstream is at a very short interval. You simply spray your nostrils one or two times within 60 minutes. It is used with prescription. So consult your doctor for proper advice. This method many seem a little odd for many who are trying to quit. Make sure it is the right option for you and weigh its consequences.

  • The Patches

You only put this on your skin once daily. It is advisable that you use it during the day. There are a lot of controversies related to these patches and their possible risks.

How Resorting to Nicotine Affect Erection of Men

Breathing-in from a cigarette can easily affect the sexual health of a man due to the fact that it has a strong affinity to the blood vessels. This bad habit could cause arteries plaque which narrows down the arteries thereby reduce the level of blood flow into the penis and halt the vein’s ability in the penis to widen when erection is supposed to take place. As a result, smokers are at the risk of having ED when compared to men who are not smokers. As we all know, good sex is based on a good blood flow. If you are quitting this nasty addiction, make sure that you are totally determined. There will be no room for relapsing. Ensure that you have all that can help you remember that you are trying to wean off this substance and why you decided to do so. If you are able to abide by this, you will see that you will begin to experience changes in your body in no time. But, if you are still smoking and erectile dysfunction emerges in your sexual life; then, you have to make a hasty decision in order to reverse the sexual damages.