Sizegenix Extreme pills – Reviews, Expected Results, Ingredients and Side Effects.

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It is funny how producers of over the counter products are always ready to rank theirs as the best erection pills in the market. In just less than 10 years, more than 100 enhanced products were flushed off the market for different reasons.

Unless a product is regulated by bodies such as FDA, its producer is not mandated to provide a full list of all the ingredients contained in the product. This means that a producer might choose to provide details about 3 main ingredients and leave the rest to their sole knowledge. Anyway, most users will never care to tests products in the lab.

With pills such as Viagra, users have a complete access to all included ingredients, including how they work. In that case, you will be taking the drug knowing what to expect and how to prepare for the same. It is not so with over the counter products.

As it currently stands, men can choose among hundreds of enhancement products, all which are a click of a button away.

Speaking of male enhancement products, lets spare a couple of minutes and review one of the most advertised such products, SizeGenix Extreme.

What is SizeGenix Extreme and how does it work

Simply enough, it is a male enhancement product. These are basically products meant to improve sexual experiences in men. Most of them target improved erections, which can be achieved through a number of ways.

According to its official website, the product can promote both girth and length of a man’s erection. This is allegedly achieved by making blood vessels more permeable to ingredients used in the product.

To understand how the product works, let’s quickly go through the process of achieving an erection in men.

The penis is made of three main chambers. Two large ones and one small one (urethra). With the advent of an erection, the two large chambers are filled with blood. This engorges the penis, basically leading to an erection.

If a product can succeed in promoting more blood flow to these chambers, then it can basically promote hard long lasting erections. SizeGenix Extreme claims to do that and more.

The ingredients used in the product are said to help in making the above-described chambers able to hold more blood. What this means is that you will notice an increment in both length and girth of your erect penis.

According to the official website, 85% of the potent ingredients used in the product are able to make it to the erectile chambers of the penis. In comparison, other formulas are said to only deliver 30% of their potent ingredients.

I guess the main point being made here is that the ingredients used do not matter a lot as far as competition with other products is concerned. The main thing that matters is how much of the ingredients will be delivered to the desired areas.

Other enhancement products you can find more about include vigrx plus and extenze male enhancement pills.

List of SizeGenix Extreme ingredients:

  • Tongkat Ali – It is an aphrodisiac and known to treat erectile dysfunction especially resulting from old age. It is also known to boost libido.
  • L-arginine – It is a precursor of nitric acid. Nitric acid is responsible for relaxed body vessels, the condition that makes erections possible. It is basically how tadalafil and Levitra work.
  • L-citrulline – It is a better version of L-arginine. If you are to find watermelon being advertised as a homemade Viagra, it is because of this compound.
  • Tribulus terrestris – This herb has been linked to high testosterone levels. It has also been shown to work similarly to DHEA supplements.
  • Vitis Vinifera – Reviews for this compound suggest that it can promote fertility and sperm health. It is also said to increase libido in both men and women.
  • Protodexx matrix complex – While little is known about how most herbal products work, even less is known about this one. It has however been claimed to improve general sexual health.
  • Maca root – Sexual appetite is said to increase in maca users. It has been used for long. In fact, clinical trials are available for the product.
  • Butea superba – Other than being used in male enhancement, this herb has also been said to promote bodybuilding performance results.
  • Niacin – Vitamin B3, also known as niacin is involved in cell metabolism. This is the process that provides the body with needed energy.
  • Long jack – Its main notable use is in treating reduced libido in men. It is pretty effective in returning testosterone levels to normal but not higher.
  • Long pepper – Ancient Indian medicine used it as a libido booster. It is also effective in women who don’t feel the desire to have sex.

The amounts in which these ingredients have been used in are not available. For dosage, the product is said to be best taken daily, 2 pills per serving without food.

Expected SizeGenix Extreme results

It is always good to know what results to expect with any product before buying it. Here are SizeGenix Extreme results to expect:

Quality erections
In this case, quality erections mean long-lasting and firmer ones. In the above analogy, SizeGenix Extreme is able to increase the blood holding capacity of erectile muscles. If that is actually true, it would definitely lead to quality erections.

Increased sex appetite and stamina

Sex appetite is basically the same thing as increased libido. If you ask men over 50 years of age, they will tell you just how much they would love to enjoy high libido once again.

More testosterone availability

This hormone you will consistently hear about called testosterone is actually very important. It does not only ensure that men produce healthy sperm, but also ensures that men are masculine as they should be.

Improved blood flow

The efficient flow of blood is almost all that is needed for quality erections to occur. You will not miss an enhancement product that will not promise you better-circulating blood.
Those should form the better part of your SizeGenix Extreme results to expect. You can always find some additional information reviews and testimonials.

Customer-based SizeGenix Extreme reviews and testimonials

It will be unfair if we are not to observe that Ron Jeremy has endorsed the product, saying it is the best as has come across so far. If you are wondering who this Ron guy is; well, he is an adult movies star.

On the official website, you will come about several testimonials and SizeGenix Extreme reviews suggesting that the product does actually work. But what is to be expected anyway? In fact, unless the testimonial has been pulled down, one client suggested that SizeGenix Extreme works like a ‘steroid of cocks’.

SizeGenix Extreme reviews to be found on the official website cannot be of course depended wholly to decide whether the product works or not.

In several ranking lists available on the internet today, SizeGenix Extreme appears on the list of top male enhancement products. but it does not rank as the best. Of course, results may differ depending on users.

It is always good to get firsthand information and decide if the product does work or not as far as you are concerned. To start with, visit the official website for the product and request for a free trial pack if they have one. You can then compare before and after SizeGenix Extreme results. You can also consider learning more about Vigrx Plus results.


  • It will help you get to the limits of the erection you can achieve
  • Has been endorsed by famous guys
  • Its producer is well known; there are no chances of buying from anonymous companies
  • It can increase sexual appetite and stamina


  • There are no complete details on amounts of ingredients used

It may not work instantly

  • Some clients have provided negative reviews. You can check genuine reviews offered by buyers on Amazon or eBay. The good thing about such reviews is that they are hardly manipulated and can be trusted.

What is the price?

Buying SizeGenix Extreme directly from its original producer is the cheapest method. You can also ask for coupons and free trial periods to manage the price further.
You can buy a month supply dosage at around or pay for a supply to last three months. You will also be offered a money back guarantee that lasts 90 days.
Sometimes, the price can actually be a mark of quality. Going for very low priced pills is in a number of times disastrous. The best approach is to go to the official website and check the prices being offered. You can also compare the price with other enhancement products in the market.

SizeGenix Extreme side effects

I will not expect you to be surprised on hearing that SizeGenix Extreme is allegedly all safe and with no side effects. In any case, all the ingredients are natural.
A professional will advise you not to correlate naturally with safe. The two are absolutely not the same. Going by producer’s information, SizeGenix Extreme can be taken without worrying about any possible side effects.

But going by the information on available articles detailing on the use of particular ingredients used in SizeGenix Extreme, there are potential side effects.

Take L-arginine for example. It works by dilating blood vessels, just more like sildenafil does. Any product that can attain that will definitely cause certain side effects such as headaches. Muira puama, on the other hand, is known to cause some stomach discomfort.

Again, I am not suggesting that these are SizeGenix Extreme side effects. All I am making clear is that a supplement will rarely go unnoticed as long as side effects are concerned. That is unless it doesn’t work at all.

The issue of undisclosed ingredients is also of much concern. It is the same thing that causes people to be skeptical with Kamagra use. Although the drug is known to be just a generic, you can never tell for sure that the said ingredients are the actual ones in the final products.

Final thoughts

SizeGenix Extreme is one of the most advertised male enhancers in the market today. Its official website claims that a special transport formula sees more than 80% of the used potent ingredients make it to the penis where they produce their effects.

How true that is can only be touted once the product has been tried personally. But if you are to go with online ranking lists, other products may be more potential than SizeGenix Extreme.
It will be a pretty bad decision to take this product or any supplement for that matter in case you are on other medications such as Cialis. In fact, do not take any over the counter supplement before your doctor approves.