Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

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Reasons for erectile dysfunction have been the major concerns for men because they anticipated their masculinity to be functioning all through the rest of their lives without any interference. But, as men are growing old, they always experience this kind of problem.

Cohan and Korenman from the University of California in LA explaim how persistent this ED can be. Its prevalence is startling and its undisputed impact on one’s self-esteem is overwhelming. Erection happens when you are erotically-stimulated and any one of your your five senseswill send the message to the hypothalamus for processing.

There is an ad that says when one knows the reasons for the cause of their problem; it means the solution is already near. When one knows the real definition and the cause of the medical problem, it means the solution can be readily trained for fast therapy intervention. Erectile dysfunction is intentionally known as the incompetency of a man to attain and keep an erection that will be capable enough to use for sexual mating.

David Mobley from Weill-Cornell Medicine in Texas, Mohit Khera from Baylor College of Medicine, and Neil Baum from the Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, Louisiana explain that every geriatrician sees ED patients regularly. They believe that if no physiological sign show, they are “all in their head”. The Massashussets Male Aging Study showed that more than half of men between 40 yrs-70 yrs, have ED.

Since the 2600 BC, The yellow emperor’s classic of Internal Medicine talked about the natural solution for it.

Symptoms of Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction

There are some things one must be going through or facing before one can have second thought whether the problem is impotency or not. Some of the likely signs comprises of:

  • Finding it difficult to attain erection
  • Attaining inappropriate erection that is not powerful enough to have pleasureable sex.
  • The problem of not able of carrying on an erection as soon as he is able to attain one.

Causes of Impotence or ED

From stats, it has been approximated that nearly 28 million of men in the United States alone are those who suffer from impotence. It could be very crafty to find out the cause of your erectile problem. Therefore, this is where the concentration of the physician is needed for correct diagnosis and right treatment for haulting, protecting or curing it. At first, the physicians agreed that this problem is usually encountered as an outcome of emotional problems like anxiety, tension and despair. But later, some studies have proven that almost 82 percent of the ED is due to a physical problem. ED could be due to many causes which could be related to clinical conditions, problems related to mental pressure, tension, and anxiety. But the considerable reasons for erectile defect are due to obstructed vessels in the penis.

A research done by A. Morales in Queen’s university and Kingston general hospital reported that endocrine system plays a vital role in erections in a normal men and can be due to significant morbidity. There is a complicated relation between levels of testosterone measurement and erectile function. Androgen treatment should definitely be taken into notice in patients witout prostate cancer but with a clinical image that suggests a relevant contribution of hypogonadism to the ED. Other hormonal imbalances should also be taken into notice for coping up with ED in patients.

The reasons for having impotency are not limited to a physical problem but also emotional and psychological. This comprises of guilt which can intervene with the sex life of a man thereby make the erectile problem worse. Also, anxiety can also cause a man not to attain erection, donot discuss much of continuing it. This could be the number one enemy some times. In case you are having an emotional problem that is related to tension or anxiety, this is the time to take your time and take some advantage of relaxation approaches. Another thing that can cause ED comprise of smoking, work loads, drinking alcohol or taking unauthentic drugs. All these can cause more problems to your impotence problems.

Physical causes of ED

Medical author named Pamela I. Ellsworth, MD has reported in a study done on ED that in addition to health conditions, there are some systemic digestive (gastrointestinal) and respiratory conditions which causes ED. These are:

  • Scleroderma (stiffening or hardening of the skin)
  • Kidney faliure
  • Liver Cirrhosis
  • Hemachromatosis (too much iron in the blood)
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

When There is No Exercise

Other possible causes for impotency is when one is not involved himself in daily exercise. This is very common in men who are having erectile problems and it is very compulsory to do drills twice or three times in a week. This will go a long way in correcting your impotency. You can begin by brisk walk for 30 minutes daily as this will help in improving your sexual health thereby recover your performance during sexual mating.

Unhealthy Meal

People usually say that healthy heart is the same as a healthy penis. A unhealthy meal is very dangerous to the heart of man because it could cause serious side effects on the part of sexual life. When your food is having a high quantity of red meat or processed one, junk foods and more refined grains, it could cause a serious sexual problem for men. But those meals that are having low saturated fats is suggested to be taken. It is suggested that one should eat meals abundant in veggetables, fruits, fish and whole grains so as to overwhelm the sexual problem.

Deprivation of Vitamins

Another thing that contributes to the problem of impotency is when the body depriving vitamins and nutrients in the body. Apart from the well-balanced diet that helps to make better health, some particular vitamins and nutrients are essential to men. Those men who are experiencing erectile deformity truly needed vitamins and nutrients for their sexual life to be flawless. Some strong vitamins for healthy sex have been produced to boost the effectiveness of sex and at the same time your penis continue to function properly. Vitamins and nutrients are permanent approaches because they will definitely be proving advantage to the health of your body. One of the important vitamins for the body’s effectiveness is Vitamin C. This help in improving the transport of blood. Another one is Vitamin E that has been tested and trusted to help in the recovering the penis physiology from erectile problems. The most necassary of the supplements is the zinc which assists in the sexual restoration of your body. Loss of any of these vitamins and nutrients in the body could cause erectile defect. There are many strategies that can be used to correct ED and put a closing end to every impeding erectile defect in the life of men.

If you are searching for how you can stop your problem of erectile defect, you need to know the reason for the problem. Without the reason, it will not be very easy to deal with the problem. There are various ways by which you can rectify the impotency but it is advised to see your physician for accurate diagnosis and to know how severe the problem is before using any medicines for the therapy. Aside from that, your physicians know what to advise that can heal you.

When you definitely know the reasons for erectile dysfunction, then the solution to your problem is not far-fetched. All you need is to give way to any suggestion your clinician gives you so as to get out of your sexual hardships. Your physician is in the best status to tell you the reality. Do not use self-medication as this can interfere with your body system thereby intensify the problem.

Why You Need to Know THE Reasons

It is very important for you to know the cause of your problem as this will deliver the solution faster than predicted. The source of this problem will allow the physician to know the appropriate medicine or precriptions to be executed to you. There are various pharmacy shops out there and even online, do not put your life in danger by purchasing these drugs without comprehending the considerable performance of the drug. This could give you side effects you did not negotiated for in your life and this might not be able to be ammended within a short duration.