Natural Penis Enlargement Foods – Healthy Diet Plans For Rapid Penile Growth.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Penis Enlargement - natural methods

Natural biological process did not predict that technology will allow for penis growth pills and techniques. For this reason, evolution allowed natural foods that make your penis bigger to evolve with time.

Penis growth depends on the amount of levels of sex hormones, available essential vitamins, and sufficient blood circulation, especially in the penile muscles. All these requirements can be met through healthy diet plans that have been proven to promote penis growth.

The problem is that modern-day lifestyles allow very little time for health-related concerns. We have become used to quick solutions such as sex pills and surgeries that we have forgotten all about Mother Nature’s goodies.

Best penis growth foods that help

On your next visit to the food store, these are the penis enlarging foods you should add to your purchase list:


There is plentiful of omega 3 fats in salmon and other kinds of seafood. So what do omega 3 fats do? Well, they are what you can call blood thinners.

‘Thin’ blood will easily find its way through your circulatory system. It will take all the necessity for heavy heartbeats and keep your heart in a good condition. One of the main requirements for a quality erection is sufficient blood flow into the penile muscles. Salmon will give you just that.


You are not about to miss this fruit from any best list of foods that make your penis bigger. Bananas are rich sources of Zinc. They also will help keep your blood flowing sufficiently all day long.

Bananas are best taken raw and fresh


Clotted blood is only essential when you have an open wound. Otherwise, it will leave your penis poorly supplied with the much-needed nourishment for natural growth.

Onions act more or less like salmon. They are perfect blood thinners and at the same time natural Viagra healthy foods.


But does yogurt not contain lots of fats that can promote weight gain and a small sized penis in the process? Well, not all forms of yogurt do.

Low-fat yogurt is one of the foods that enlarge the penis for sure. It contains lots of lean proteins and promotes penile growth almost assuredly.


You may be more concerned with the increment of your penis size while that is actually what is most needed.

Strong pelvic thrusts will give your partner more satisfaction than a long weak penis. They moreover will help you take control over your ejaculations.

Broccoli is just the perfect food for that. Sweet potatoes can produce many similar effects if broccoli is not available or not a favorite of yours.

Dark chocolate

Its taste might be the main reason as to why people prefer it. However, dark chocolate is actually one of the best penis growth foods you will encounter.

There is an abundance of flavanols in dark chocolate. This is the compound that will keep your penile muscles filled with energetic blood ready to stretch your member to the hardest it can get.

Natural penis enlargement foods with essential vitamins for penis growth

So what is all that fuss about vitamins and penis growth? It always seems like vitamins are closely linked to natural penis enlargement foods. It is actually for a good reason. Below is a quick breakdown of essential vitamins contained in most foods that grow the penis:

  • B5 – This is the vitamin to transform your penis into a powered drill. During an erection or penis related exercises, the penile muscles are always bound to experience exhaustion. It is for this reason that erections usually go away after a climax. Vitamin B5 contained in sunflowers seeds and liver help in these situations.
  • A – This vitamin is in charge of penile immunity. It keeps your penis free from ailments that may inhibit quality erections or cause pain during a hard erection. Plenty of it can be found in carrots.
  • D – A supplement with this vitamin is likely to be recommended for you if diagnosed with ED. In almost all cases, low levels of this vitamin have been identified in ED patients. But why wait for that long while you can take it through common foods from your local grocery store?
  • C – The vitamin to keep your bedroom an aroma house. This vitamin is essential for penis growth as well as keeping you a youth. You can get plenty of it in broccoli and citrus fruits.
  • L-arginine – It is not a vitamin yes but deserves a place among them. It is the amino acid to build more muscles in your penis. If you are taking penis exercises, better give your penile muscles some raw material to get the penis growth job done. You can get it from supplements or take a lot of nuts.

How do penis enlarging foods that help work

The secret behind the penile growth is quite simple. If the right vitamins, hormones, and nourishment from blood are present, new cells will form on the penile muscles. But this will only happen if the right stimulation is done.

Take the example of a bodybuilder for example. If the performer was to eat all the recommended healthy foods for muscle building but spend most of his time at work or in bed, only fats will end up accumulating in his body. But assume that the bodybuilder hits the gym on schedule. After some months or weeks, new strong muscles will add to his body.

It is much the same way with the penis. You may add these penis enlarging foods but still notice no significant results. Well, the reason may be hiding behind your lack for penile growth stimulation. Just like trained gym workouts, there are some penis growth stimulating exercises you should try. Such include jelqing and stretching.

There are complete and detailed guidelines for such penis growth exercises published or captured on videos. You should consider learning more about them and using them to enhance penis growth along with the above foods that enlarge the penis.

The best thing about penis growth foods is that they will also promote general body health. This is the main feature of a healthy man. Erectile dysfunction for example always tends to occur in people with poor heart conditions and ones suffering from blood-related complications including low blood sugar. Taking healthy foods will act as long-term management plans for such health conditions.

How long will foods that make your penis bigger take to work

If you are to ask most of penis growth pills users, the reason as to why they prefer pills to foods that grow the penis, their reasons will have something to do with belated effects.

Well, no one is promising you a bigger dick; come tomorrow after heavily feasting on foods that help grow the penis bigger. The main idea behind this information is to provide a lasting solution that will not cause you any side effects.

Consider penis enlargement surgery, for example; as much as am not blaming surgeons or criticizing any beneficiaries of the operation, it can lead to a couple of undesired side effects and health concerns.

Some will tell you that surgery has a low rate of effectiveness as long as penis size increment when erect is concerned. Others will warn you about the potential development of permanent erectile dysfunction. There are others who will be concerned about the cost and surgical complications. All these for an inch or two added to the normal size of the penis.

Instead, why don’t you take foods that will keep you in an enhanced sexual health and mood while at the same time putting some more meat under your belt? As much as the specific duration that it will take penis growth foods to work is not clearly identified, the assurance is that they will work in the long run and with the other added benefits you can ever hope for.

Can you use supplements with natural penis enlargement foods?

Supplements are the closest thing next to natural foods that you will come to safe penis enlargement methods. But can they be used alongside natural penis enlargement foods?
Generally, a supplement will contain most of the healthy compounds and vitamins identified earlier in this article. Some will contain a single product but in its abundance.

You can safely take supplements above with foods that enlarge the penis. However, it is not recommended that you get too much of a vitamin or a mineral product all at once. This will in no way fasten the onset of the desired results.

You can take supplements along with healthy foods for penis enlargement if you have a deficiency of an identified mineral or vitamin. You can also take them to target a specific result. For instance, Tribulus terrestris supplements will boost your testosterone levels and keep you in the mood to have sex. Such can be taken with foods that promote pelvic muscles strength.

Supplements are to be avoided when under certain medical prescription pills or when recovering from a surgery. Consult your doctor if you also have a chronic condition such as high blood pressure.