Licorice Root Extract – Effects, Health Benefits, Uses and Potential Side Effects.

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It is an herb with somehow a weird name. It is a root of Glycyrrhiza glabra. It is a herbaceous perrenia- legume, found in southern-Europe, central-Russia and parts of Asia such as India and Mediterranean. For centuries, the root-extract from the plant has been used for many health-advantages comprising therapeutic-method for malfunctioned adrenals that occurs due to overuse of steroids. Also been used in tea as a cure-all concoction. Who doesn’t know that most rely on in the cold/flu season! But, with all its benefits, there might be some drawbacks like enduring labor in pregnant women, putting a fatty coat on the liver. This, of course, depends on how gigantic is the amount you are eating.

There are fluctuations/disputes encompassing licorice-root extract. It is therefore important that you have familiarity with the disputes before making use of the supplement. We will try to cut down the same as much as we can. We will also facilitate some sex advices for men should a probability come about.

What is licorice root extract and powder?

It is available in liquified form. It is the most well-known form of this supplement. Many give preference to use it as a sweetener to beverages. Monetarily, it is added to beverages and some candy trademarks.

Licorice is an extract from Glycyrrhiza glabra, also referred to as sweet root, which contains one molecule of glycyrrhizic acid or GZA which is made up of glycyrrhetinic acid and two molecules of glucuronic acid. It has 20% strach, 2-4% asparagines, 9% fat, resins, mannitol, a trace of tannin, 0.03% volatile-oils, flavanoids (liquiritin, isoliquiritin, liquiritingenin, isoliquiritingenin) etc. It encourages the production of hydrocortisone for diabetics.

The powder made from the plant is made into a gel; and, can be for external use against acne/skin-infections. It is also sometimes used in veggies as a type of spice.

The leaves can also be dried, and crushed to make a tea that is available in supermarkets. They can be used for stomach-health, combat adrenal-diseases, or even enhance respiratory-health. Some use them as herbal Viagra, especially in herbal licorice-tea.

The disputes cited-before revolve around the safe use of glycyrrhizic-acid. It is a substance present in licorice items. Many advise that using the substance for a long duration of time or in abundance can be of health-threatening effects. Due to this fact, most of the items marketed in the US do not contain the substance. It is good that you get recommendation from your MD before using licorice items containing theabove-mentioned acid.

Licorice root extract uses and effects

There are many potent uses of licorice extract. Most of them have not been backed up by researches as up to now. Due to this, precautionary measures should be taken especially when a clinical problem is of concern.

The most considerable of the licorice-root extract is the regimen of skin-inflammations, comprising eczema/acne. This needs that licorice is spreaded in form of a gel on the infected skin areas. Some surgeons also use it to lower coughs resulting from surgeries, and to halt heavy-bleeding. It can be great when used before penis lenthening surgery.

Other uses are combating canker-sores, easing tooth-ache, managing hepatitis, lowering-cholesterol, enhancing normal-menstruation, lowering deposition of potassium even clearing skin marks.

You are not to use licorice-items to combat problems that can be identified in a clinical setting or hospital.

Licorice root benefits

Let’s now have a look at the best:

Promotes respiratory-health

It has been found to enhance the usual operation of the respiratory system. This comprises lowering of phlegm and mucus that may be obstructing the nasal cavity. The tea is most considerable in this case.

Combats pyrosis/dyspepsia

DGL in licorice can lower the manifestation of pyrosis and also mitigates their mildness. It has also been found to enhance gut-health like helping an upset-stomach or ache. It is chewable, before meals for better results.

A study proved thatglycyrrhizic acid can suppress the H.pylori and can prevent its growthin the stomach. Another research has proved that people who have peptic-ulcer, dyspepsia/gastritis had improved symptoms when taking DGL.

It is an anxiety reliever-antidepressants

The stress-hormone, cortisol, is made by the adrenal-gland. Since it is released in large quantities under tension, the gland can end up being damaged.

Licorice-extracts can help them up; and, manage cortisol levels. This will be interpreted as relieved-tension/anxiety.


Applying it to the skin has proved to the skin alleviates its symptoms. Using it for 2weeks can lower swelling, redness and itching.

Regulates menstruation

PMS is a problem in females. It occurs due to irregularities in sex-hormone production, especially oestrogen. Licorice has been noticed to mimic the effects of the hormone. This assists in normalizing menstruation in females and also mitigate menstrual cramps.

Protects your teeth

Holistic practitioners suggest that applying licorice to the teeth can prevent tooth decay.

What is licorice liquor and where to buy it?

As the name may suggest, licorice-liquor doesn’t contain the efficient components in licorice root. It is just a drink with a licorice added flavor.

You can buy licorice-liquor or flavor in localized vendors. This should however not be taken with the objective of getting the same health-advantages cited in this piece of writing or as a natural Viagra remedial-curative. It is only aimed to give the sweetened flavor that comes from licorice-extracts.

Licorice root extract dosage for tablets

DGL licorice is the secure of licorice items. It comes in form of chewable tablets. It is also available in powder licorice-root-tea/capsules.

The maximal range is adjusted at 5 g per day. Do not take more than that, to prevent possible side reactions.

Licorice root side effects


Most reviews or comments suggest that licorice is safer when taken by mouth or when used externally on the skin in form of a gel. To prevent moderate sidereactions, take DGL licorice.

Some of the possible sidereaction comprise:

  • Low-potassium
  • Hypertension
  • Lethargy/dizziness
  • Di
  • Hypersensitivities/allergic-reactions
  • Edema
  • Constipation
  • Cerebral-damage/Paralysis
  • Sodium-retention
  • Ammenorhea/Arythmia/dysrythmia

The adverse side-reactions are very infrequent. They can be rendered more common by problems such as cardiac/renal/hepatic ailments. Addictions such as chewing tobacco can also lead to the sidereactions.

Licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid which can lead to complications if taken in abundance

Taking licorice for long can actually lower the levels of testosterone in the body. If you are acquainted with impotence definition, you are mindful of the fact that low testosterone is devastating in most cases. It is best that you handle use of licorice.

It can lead to hormone-sensitive condition such as uterine cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endrometriosis and uterine fibroids etc.

If you have been identified with hypokalemia, heart/blood-pressure ailments, cancer, and Renal-ailments, don’t take the tea nor the supplements. See your MD for more information on the same.

Furthermore, licorice root extract should not be taken consequently for almost 4 weeks. This is especially when you are using other ED remedies that work on your own.

Conclusive thoughts

Licorice is a very effecient supplement that we have in the market today. It is associated with so many uses and health-advantages. However, the plant can also give rise to a number of unfavorable side reactions. All consumers should be knowledgeable of the dose information,advantages and possible side reactions of using the item.

As always, see your physician before beginning to use a particular supplement. Also, you will be suggested on which is the best supplement to use with licorice. Some recommendation are ginseng, ginkgo and cordyceps supplement.