L-Arginine Supplement for ED and Weight Loss – Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Supplements for Men's sexual health

If you are considering being slimmer or trying a something natural for ED, you might come across L-arginine. It is an amino acid and is already found in the body. It is also available in supplements.

Things such as meat, seafood, poultry and dairy give natural L-arginine. HBP and diabetes cause deprivations in it.

L-arginine broons to erection-quality and bodybuilding

There are many inklings that L-arginine has to do with erections, fitness, bodybuilding and even becoming slimmer. Some of its broons are:

Cardiovascular health

L-arginine has been shown to contend with angina and vessel-infections. It also rectifies CA among other things. It is also taken for chest pain and the maintainence of BP.

ED treatment

Think of L-arginine as the gaseous nitric acid, which is behind the expansibility of vessels, resulting in an erection. Besides that, it also provides the penis muscles with O2 and enough nourishment.

Manages weight

Infections such as HIV/AIDS cause swift weight and muscle loss. L-arginine has a part in the replacing the muscles needed.

Speedy recovery from surgeries

Post-care for a renal-transplant will work better if L-arginine is used. Here, L-arginine has a part in the rejuvenation of new cells for the new nephtic part.


Things like stress, hypersensitivities and pollution do result in migraines. Migraines, unlike them, are very painful. L-arginine has been known to palliate them, having oxygen-rich blood traveling to the brain.

Heals bruises

Although more research is yet to avouch this, L-arginine has been associated to speedy healing.


L-arginine helps the kidneys dispose of toxins. For those recovering from kidney transplants, L-arginine can be used in detoxifying the blood.


Since it is an amino acid, L-arginine is used in the making of new cells where others have died during an infection.

Reviews for the best L-arginine dosage

The right dosage has been controversial amongst various researches. Mostly, 2-3g seems to work the best, to be taken thrice daily. Due to individual differences, it can be lower or higher. It is good that you see your doctor.

L-arginine will be good for you if you have protein deficiencies. This comprises curing burns, when encountering quick development, suffering from diseases that cause quick muscle loss and such.

Can L-arginine cream be used for ED?

It can be used to have an erection and as a short-term treatment for ED. It ca nbe used for both males and females and needs to be used just before sex.

For men, it can be put on the penis, allowing more blood to get there, and hence, a better erection.

For females, it is to be used on the clitoris. Again, more blood will get there, thus, more responsiveness.

In some cases, it can be put on the feet for diabetics. This balances BG, thus, more strength for sex. Some researches suggest that using it can stimulate healing of ulcers, this is yet to be proven.

Foods that contain L-arginine benefits

There are three types of amino acids. There are the nonessential ones, those which the body can make on its own. There are indispensable, those that can only be taken from food. There also are the semi-essential ones, those that are not always needed unless for particular reasonings.

L-arginine is in the third one. It is mostly needed in the devlopment of early life. Although healthy grown-ups do not always need it or make it, insufficiency can still take place. Following are the best foods that contain L-arginine.


Loin pork is rich in L-arginine. About one rib will contain at least 15g of the molecule.


In a turkey breast, you will find a supernumerary of 15g of L-arginine. This is not counting the many vitamins and healthy fats also present in it.


Soy beans, for example, have about 5g of L-arginine in a cup. They also contain minerals such as magnesium which are even more advantageous.


This is a great source of proteins. A breast, for example, will contain L-arginine not weighing less than 9g.


Unless you have HSR to them, peanuts can be a great source of L-arginine. Consider taking small portions of them in in order not to gain weight. This will allow you to make use of these fats without having to store any of them.


Cheese is a good example. You should go for goat cheese since others have a many of unhealthy fats.

Pumpkin seeds

You will find in a number of foods that increase T naturally. Other than containing iron for blood production, they are also a great source of L-arginine. A cup will have not less than 7g.


A cup of them has about 1.5g of L-arginine. There is a plentiful of fibers in them for your digestive system.

L-arginine side effects from available reviews

L-arginine can have some side effects. Some of them are:

  • Too much bleeding from open bruises; this is because L-arginine spikes the circulation
  • Excessive levels of K
  • Loered BP below the advised point
  • Changes in the levels of available glucose
  • Worsens asthma
  • Imminent HSR

L-arginine doesn’t work well with ED pills such as Cialis and Viagra; you’ll find that they, too, work by dilating the vesels. If the two of them are used together, too much dilation can result in HoTN.

Too much of L-arginine will be injurious. This is exclusively when it comes to L-arginine taken as supplements. In the case of foods, try to distribute the L-arginine-rich ones throughout your meals instead of stuffing it into one.

Also, you are discouraged to take L-arginine supplements, like the L-arginine for ED cream if you are on HT medicines. See your clinician before any L-arginine use in such cases.

L-arginine for ED and bodybuilding

L-arginine is a famous component in best herbal Viagra items for ED and bodybuilding. When it comes to ED, L-arginine can be advantageous in several ways.

For example, it will keep your blood circulating just like ED pills do. This should not be taken to mean that taking L-arginine is all that it always needs. You find that ED can be due to many things, like anxiety. In such cases, L-arginine will be of little help.

Make sure that you have seen your clinician in case you are having
ED problems. Although he/she may give you a L-arginine-containing med, it will not help on its own.

All the same, an L-arginine cream put on the penis or the clitoris will make for a better experiences. It is all about getting the blood circulating in these regions, and L-arginine will work in such cases.

When it comes to bodybuilding, L-arginine can act as a steroid of some kind. In kids, L-arginine stimulates the muscles buildup . This can be doubled in bodybuilders.

There are many cases in which you can take L-arginine. It can be supplemented, taken through foods or be injected. Whichever of them, the results will be attained. It is requisite, however, that you consult a doc if you have any chronical health problems.