How to Stop Premature Ejaculation – Best Pills for Treatment and Home Remedies.

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When a man reaches climax and ejaculates, the penis becomes flaccid and a general exhaustion is felt. This bars a man from continuing sexual intimacy for a couple of minutes or hours for some.

Generally, men will last for more than 3 minutes before an ejaculation. This period can be extended to even 15 minutes. Above that, distress is likely to be felt by the other counterpart as a result of drying of vaginal lubrication.

If a man requires less than two minutes to reach upto the peak, it is regarded as a premature ejaculation (PE). In that case, both companions will hardly get sexually-pleased, let alone rejoicing the sex. In some cases, some men will even ejaculate before penetration.

Notice that the first sex-round usually continues for a very limited duration of time in comparison to consecutive ones. It, therefore, should not bother you if you ejaculate quickly in the first round.

Ejaculating-prematurely can be due to a number of aspects, mostly emotional ones such as agony/efficiency tension. However, it is not conpletely a mentally-oriented ailment. Other aspects such as oversensitivity will also be responsible. Dimitri Papagiannopoulos, Narenda Khare and Ajay Nehra from the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago explain that hyperthyroidism should also be looked at when dealing with ED and is due to an increased aromatization of the T into estrogen. This will lead to high levels of SHBG.

Such an intimidating condition that black rapper Kevin Bates, who has been climbing the fame stairs very quickly, refuse to count as a white-men issue.

Best premature ejaculation pills; How to stop PE with pills

There are no particular pills completely manufactured to correct PE. This is because it is more of a resulting condition than it is an ailment.

The available pills that can be used to cope with this condition are intended for managing distress. They lead to a side effect; postponed ejaculations which is the major objective in our case. There are two major kinds of these pills; SSRIs and tricyclic antidepressants.

SSRIs examples:

  • Fluoxetine – When taken, this medicine manipulates the chemical function of the brain. This is intended at achieving a stability of various chemical substancess necassary for the brain’s normal physiology. Fluoxetine should be used in accordance with a doctor’s prescription. This is because it can cause unbearable reactions with some medicines.
  • Paroxetine – Again, this medicine works chemically to attain a stability in brain chemical substances. It has its side effects and cautions; therefore not to be taken without guidance from a physician.
  • Sertraline – Although this medicine is effecient in treatment of anxiety-related problems, the full science behind its working is unclearly known. Like other comapnies of antidepressants, its use should be preceded by a doctor’s prescription.

Tricyclic antidepressants example

  • Clomipramine – This medicine excites some brain substances once taken. It can be used to treat PE but under expert prescription.

How to cure premature ejaculation naturally without pills


The following are mainly drills that can facilitate with an effecient remedy in association to how to correct PE without PE pills. Some will be effecient while others may prove not the thing for you. Most will be requiring a lot of self-control and stickling to detail. For better results, consider trying several drills at the same time.

Down tempo

This is the process in which you have to slow down the pace of pelvic thrusting and differentiating the angle and depth of penetration before the point of no return. When completed this process in connection with the engaging your pelvic muscles, this becomes very effective.

The squeeze strategy

Theis involves squeezing your penis when a climax is neared which reduces the desire to ejaculate and slowly escape erection altogether. Practicing this can help you in controlling your climaxes.

Start-stop drill

Here, you have to withdraw your penis just before you reach climax point on your companion. Drill involves grasping the penis by the shaft and squeezing the part where the glans are attached to the shaft. You can try self-stimulation first before inserting it into your comapnion.

The Kegels

These are important drills named after the man who first elaborated them. Their requirement is that you keep on exercising of your pelvic muscles, by tightening and relasing them frequently in successions of 10 seconds. This can also be tried during urination and when it becomes too difficult to do it.


You can, for example, try to breethe deeply when near a climax point. It lowers the confusing anxiety felt just before and during an orgasm.

Thick condoms

Excess responsiveness does lead to PE. Male orgasm can be postponed when thicker condoms or ones containing Benzocaine are worn by them. This chemical causes the numbness of the penis and postpone in climaxes in action.

Best premature ejaculation treatment with home remedies

Various home remedial tips have been publicized as possible PE cure choices. You will find that most of the considered home remedial tips work by enhancing men’s sexual health. Therefore, they may be proved to be not very effecient and call for more drastic precautions. All the same, a long-term PE managing choice will be provided by them.


This fruit has been called a superfood in multiple events. It causes a relaxating effect on blood vessels and lowers anxiety.

Green onions

Green onions causes an eroticc effect. Taking seeds from this plant with water before your food is said to enhance sexual strength.

Boiled asparagus

Boiled asparagus along with fresh milk can act as a PE cure choice. The plant contains almost of families of vitamins and zinc.


It is a prominent sexual diseases curing remedy. You can have an access to it over the counter in form of a supplement.

Tongkat Ali

This is yet another herbal item that has been in the use for several past feq years in the men’s health world. It is thought to have PE lowering abilities.

Ginger, almonds and honey

There are several antioxidants present in this combo. They also contain essential minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc. Iron is the major constituent of blood.


A research done by the Kuwait university in Safat proved that men with PE have low serum magnesium than men who ejaculates after sufficient amount of sexual trigger. Magnesium has been proved to play an important role in ejaculations, and a deficiency of this mineral may cause men to experience symptoms of PE.


Studies have proved that formation of free radicals in the body can lead to the weakening of pelvic muscles. This can aggravate the symptoms of this disease leading to immature ejaculations. According to Dr. Axe, a large dose of vitamin E provisioned by the almonds helps in balancing hormones and enhancing vision. Oyeleye, Adebayo, Ogunsuyi, Oboh and Dada explain how the Nigerian population rely on Terminalia catappa for its antihypertensive and anti-ED properties.


Chewing this item raw has a number of sexual advantages in men. In this case, enhances longer sexual strength. Studies show that when you couple garlic with Ascorbic acid, you are witnessing a dropped systolic blood-pressure, a lower diastolic blood-pressure and an increased endothelial NO. This is one synergistic effect that will ramp-up your blood-flow.


Tossing a boiled egg with a chopped carrot plus some honey can alter your sexual strength. It can, however, take some time, 3 months on average.


Cinnamon has many uses in the medicinal world. It is also used to make soaps and lotions. In terms of preventing PE, cinnamon works as an erotic.

Creams and spray that prevent premature ejaculation

A more recent way on how to stop PE has seen by introducing creams and sprays. The considerable concept behind a cream or a spray that can stop PE is to make the penis less responsive through numbing.

The glans is the most responsive part of the penis. Most men will ejaculate if triggered on this part of the penis. The spray is presumed to be applied mainly on the glans, where numbing will take place. It works more or less than a condom.

A cream may contain more components aimed to be assimilated into the penile skin and achieve male enhancement.

Some clients report having encountered diminished sexual delight after having used these items. This is, however, an anticipated outcome. If numbing is to take place on the penis, less enjoyment is likely to follow. However, it is a controllable side effect that can be handled with later once you have learned for controlling your climaxes.

How to cure PE; Other premature ejaculation treatment options


Therapies are always suggested and are said to have very favorable effects. These consist of counseling sessions and hormonal replacement therapies.

Counselling and talking therapies help clear anxiety-related problems that may be leading to PE. If you can remember, PE was before described as a largely mental oriented disease.

A penile implant surgery can also to some degree help cure PE. In this case, inflatable implants are introduced into a man’s penis through a surgery. When inflated, the implants achieve a hard erection that can be sustained for longer duration of time. There are some consequences and side effects associated to this method though. You should take your time to review them if you are considering penile implants.

Homeopathic treatment procedure has also been used to cure PE. In homeopathy, supplements that enhance the normal functionsof the body are taken. Here, no chemical pills to strongly focus on the particular problem are involved. The primary concept is to get the body to self-heal itself. It is more or less how a majority of natural Viagra for men items work.

Lastly, acupuncture healing procedure can be taken into consideration. This procedure uses no pills or medicines. Here, small needles are introduced into the skin on various parts of the body. This is aimed to enhance coordination between the various parts of the body. Acupuncture enhances general body health and also notably alleviates a person emotionally.

You are likely to conclude the best cure choices once you have consulted to an expert about the same. The first step should be to talk about the problem with your companion first.