How to Increase Penis Size without Pills – Natural Methods That Won’t Disappoint.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Penis Enlargement - natural methods

If a company was to develop a pill that would see guys getting even an inch or two increments in the normal size of their penis, stores would flood with orders for such a pill. But such a pill is yet to be developed.

You would be interested to know that about a third of men out there are concerned about how long or thick their penis is. Even more interesting, it is estimated that only a portion of women cares about how long or thick a guy is.

It is at rare times that technology hasn’t found a way around a problem where pills have at least failed to produce the desired effects. In our case, various natural techniques on how to increase penis size without pills have been invented over the course of history. Some may be effective for some people while others may not work as desired. It is, therefore, best that you find out more about most if not all of them.

Why increase penis size naturally; what is the average penis size?

So why anyway would anyone be willing to go to so great extents just to find a way to increase penis size naturally? What is the average penis size in the United States?

To start with, the average penis size is set anywhere between 3 and 5 inches for a flaccid penis. When erect, one or two inches will add to the penis size in most cases. Below 2 inches, it won’t be a misled decision to consider the penis small and out of the average penis size.

You may have heard of terms such as ‘growers’ in regards to penis sizes. The term describes such cases where an erect penis can add up to four inches to its size when erect. This should not scare you though; it is more of a genetic modification than it is a voluntary effect.

One of the reasons as to why some men will go to a great extent in the hope of increasing their penis sizes is related to self-esteem. There is no greater a turn off for a man than the possibility that they will feel small to their sexual partners. Increasing average penis size can act as premature ejaculation treatment in some cases, boosting self-esteem even more.

Another reason is to get an average size penis. Some men are genetically born with penis deformations or extremely small sized penis. Injuries and surgical operations too can cause small penis sizes.

How to increase penis size to the normal size with no pills

There are various ways to increase penis size to the normal size. You can try all of them at once or just concentrate on the one that works best for you. In some cases, you will need some professional advice or help. You can get some of that online if you do not feel comfortable approaching a physical doctor for the same.

Penis exercises
Your penis is made up of muscles. Think of how bodybuilders enhance their muscles and get ‘big’ after exercises; well, even though such quick transformations may not occur with the penis muscles, it is still is possible.

One very effective exercise involves holding the head of your penis and the base with either hand. Slowly, stretch the penis to its full length and hold it there for about 10 seconds. Keep rotating the stretched penis in both directions for half a minute and then release it. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can afford in a day.

You can also try the jelqing exercise. Well, not the jelqing meant to stimulate yourself to orgasm. In this exercise, it is best that you make sure the penis is half erect.

You can find more detailed video guides on how to increase penis size with exercises on YouTube or other platforms. In fact, there are whole PDF guide manuals on how to go about the same.

The hanging towel exercise

Towel? Yes, the normal towel you use daily can add some meat to your pants. In this exercises, you will require a basin of warm water and a bench you can comfortably sit on. Dip the towel in the basin and squeeze the water off till the towel is relatively dry.

Now, cover the whole of your penis with the warm towel for about 5 minutes. This is supposed to excite or technically vasodilate your penile blood vessels to allow for more blood circulation. When the 5 minutes are gone, hold your member at the base and ‘milk’ your penis with either hand. Slap the half erect penis on your thighs to keep blood circulation going. Keep up with the exercise for half an hour, daily if you can.

Get rid of that forest

The forest just below your navel may actually be causing the need for a penis enlarger technique.

It is not that your pubic hair is stealing nutrients from your penis as some people will have it. It is all about visual effects and size comparison. If you were to place a small object just next to a gigantic one, the small one will tend to look even smaller than it actually is.

Get some lifestyle transformations

Living your life? Well, that might actually be inhibiting you from getting the perfect penis size.

Hit the gym if you must, but get rid of belly fat if you can. You only have to browse through before and after pictures for guys with large bellies and after they have lost the fat. A man’s penis looks so small when hidden by layers of belly fat and forests of pubic hair.

You should also watch what you eat. It is important that enough blood gets to flow into your penile muscles. This is the only way you can achieve a full erection, which means a bigger, thicker and harder penis. Consider learning more about penis enlarging foods.

If you are a smoker and a heavy drinker, numbered are the days you will enjoy a fully erect penis. Drugs abuse is not only a libido killer but also a predisposing factor to the need for surgical operations and physical injuries to the penis.

Get a penis pump

Do you spend hours wondering how it is that you can actually get an erection on demand or get a quick way to increase your average penis size? A penis pump may be just what you need.

It is a device that manually draws blood into your penis. It is like a manual Viagra, only that you are the one under control.

A penis pump will give you the maximum erection your penis can take. It is like you will be taking your penis to gym all while enjoying the self-confidence built by instant full achieved erections.

Can you actually increase penis size naturally without pills?

Reading about how to increase penis size best sex pills, you will identify a constant promise or effect. Almost all the pills will promise enhanced blood circulation, more testosterone, weight management and a couple of vitamins.

All these effects can be gotten naturally from foods and exercises. The thing is that pills and supplements have shorter acting periods, but of course with a risk of health effects. You obviously do not want to end up with a giant penis but with all forms of blood pressure related issues and such.

The problem with techniques to increase penis size without pills is that they may take longer to produce any noticeable change. Take the above-described exercises for example. They rely on the fact that constant stretching will move penile muscles to adapt, thus creating newer muscles and enlarging the penis in the process. But biological growth can take time to occur.

Which is the best way to increase penis size by race?

You may have noticed a slight difference in the average penis size by race. For example, black Americans and inhabitants of South America have larger dicks than Caucasians and Asians.

However, the difference is only considered to be relatively small and with little or no effect on sexual intimacies. It is not that an African-American will have an easier time getting to a normal size penis than an East Asian.

You find that ethnicity and genetic lineages do play a role in penis sizes. By size comparison, African-Americans generally have big body sizes than East Asians. It is only natural that they will exhibit slightly larger cocks. This is also related to evolution. To satisfy a large-bodied woman, you would, of course, need to develop a large penis.

All in all, the above ways to get the perfect size penis will work regardless of your ethnicity and racial backgrounds.

Are supplements the best way to increase average penis size without pills

Supplements are in many a time confused with pills. Pills in most cases will contain a single chemically active ingredient. They also are mostly used to treat an identified condition and not for enhancement.

Supplements may the best way to increase penis size without pills if correctly used. However, you may end up with the same side effects you are running on pills. For example, horny goat weed will boost your testosterone levels but may cause blood clotting issues.