Foods That Boost and Kill Testosterone – Natural Diets to Promote Sexual Health.

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Testosterone (T) is mainly a male-hormone although it still is vital for women’s sexual-fitness. It keeps libido at is extreme; and causes machismo changes in men. With oldness, its formation starts decreasing. The best way to fight off this natural-phenomenon is to consume food that can boost-it-up.

Certain aspects such as being exposed to toxin-materials, drug-abuse, fatness and hormonal-irregularities will influence its responsiveness/absorption. Even when on healthy-foods that hoist its levels; it is important that you keep away from the negative-triggers. Many other factors affects it like being on statin-medications, or on the herbicide-roundup.

Best booster foods that increase testosterone


A certain research reported that men who used Extra-Virgin olive-oil (EVO)daily, had their testosterone elevated up to 20%. Most supplements will not match this uplift. A randomized controlled-trial published by Darouiche, Driouchi, Adlouni and others in Morocco at “Universite Hassan II Mohammedia Casablanca” in collaboration with the “Faculte des Sciences Ben M’sik”,in 2013, explained the link of VAO and EVO on TL. A total of 60 men were studied in a controlled nutritional-intervention where they were divided into two groups. One was give VAO (Virgin Argan-oil), and the other EVO. They were first stabilized over two weeks, on butter. The findings were impressive as follows: T-levels upped by 19.9% and 17.4%, LH went up by 185% and 42.6%. This shows both oils to have positive-correlation with TL.


It is not only a cure to increase-libido; but actually, one of the best choices for that matter. It is high inzinc and the good-fats that will keep you active all day-long. A study done by Matsuada and Watanabe at the Central Research-Institute, and Japan-Clinic in Kyoto, Japan explained that the effect of oyster-extracts on embryonic development was positive. This OE can halt the reproductive-defects that are linked to Zinc-bioavailability /deficiency.


It is the zinc in them that puts them on the list of best testosterone-boosting-foods. They also contain minerals such as Mg, which is almost as important.


Hormones are best made when you eat enough of saturated-fats. Coconut is the best choice. It will also help you shed few pounds.


Take broccoli for example; it is rich in many antioxidants/vitamins. It is great to both sexes, as it helps the formation of an estrogen-hormone necessary for sexual-health.


It is also part of penis-enlargement foods. This is because it contains two trace minerals: allicin and Se, which assists upping the TL.


It is a stand-out amongst others, and is associated with muscle-buildup, that is powerful for reproductive-functioning in men, both young and old, active/inactive. One study that compared athletic vs. non-actives, found that taking 22mg of Mg/BW ,over the course of a month, enhanced TL in the two groups.


Another seafood to be added to your shopping-list for more testosterone. Apart from zinc, it contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids whose testosterone-boosting-benefits are well known.


This is the food to keep you from stress and fights off the stress-hormone (cortisol). Cortisol badly affects the formation of testosterone.


They are components to making natural-Viagra at home. It is one of the few foods that elevates-testosterone by up to 30%. It is also a libido-booster and will keep you in a good mood, continuously.

Natural Foods that kill testosterone

There are some foods that kill-testosterone. Avoid consuming these foods in excess will help keep your testosterone in the desired levels.


They are praised in many articles/health-blogs. However, conflicts have been indicated in the TL and excessively consuming of soy-products.

Sugared drinks

Refined-sugars especially ones added to sweeten drinks is not only bad for your general well-being but also to your testosterone-formation. It is one of the typically used foods that lower testosterone.


A best tip for your breath. But did you know that the menthol in mint is a testosterone-killer? It will also put you out of the mood to have sex. Akdogan, Ozguner, Kocak, Oncu and Cicek studied in 2004, at the Department of Biochemistry in Suleyman Demirel University-Medical-school in Isparta, turkey, the effect of Mint on TL. They were specifically interested in Mentha piperita labiatae and Mentha Spicata Labiatae. The only effectthey found was that these two lead to a maturation-arrest on the testicular tissues and in the seminiferous tubules.


They have actually been added to the list that kills-testosterone, following recent research. It contains a lot of lignin, that lowers the male-hormone.


It damages your liver and end you up in a state of hormonal-irregularity. Although it is sometimes said to temporary cure premature ejaculation, too much of it will cause low T and ED.

Ready-to-made snacks

Do you give priority to your bread with margarine? Well, it is not recommended in regards to testosterone formation.


While eating these sweet vegetables previously your exercise can enhance muscle functioning, they can do a great deal of harm to your sexual ability. Consumption of these vegetables can support normal estrogen levels, yet this nutritious characteristic makes beets one of the most noticeably bad food that kill testosterone.

Supplements to take with natural testosterone foods

They are a good options when it comes to jump-starting your T-replacement; and, usually contain various amount of micronutrients used for natural-testosterone production. They are just like natural testosterone-foods just that they are rich in particular minerals than are foods.

Testosterone-boosters are supplements that can enhance your T-levels.
They work by directly elevating-testosterone or related hormones, however some work by keeping testosterone from being changed over into estrogen.

Taking a cordyceps supplement, for example, can help boost the natural-production of testosterone in a man. The good thing about this supplement is that it also takes care of general body health such as enhanced immunity and intellectual competence. These are two important causes when it comes to natural-testosterone.

It is always for the better if you get to know exactly what micronutrient is present in a particular supplement before going for the same. The fact is that no supplement will contain all the benfits of best foods that boost testosterone.

Can herbal products replace testosterone boosting foods?

Herbal products such as horny goat weed have been used for several health advantages consiting of boosting testosterone. Well, they do work as much as consumer reports are of concern.

All the same, there is no way you can go on taking a herbal item for your remaining life. Most of them work when taken alongside natural foods high in testosterone boosting abilities. They can be used along with such foods but not to substitute them.

Not all herbs should be used without a doctor’s prescription. Some may cause reducing of blood-pressure, elevated-resistance to insulin; and even, reactions to some medicines. Make sure to go through the possible side effects associated with a certain herbal item before using it with testosterone booster foods.

How do natural foods that lower testosterone work

Dietary-inclusions can actually alter your T-levels.

Take cheese for example. It contains bad-fats that will end up clogging your blood arteries and barring blood from being flowed in the penile-muscles. It will also alter the normal levels of sex-hormones such as oestrogen. This is especially when gotten from cow-milk.

Alcohol and sweet beverage can affect your weight. They also increase insensitivity to insulin. As you may already know, more insulin means less testosterone.

Dietary-inclusions are of much importance, not only in connection to T; but, also to general well-being. It is not always about filling your tummy. It is more about giving you an pleasant lifetime.

Some find it simpler to get already planned-diet plans comprising of the best foods that boost T. Such can be searched online or on subscription-magazine releases.

Conclusively, consult with your physician about any concerns that may arise. Notice that low sex-drive and low muscle-mass are symptoms; but, not necessarily assured implications of low T. Taking a T-test will give accurate results on whether you have it low or not.