Erectile Dysfunction Surgery: Last Resort

Posted: December 13, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction - natural treatments

Erectile dysfunction surgery is done through a technique by which the penis is punctured or through a direct incision. The method cannot give a complete cure for erectile dysfunction and could leave the man devastating. For Najari,and Kasharian, ED is caused mainly by the arteries-hardening.

In this article, we are going to discuss possible surgeries. This cannot be done if the diagnosis is not done correctly for erectile dysfunction. The reason is that it has some dangers, that is why it is left as the last hope when there is no other treatment again that can be used to get over E-defects. In case you have used all the available sexual pills/pumps/diets; and, you still want to know whether there are other medical means, then this is the point to consult about it.

ED surgery is a progressive-procedure. There are various types, that you can analyze if you are prepared to take good care of your problem at once. Normally, it is done when it is identified that the blockage in the artery has occured, which must be short-circuited by the movement of the arteries in abdominal muscles to those in the penis. This kind of roundabout way has led to a way to the penis which short-circuited the area that is obstructed.

This operation is very expensive/difficult to be carried out. It is not always effecient as many think; therefore, it is very unusual to see many resolving to go for it. Those men who advised this kind of surgery are just too few, and even far between. Normally, those men going for it have encountered some kind of trauma; and even those men who advised it, do encounter some difficulties. The degree to which it is succeessful among younger men who have encountered this kind of trauma when having the surgery, are between the limits of 50-75 %. This is just to show that it could be regarded as a good option for young men; but, must be for those who have some kind of ED..

Types of Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

When you see your clinician for your ED, it is possible for him to advise surgery. There are three kinds, done by men who are having ED. They are:

  1. Non-inflatable Implants

The problems of surgery has made most men having ED to have worrisome mind concerning their medical problem. They feel that with the operation, they might not be fuctioning properly as a men again. But in this kind of surgery, the tool is definitely embedded in the body of the penis. With this kind of operation, patients find it more simple to rejoice sexual mating with their companions. Even though it is inexpensive, yet clinician kept recommending it because it is not considered for insurance. But it is possible to have abnormal feelings after the operation. This could cause deterioration and thinning of the flesh of the penis for a long duration of time. About 20 percent is done in the USA. They might experience pain/uneasiness after the operation, due to the fact that the penis needs adaptation to usual/regular erection.

  1. Two Piece Inflatable Implant

This is very convenient for you and your sexual-companion. All you need to do is pump-up the tool for an erection to take place. When you are not using it, let it down. It is regarded as a good selection for those with limited dexterity. If you have arthritis; or, if it becomes difficult for you to use your hands, it is recommendable to use this method. Meanwhile, this tool is very small/difficult to inflate. Due to the fact that only little volume of fluid is sent to the cylinders so as to get an erection, the penis will not be as rigid as having a multi-component inflatable penile tool. It can achieve deterioration/thinning of the flesh of penis for a long duration of time. After the operation, one will be experiencing strange feelings even in its outlook. The cylinders are having a form that does not look cormal thereby making the penis appear like a broom that is having square-headed configuration. It is also the least surgery procedure and greatly given advice by the surgeons who are having little experience in surgeries. All the entire tool will be fully sealed in the body; but, will give partial-erection which could be very worrisome to many.

  1. Multi-Component Inflatable Penile Implant

Studies have shown that men who underwent a number of treatments/therapies for ED and have been failing everytime, need to be surgically operated. For this purpose, an implant is used, which is permanent. It has been reported that 9/10 who were operated are much satisfied with the results.

This kind of surgery is very simple for both the patient and his sexual companion/wife. This operation is the one with an inflatable surgical procedure. It is greatly suggested by the penile-surgeons that are having great experience. The whole tool is embedded in the body. Due to the fact that it has the least pressure on the flesh, when it is not in use, the atrophy of pressure on the rest of the muscle/glans is less likely to take place. The only prosthesis that offers penile organ appearing normally and makes one feel good when there is erection and drooping is this kind of surgery. Many of the researches reported that their counterparts do not even feel or know that they did an implant in their penis. Jain, Bhojwani and Terry, working at the Department of Urology at the Leicester General Hospital in UK, explain the importance of penile-prosthetic surgeries. Their study showed that most men pick either the vacuum, contriction devices, or the intracavernosal injection-therapy. Now, MUSE was introduced and refers to an intra-urethral alprostadil to improve tolerability.

With all the three erectile defect surgery cited above, you cannot make decisions on your own. It is your clinician that can advise and would even be the last resort when all the available medicines have been tested and yet no good consequences. Erectile dysfunction operation could be very annoying and most men feel humiliated. Some of them believe that after the operation, they will not work the same way they should again. This is a big problem to those who have been doing wonders with their penis during sexual mating. However, this is obviously opposite to what you think. Since ED is a medical condition that may likely develop in man’s life, it can simply be diagnosed and managed. Some even get it cured within a short duration of time. Therefore, all you need is that do not rely on your own self-medication, visit your clinician and make sure that you are carefully diagnosed so as to be given the right solution to your problem. Since erectile defect is very rare among men, the only and the last resort for the cure is surgery but that is rare too.