Erectile Dysfunction causes – What are the main reasons behind this problem.

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When you are a man, who is in an affair/married; then, foreplay is one of the best ways you can cement that new bond, which can help you get that much attention/care that you like. This will makes it comfortable/happy-enough for both to have good sex and thereby bonding this love, with or without having the intention of getting pregnant. According to Devendra Singh, Walter Meyer, Robert J. Zambarano, and Farley Hurlbert, a woman absorbs better sperms when she orgasm after ejaculation.

Whether you are in your 20’s, 50’s or even 40’s this is one thing that is enjoable for you regardless how old you are as a man. Therefore, it is very important that you have the potency of doing this also for the sake of your counterpart. However, this may not be necessarily the case as there are many aspects that can stop you from having this pleasureableaction. Sexual health is fundamental thing when it comes to intimacy and if you are not in good well-being then you may not have some good moments in doing this. There are several things that you should know that can negatively affect your potency; thus hindering with your good intimate-relations with your lady.

Some of the sexual conditions that can prevent you from enjoying intimacy with your partner

One of the serious problems, which can stop you from having sex with your wife is impotence. What causes ED are several factors that can be well-being problems as well as changes/degradations in the way of living. Many of the ED causes can be traced to some of the these that a most are opting-for.

Another fact that can make you not to have sensual-sex is when you have PE. This is when you cannot be staying long before ejaculation; and therefore, cutting-down the length of your foreplays: it will be more like a quickie. You are also most likely going to cum, even before having a penetration, and therefore, not even satisfying her at all.

Postponed-ejaculation is also another defect that can stop you from having sex. This mostly affects a man who will not have ejaculation; and, if lucky to have one, then it is going to take him way too longbefore having one. So, they will be bored, waiting for the beg-event to happen.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction in men in general?

Even though the different age-groups of men have different obvious causes to this problem, we are going to see how you will generally going to be affected by this problem. Men of any age can be affected by this problem, and causes can be due to following various:


This is one of the serious problems which can lower your potency by lessening your amount of TL; thus, generating some ED problem. Cigarette-smoking is known to lower the amount of TL, which can cause various sexual-problems. When prostate-glands do not release this TL; then, you can be sure that you will not be erected-enough for when you need to have it.


If you have an ailment such as diabetes-mellitus, or other hormonal-imbalances (HI), then you are most likely to have other problems too. These have a saying in how your body works; and, you will end up having various health-problems such as ED. These HI changes the TL being as well as the cause to blow-away your sexual-mood. One way or another you are going to have your penis get defected and this will also cause ED problem. You having many extra pounds is also another turn-down.


This is where some of your nerves-messages cannot be transmitted from the brain to the sexually-reproducing-organ. This, therefore, even if you are about to have sex with your comapanion will not be signaled to your necessary-parts; and, it will not toughen/erect. When these stop working aptly; then, you are going to have this problem. Unless the problem is transitory; then, you are going to have this problem as long as you don’t get appropriate treatments.


When you use it in overabundant amounts; then, you are most likely going to face this problem. Young men+adults who get involved in alcohol-abusing are most likely to havethis ED problem. Other meds such as cocaine and bhang can also lead to it. This way you are going to have similar signs as they affect your brain; and therefore, hindering your sexual-actions.

Other causes that can make you not to have a better sexual experience include

  • Injuries that can affect your spinalcord are some kind of a highway of signals that are relayed from the brain into your copulatory-organ.
  • The aftermaths of certain medications can cause ED in men, especially antidepressants.
  • Sometimes, the penis itself can have various health-problems that can meddle with erection in men.
  • Another ED causes that you are most likely going to have is being overweight which can to a large extent cause this problem especially in young men.
  • Tension and distress as well will be a cause to this problem in many correlations. Even though many may not consider this but if you are under a large-scale amount of pressure and you begin having depression then you are also going to have from this problem.
  • Anxiety is another problem that causes this problem in men in their 20’s. When you are nervous before you begin; then, you are mostly going to have this problem when you are with your lady.

What are the main methods that you can use to get rid OF this problem?

When you find that you are having this problem the next thing that you should do is to get help from health-care-providers who can help to cure it. In accordance with the causes, the eradication can be different and this is why you are prescribed to get clinical help.

  • One way of treating this is through the use of medicaments/drugs. A good example of this is the use of male-enhancement methods incorporating the use of ED pellets.
  • Natural methods are also used when trying to eradicate ED causes. Some of the product used for this comprises the use of herbal viagra that is good for those who are having a momentary problem. This is considered under natural-eradication that many will normally go for.
  • Transformation in way of your living is another great way of managing this problem which encompasses refraining from consuming an overabundant amount of alcohol as well as abandon smoking which is also another big problem for many.
  • Others are surgical-operations when the problem is due to defective nerve/tissue.

Those are some of the pills/curatives that you will find in the sueprmarket today where you get a lucky to be with your soulmate/counterpart. There is no need to withstand since what causes ED is known and can readily be treated in hospital/clinical settings.