Erectile Dysfunction and Age: Is It fate?

Posted: December 10, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction - natural treatments

Erectile dysfunction and elderliness have been considered correspodent men get older. This insinuates that at a certain point in life, a man will likely endure ED due to his elderliness.

Before we delve into what ED and elderliness are all about, it is very important to have more information about ED. It is the incapabblity of getting or keeping an erection that can engage in an intercourse as long as you want. In fact, elderliness does not necessarily mean having ED. It is possible for elderliness to amp up the odds of having ED, but there are many ways by which this problem can be unraveled. You need to have more information about it so as to help you know how to take care of your sexual life.

According to the research, it is very frequent among the older men and intercourse is abruptly minimized after they turn fifty. DRs. figured out that this issue was due to psychological reasons or elderliness.

ED and Elderliness: Who Suffer Most?

The study from Massachusetts Male Aging has reckoned in the US only that almost sixty million men are having ED at a particular point in their lives. Men can have ED regardless of how old they are, even though it is very frequent for the older men. Moreover, the causes of ED in an age-group could be different from that of the other age-group. In this topic, we are going to pursue ED decade by decade to know the most popular causes for each of the group and their different remedies for it.

ED and Elderliness: The 20s

ED is very anomalous in men when they are in their twenties but those young men who are having it are not alone. The reason is that these young men are reckoned to be in their sexual peak. At this point, they are much healthier. The physical cause of ED that is very across-the-board to the older age-groupss is coronary artery which hardly causes ED in the younger men. Some other across-the-board cause of ED in this age-group is anxiety, stress, alcohol use and recreational medication use.

Those young men who are having ED need to seevtheir dr. who has the best capacity to diagnose them and help them with this problem. As long as diabetes and heart disease are ruled out, the physical problem might be put into account. But if the physical problem could not be found, most of the drs. recommend counseling on how to cope with stress and prescribe a drug such as Viagra to begin sexual functioning as you learn more on how to cope.

ED and Elderliness: The Therties.

Even though some men in their thirties can acquire more confidence during intercourse but frankly, the thirties is a stressful time for men. Most men tie the knot, purchase house, have children while simultaneously trying to prevail in their career. Both plain exhaustion and stress can cause ED in men who are in their thirties. Although, there is a tendency to have physical problems such as obesity, diabetes and early heart disease which may slightly increase at this level. See your dr as this will be a bold step to defeat ED. Doctors could prescribtions to tackle the problem. They also recommend counseling to the men who are presently coping with stress and are always busy.

ED and Elderliness: The 40s

Almost 40% of men who are between the forties and the fifties have ED. This is just to let you know that ED and elderliness are related. Research studies have shown that those men at forties that have ED are more vulnerable to CAD than those men that do not. For this reason, it is very important for men having ED at the forties to go to their drs to find out if they are having a heart problem. There is a high risk of diabetes after a man turns forty which could correlate to ED in men in this age-group. ED medications are recommended to those men in their forties. If they follow to doctor’s orders to the letter, they will have the best results with little or no side effects.

ED and Elderliness: The 50s

According to a questionnaire, 2.4% of men who are in their fifties have ED. As they are getting older, the probability of ED indicatin CAD is slim. What a joy! Meanwhile, after fifty, if they are overweight, they will have an inactive lifestyle or medical problems such as heart disease and diabetes which is related to ED. Even though, men in their fifties are usually given medication for ED which many used to be called “modifiable health behaviors” such as routine exercise, healthy diet and abstinence from smoking so as to improve sexual functioning.

ED and Elderliness: The 60s

  1. The testosterone production of a man begins to lessen after he turns thirty or so but most of men do not notice this issue with their performance until later around their sixties. Any man who has ED in his 60s must let his dr know. Some causes could be as a due to health problems that correlate to sexual function. If he has high BP, high cholesterol, heart disease, they must be treated in order to refine his whole health. But if any of these are not found, the dr could examine him to know the level of his testosterone. Usually, the level of testosterone in men range from three-hundred to 1.2 thousand nanograms per deciliters of blood. But as soon as it gets to two-hundred nanograms per deciliter or less, he will be given supplementing testosterone so as to obtain normal levels. Another good alternative for this age-group is to be given ED medication which is Viagra.

ED and Elderliness: The 70s

Almost 75% of men having ED at some point, have it in their 70s. Decreasing in desire is reported in this kind of age-group. Meanwhile, those between seventy and eighty are still narrated to be sexually active. When men get to their 70s, some things such as alcohol abuse, kidney disease, depression, and arthritis have been narrated to have impacted the sexual performance that is not satisfactory. Also, as men gets older, medications are not detoxed quickly from their body, thereby causing mediation reactions which impact the life quality and their sexual activity. If they are placed under strict medical supervision, they will benefit from the drugs they are given for their ED and simultaneously take advantage of the testosterone replacement given to them.

ED and Elderliness: 80s and Above

Despite that 51% of men in their 80s are narrated to have an erection that can work perfectly for their intercourse, yet many other causes still affect their sexual functioning when they are in their 80s. At this age-group, many of our men might have become a widower and have no regular sex thereby having a low sex drive, sexual function becomes poorer and sexual satisfaction is very low according to a research by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Even though, some men who are above eighty can take Viagra despite the series of complications expected, most especially when they take NTG for angina.

ED and elderliness are quite related in men. ED can happen at any point but men having it must not isolate themselves, but see their drs for proper diagnosing and prescription. Do not admit that because your acquaintance had faced such problem and use a certain drug, you too will use the same drug. Do not forget that you are different from your acquaintance. Do not put yourseelf in harm’s way.