Damiana Extract Supplement: Benefits of capsules, tea and seeds.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Supplements for Men's sexual health

Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is a shrub, an inhabitant of Central and North-America. It belongs to the family Passifloraceae. It is believed that old Mayans used its leaves to help sexual health and improve the immune-system. With time, it has come to be known as an erotic. It also helps with depression, and coping with apprehension. It is also sometimes known as Turnera-Aphrodisiaca.

Recent researches have shown that it contains antioxidants. And, it is due to this fact that it can be used for general-health purpose, as well as managing Gastrointestinal-maladies like constipation. It has erotic/renal-tonic/ stimulantantiseptic, diuretic, laxative, and antioxidant properties.

Some smoke the herb for a stimulatory-effect. There is no nicotine in it; but, it is suggested that it can be as hazardous as smoking tobacco.

Damiana herb effects

Available researches show that damiana contains a wide range of efficient constituents. Although a thorough research has not been done, volatile and vital oil, tannin, flavonoids (Gonzalitozin) have all been found in the plant’s leaves. Some of the main constituents include: Acacetin, Velutin, Damianine, caffiene, Apegenin, Echinacin, Laricitin, Luteolin, Turneera diffusin, Pinocembrin, caryophyllene epoxide, beta-sitosterol and squalene etc.

When taken, it is responsible for having a stimulatory-effect in the intestines. It also vasodilates the blood-vessels that provides the genitalias with blood. These two effects work by improving sexual health; and also, elevating the available energy in the body.

Its capsules/lozenges help sexual-endurance and adeptness in the long-term. Higher blood-circulation to the genitalias makes sure that the spermatozoa are formed as they should be. It also makes sure that an erection happens when needed. In fact, the aromatic-plant has been used to improve characteristic-climaxes in females to shield from frigidity.

Trials on mice show that the damiana-supplement can lower the amount of interval needed to respond to sexual-stimulus. It has also shown that sexual-strength is heightened in them when under the supplement.

It is currently not known how exactly damiana works all the same. This is especially when it comes to alleviating tension and apprehension. The herb is made into a herbal damiana infusion; and drank to offer you some relaxing effects.

Damiana supplement benefits

As much as we do not fully know how the herb acts, there are evident-advantages that have been declared:

Promotes gut-health

A certain research found that it has antioxidizing effect that can outbreak gut-ulcers. It can also assuage the signs of such gut-maladies like bloating, constipation, gas-distention and sometimes pyrosis. Taking it as an infusion can help foil commonly-occuring gut-infections.

Sexual-potency effects

It is an erotic

You will not be tired of all the available comments on items that can improve sexual well-being, especially in men.

However, damiana has been backed by a number of researches as being effecient in improving a healthful man. It is not how these effects are produced. Most investigaters associate them to more blood into the genitalia. Others suggest that the stimulatory effects are intended for enhancing sexual well-being due to intake of damiana supplements.

Assists in weight managing

When used together with some other supplements, it can speed-up the fat-burning phenomenon (glycogenolysis); and, with that, it can help you lose some exra kg.

The herb has been shown to elevate the amount of heat removed from the body, which is a sign of fat burning phenomenon (glycogenolysis).

Improves cognitive-abilities

Any supplement that can improve mood or fight-off apprehension is good for a cognitive-development. Since the old times, it has been known that it can help you have a kind of well-being, especially when taken as a tea. In fact, it is due to this fact that some have started to smoking it.

Improves urinary-tract health

In the South-America, many used it against bladder-infections. Turnera-diffusa has both diueretic and antiseptic properties, which may help with urethritis and cystitis. Advanced technology has little to say about this.

It has also been used to fix problems such as asthma, migraines and dry-vagina. Some take it to promote normal menstruation, such as alleviating cramps. Inadequate evidence backed these uses.

May correct ED/Impotence

Using it with other enhancin- items such as a penis extender can correct ED in its own way. You find that such an apparatus relies on the genitalias being provisoned by enough blood, this time the penis for it to be efficient. As we have before seen, damiana can accomplish stimulating blood-circulation to the genitalias.

How to use damiana extract and pills

There are various types in which damiana is available. Damiana capsules are for example widely available for selling over-the-counter. You can also buy its tinctures or vital oils containing the supplement. Its leaves can also be smoked but the habit is hazardous.

2-4 g of damiana taken 3X/day before eating have been found to be efficient. The effects will count on your well-being, age or even other medicines you may be taking.

There are other ways in which you can take your damiana dose. For example, you can crush its seeds and make a paste of them. The paste is said to be an efficient toothache-curative. Milk can also be added to the paste and used to correct piles. Taking it everyday has also been publicized as a natural Viagra substitute.

Is smoking damiana herb harmful?

The entity in tobacco that causes cancer is tar. Tar is made when smoke accumulates, respiratory excretions, and other efficient entity present in the lungs. Smoking damiana is purpoted to create a sense of relaxation and mild euphoria.

It contains some chemicals such as cyanogentic glycosides that in turn release hydrogen cyanides that has poisonous properties and can lead to health hazards. Tunera diffusa leaves when smoked together with tobacco, tar, ash and carbon-monoxide is released that is also dangerous.

When damiana herb is smoked, the same will occur. There will be no disimilarity between a damiana smoker and a tobacco smoker. In terms of ruining the lungs and causing cancer, smoking damiana is hazardous.

When it comes to the problem of habit, nicotine is the entity that causes tobacco consumers to become habitual to the entity. Nicotine is not present in damiana leaves. In this case, a consumer might ignore the habit of nicotine in tobacco consumers. However, they still can be suffering from a different kind of habit. In this case, the consumers might be extremely depending on the relaxing effects due to smoking damiana.

Smoking the leaves can lead to hypersentivities which comprises wheezing, throat closing, hives and facial and mouth swelling. It can also lead to life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Tunera diffusa leaves can affect brain chemicals and are proved to be hazardous for those with Shchizopherenia, Alzeihmer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease, bipolar diorder and mania etc.

Damiana herb side effects

It is regarded as safer inmost cases. This is as long as the prescribed dose has been used. You find that very high dosages can lead to illusions and hallucinations. They can also lead to gut maladies and moderate headaches.

The use of damiana herb in expectant and breastfeeding females is not sufficiently investigated. To ignore possible adverse reactions, go away from the pillets or any kind of damiana supplements in such durations.

Since most supplements/medicines need a little of breakdown in the body, victims with hepatic diseases may have danger of aggravating the problems when taking supplements on their own.

It has been noted that damiana can lower your available serum-glucose levels. To ignore complications, stop using itt if you are having diabetes. This also goes for those with expectations of going through any kind of surgical operation, like penis lengthening one. Stop any further execution about 2-weeks before the surgical operation.

Where to buy damiana capsules and seeds

Localized dealers will readily propose you the capsules, even the seeds. You can also buy tea-bags and make an herbally made tea at home. In fact, the latterhas been used customarily to substitute alcoholism and drugs abusing.

Purchasing from a retailer who can sell you other herbal erection pills or supplements is a better idea. This is because even damiana will not work effecintly on its own when it comes to correcting ED or even weight loss.

Conclusive thoughts

History has so far proved to us that damiana is both an erotic and a health promoter. It is always recommendable to acknowledge more about the dose, effects and uses of a particular supplement before giving it a try.

You can consider using damiana with other enhancing ED drugs. For example, taking a supplement that elevates testosterone will work flawlessly with damiana use.