Cordyceps Mushroom Health Benefits – Supplement, Cost, Dosage and Side Effects.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Supplements for Men's sexual health

There is more than 300 parasitic kinds of fungi associated to the genus Cordyceps. Fungi decompose dead particles, thus recovering the carcass into expendable energy in the ecosystem. They are then endoparasitoids, parasitic mainly on insects and other arthropods. For Ashok Kumar Panda and Kailash Chandra Swain, the mushroom is used in Tibetian-medicine.

People used to eat Mushrooms in the past used as a food , toxifying agents and other such uses. However, none of these uses has made a whole economy around its benfitis for health such as cordyceps mushroom has.

This species of mushrooms is found China especially in the Tibetan plateaus. Substantially, it has resemblance with long orange fingers; a fact that differentiates them from most mushroom types. It is parasitic; spores from the plant thrive inside a certain kind of moth caterpillars killing them in the end.

the benfits of Cordyceps have been known for long. This can be due to the fact that it was an important part of ancient Chinese medicine. Today, it has got too much recognition that it has been over-harvested. This articlewill help with giving guidance to the uses of it in our health , price, dose, supplements and possible side effects.

Major uses of cordyceps mushroom


Metabolism booster

The most advantages associated with cordyceps is that it is able to keep us active. so athletes use it to make improvment to their abilities. Unlike enhancing pills, this item will not test positive for preliminary drug tests needed to competitive cases. This is presuming that you have taken natural item and supplements containing other unknown constituents.

Boosts immunity

Cordyceps extract, acting as a free radical neutralizer, it is known to protect us from cancer.

it also useful for the development of healthy T-cells which protect us from the organisms invading our bodies and cause the disease. T-cells are assaulted by HIV/AIDS can be ideal for such persons .remember to not to take it in surplus, however, in quest of faster enhanced immunity.

Enhancing the pulmonary system

For ones having asthma and other infections of the pulmonary system, cordyceps can help them. It is also known that athletes get good breathing system and have less fatigue when they take it.

Fights cholesterol

‘Bad’ cholesterol is an awful news . For one, it can cause cardiac arrests and cerebovascular accidents. It alo can cause Erictile Dysfunction and other problems. it help in fighting off cholesterol and assess the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol in the body.

Slow down aging

Well, you will look younger while you are taking a cordyceps extract. However, your skin will look younger , less wrinkled and spotted .

Body detoxifier

Building chemicals and likely toxins in the our bodies is almost inexorable. Taking its supplement with tea or coffee for a month can, for example, help a kind of renal dialysis.


Control erectile dysfunction

You will find cordyceps known as a Viagra alternative. it is able to prevent ED in men. It help in achieving sexual vigor and less restoration periods after orgasms.

Other benfits

Cordyceps can lower blood glucose level . If the right dose is used , it can help in the treatment of diabetic pts. it is also good for kidney . Apart from assesting in detoxifying, it also keeps renal cells healthy. it is also known to help ones who have hepatitis B to get well rapidly.

What is the cost of cordyceps supplement dosage?

In the recent years, high need for cordyceps has escalated the cost of it .about 30% of Tibet countries get a large part of their income from commercial cordyceps.

Different kinds of its supplements are charged at different prices. For example, unprocessed kinds of it will charge you about $1 per kg. also it can be up to $50 or more as the quality of the cordyceps you are purchasing improves.

You will also pay about $0.2 per serving. This is the most normal cost but is open to changes depndeing on where you are approaching the dose from. The best way is to make comparisone to the at different shops.

Cordyceps is available in various kinds. You can buy it in powdered form, capsules or even in a cordyceps extract and use it in tea or coffee.

you should take care when buying it . As its costs increases so fast and scarcity for the item aggravate, more and more bogus items find their way into the market.

What is the correct cordyceps extract dosage?

Cordyceps mushrooms can be cultivated in lab cultures. This has enabled studies to be done on the right dosage of it which should be taken in.

Cordyceps normally contain constituents known as nucleosides. These are the basics of body cells. They also contain minerals, vitamins, proteins and fatty acids.

Doses may alter from person to another depending on a number of features such as present health status and results anticipated.

Generally, supplements come in 500 and 1000 mg per serving. Some experiments have considered higher doses of up to 2500mg.

If you are using a high-quality cordyceps , you can look for the concentration percentages of mannitol and adenosine (5% and 0.1% respectively) per dose.

Can cordyceps supplement cure erectile dysfunction?

It would be a difficult to declare that a supplement can actually cure ED on its own. This is even for the best natural testosterone boosters.

ED is, unfortunately, a complex problem and many people comprehend very little about. so that pts end up being discouraged after trying a number of auspicious items .

Cordyceps will definitely cause erotic effects as well improve sexual health. But this is not all that goes into correcting ED. You will first have to find out, what really is the cause of the problem. A physician will give the best recomendation in this case.

You can take cordyceps for long-term treatment of ED. But in such a case that you are actually have the condition, not only its supplements but any other supplement will not do much on their own.

Potential side effects of cordyceps human use

No side effects reported for it.

The general side effects are like nausea, mouth dryness, and sometimes diarrhea. They are largely not dangerous and in most cases,people don’t even feel them.

Cordyceps human use has not been truley considered to contentment. Its effects are in fact not well known it also has been shown to alter blood glucose and makes improvments to the immune system. so, you should not use it when under immune-suppressants. This also goes for diabetic pts. It is best that you see your physician before taking this and other supplements.

Where can I buy cordyceps mushroom extract?

It is not difficult to find a cordyceps extract to buy it. The web is full of unreliable places where you can have an get it.

It will first rely on which sort you want as it is available in its raw shape . Some are powder and others made as supplements. Supplements come with recomendations on how they should be taken for best use. You can also get it in food when cooked.

You should evaluate your sources. As it happens, the needs for it is continously upturn, a fact some manufacturer are taking benefit of.

Make sure that what you eat are mostly comprised of healthful life rather than being just attentive to a good sexual health.