Can Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction – Research and Information.

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Can masturbation cause ED? This might not be new for you; but, one has to know that masturbation is a normal thing you do, that will never cause ED problem for anyone. Yet, some men do like to see porn so as tonow more about sex. They want to watch the act and do like it. Ever man, since his young years, sees porn. As soon as a young boy turns into a teen, he gets introduced by his dad to the world of sex and porn. He should know all about how to have sex; as men are not to be ignorants in this matter. No woman wants to have sex with a guy who does not know how to do it. So, with time, this young man turns into someone who is good in bed.

It is a well-known that when one masturbates too much, it can facilitate ED. This latter is when it is very difficult for a man to get or keep himself erect for a while in order for him to have sex. But, having together masturbation and ED in one thought is just a myth that does not have anything to be based on: no facts. If one looks at some epidemiological numbers, it may seem very clear that masturbation does not cause ED; at least not directly. But yet, many are still believing of this existance of such a connection between these two. They cannot help to stop having in mind about whether masturbation can cause ED? Some of the complexities of masturbation have been overlooked; and, both physical and mental causes of ED are thought of to have nothing to do with masturbation. One can be happy to know that any kind of sex can let you have erectile dysfunction; but, masturbation can as well help you with your ED when it is affectd by your evironment and your thoughts.In fact, if you cannot have sex with masturbation, you can be more confident that you can get an erection with a partner.

What Does Research Say?

Masturbation is also known as the personal stimulation of one’s genital in order to be reach a climax. If you are a man or a woman, you start exporing the different areas of your sexual organs. You start feeling your sensitive spots and what makes you go nuts! Since many are hate to think about ED, it takes much thinking to say no when such facing the situation. When you masturbate, as a man, from the beginning to the end, you will be ejaculating. But if you masturbate a lot, you will reach a point when you get to a stage where you will ejaculate a very small amount, when you want to put it next to those who do not masturbate.

Besides, some researches state that when one masturbates many times or watches porn a lot, it could lead to ED as he desensitizing himself to particular imagery and physical intimacy. Also, some porn can have a direct link to our neurology. This has been observed. Meanwhile, there is no study that actually links the fact of seeing porn a lot, and having ED.

Men all over the world are in fear and this could help them get what is known as the kind of fearful ED because of being alone at many nights and just in front of the PC. What they probably think about is whether masturbation causes erectile dysfunction? Just as the logic echo, there is still certain pending thoughts about whether or not the tales of the old wives is correct or not. Men should have nothing to feel scared about when it comes to masturbation. Do not count the times you actually do it, masturbation will never cause you ED. But, that is not to say that too much of masturbation act will not lead to problems in the sheets. You will not need to be concerned about having ED due to masturbation; but, your act might let you face some issues as to keep and your erection. Those who tend to masturbate a lot are having to strive for ejaculation and the reason for this is delay is very simple.

If you are masturbating a lot, you will be hooked to what you ar efeeling when you reach the climax; and then, you will start having some flair for this kind of acts. As soon as it is time to have sex with your spouse or anyone else, you will find that you will no longer enjoy sex because the technique is very different from masturbation; thereby, This will make it very tough for you to truy enjoy it and get to the apogee!

So, it is not to say that all men who are in the act of masturbating a lot have to strive in the bedroom. However, the problem is that it has an effect on some men. But, if you are not getting your orgasm easily when you are with someone; and yet masturbate a lot, all you will need to do is to just tame down your act of masturbating. Give yourself some time and allow your phallus to go back to its rhythms. Just like for any kind of deviated habit, you need to go into some kin of a rehab.

The act of masturbation touches both parties in a couple and let them start enjoying new things and new feelings. It is just one way of cliamxing oneself on one’s own without having any side-effects. Actually, it can be good for you. Both enjoy the feeling that comes with masturbation. It can help anyone become more friends with their own bodies. It also lets you explore how to touch yourself and which areas are the ones that make you reach your climax more intensly.

How Can You Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

In case you have any condition that can cause ED, make sure you go to your DR. and talk to him about how you have been living with it it. Let your DR. examine you at least once in a year and try to follow his directions especially if he ends up giving to you some meds to make sure you are ok.

How Can You Treat ED?

Any treatment for ED will look for the main reason of this same problem. The most known cause of ED is when you have a bad circulation in the penis’ arteries; hence the best way to resolve the problem is by addressing it.

  • Drugs

Drugs such as Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis are said to be part of thewhat is being used to treating erectile dysfunction. These do have some adverse-effects like flushing, stomach-aches, and head-aches. Also, they could be very dangerous because they interact with the other drugs you might be using such as the ones you need to treat your hypertension, liver and kidney disease. You need to keep your DR closeby and letting him know

what you are feeling.

This is used in treating ED most especially if your ED is due to the fact that the blood is not reaching your penis with the right volume. In that case, a pump makes use of a vacuum tube to suck the air out from the penis and causes an erection as it lets the blood go to the penis.

Other Alternative

It is possible for your PCG to ask you to put some suppositories or have yourself injected so as to help your penis’ vessels to unwind thereby having a proper blood flow down there. These two treatments do have side-effects such as tissue development in the penis or urethra or feeling some pain. You need to see your DR. concerning whether the solution is good for you, based on the severity of the ED.

However, if your DR. admitted that your emotions are one of the main reasons why you are having ED, he or she will end up asking you to go to a therapist. Counseling will help you get more aware about some of your own mental problems, personal situation of life or conditions which could be causing your ED.

Facts about Masturbation Myths

Here are some falty myths about masturbation that you probably hear a lot; but, these are not true:

  • Too much of masturbation leads to ED
  • Those who are in a relationship do not masturbate
  • Masturbation will not help our sex life
  • Your health is not related to masturbation
  • It is possible for one to masturbate too much
  • One can only masturbate when alone
  • Young ones must not masturbate: for many countries it may seem inappropriate to picture a sixteen year old masturbating till ejaculation.
  • Masturbation might lead you to lose your sight. This is one ridiculous saying that has no sense to it.

All these myths are not to be taken into account; hence, you must be very careful to know all the truths about porn; becaus,e too much of things are not good for us. As long as it is moderate and not too much, it is still okay and cannot lead to ED.

Finally, one cannot say that masturbation can cause ED; but, when make sure that whatever you decide to do in life, do it the right way. Too much of anything becomes poisonous for you.