Can Caffeine Cause Erectile Dysfunction? What Is the Reality?

Posted: December 5, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction - natural treatments

Can caffeine cause ED in those men having it? Or make it better? Let’s see how it goes because many arguments have arised on it which will be tackled here.

Sometimes, at a particular point, men do have ED, whereby they do not find it easy to obtain and keep it. Do you know that ED affected nearly thirty-eight million men in the US? It begins when a man is physically/emotionally invigorated. And, as a result, the whole-body acts accordingly.

Other Potential Causes of ED

Some other possible causes of ED are: low testosterone/overweight/diabetes/smoking/ alcohol/stress/depression. Also, Peyronie’s which causes nerve-damage to the penis. Sometimes, more than one cause could conjoin together to cause ED. When a dr
who is not specialized is diagnosing what could be behind the issue, the problem might not be quite obvious. Some even say that caffeine can cause ED. But, is it possible? Can it cause ED?

What is the Reality that Caffeine Can Cause ED?

Do you know that just a small amount of caffeine can have a serious effect on your BGL? This can cause about big loads on your adrenal-glands, which are on the top of your kidneys and are a part of your endocrine system.

One of the goals of caffeine is to help spike the adrenal-glands to make more adrenaline, which is slow-in-response. As soon as its effect is diminishing and you ask for more in order to be awake, these will perform more work; more than the usual, resulting in adrenal-fatigue. The more the glands are spiked, the less they are able to respond to more stress and their effect on sex-hormones will be less.

The theory of the question on whether caffeine can cause ED is indeed in need for futher inspection so as to empower you to know whether to stop it or to keep taking it. Really, there is a good and very interesting reason to take it. It is not far-fetched. For those who want their erection to be in a good-shape, a little caffeine at sunrise can do it for you. In fact, there are various kinds. There is some caffeine that can keep you from ED.

Benefits of Caffeine to ED and Lifestyle Factors

It has many advantages. In other words, there will be better blood-circulation all over, so as to allow one to keep a great power for toxin-removal. Also, there will be a better mental-capacity/promotion of eyesight among others. When the blood-circulation is better, there will be more energy thereby helping men who have ED

There are some things that can make ED worse. When it comes to this, the need for drugs/treatments might be eliminated if few changes are made. Some of the changes are:

  • Try Coffee

It can help your penis get firmer and more rigid due to the fact that it contains caffeine that improves the circulation of blood and that of adrenaline. Although it is very great in erection but could be quite unsafe. But a little of it will not hurt you, rather, it will do you good.

  • Weight-Loss

Make sure that you are friends with your good-nutrients and keep away from junks. Keep away from theempty-meals that give just little nutritional value. Some routine-workouts make you go a long way.

  • Less-Alcohol

Downsize or stop having alcohol to find out if this will be of help to you. If you are a smoker too, this is the right time to stop. Look for professional help, most especially if you are having a substance that can be abusive and make your ED worse.

  • Try to De-stress

When anxiety/stress are here , it will be good for you to go for counseling.

Drinks that Combat ED

Just little caffeine can kick-start your metabolism as it affects the circulation of blood. Also, it will help to blood to reach your penis. By so doing; there will be better erection and your ED will be gone in no time. From observation, caffeine has some characteristics that are similar to the medication of ED such as Viagra as said by study coauthor, Run Wang, M.D. This particular boost causes a reaction that could enlarge the arteries in the penis for more blood flow. These two connects to a very strong erection.

Some of the upsides of coffee to man is to boost its metabolism and make erection last longer and stronger to you. Therefore with a just little of it regularly, along with natural Viagra, you are sure of your erection without any holdback.

How Early Morning Caffeine Related to Erection

Theory has been concluded by researchers that one of the effects of caffeine on the body is the loosening of the helicine arteries found in the penis. This, in turn, boosts the flow of blood thereby helps obtaining an erection. The sources of caffeine in this survey included energy drinks and soda together with tea and coffee. However, Lopez categorically said that both of them are too unhealthy to be taken. He also said in the Huffington Post that “Keep in mind that aside caffeine, they both comprises of some other ingredients that are not disclosed on the label. Even though, we knew nothing about the sugar which has a strong connection to obesity and diabetes. Yet there are some other beverages that are free from sugar but some of their ingredients are related to cancer.”

Due to the fact that this is not a related study, Lopez says that he cannot write any caffeine-recommendation to be taken at present. He said that “I can tell you that there is a foundation laid for how ED/caffeine are interrealted. This is a good beginning, I can tell you.” But right now, caffeine will be added to the long-list of why it is very important to have it, just as if we needed another one. Meanwhile, if you can keep taking it so as to obtain and keep erections.

So, if you are taking caffeine, let it be in-moderation.