Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction: Relationship Between Them?

Posted: December 1, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction - natural treatments

Blood pressure and erectile dysfunction are somehow interrelated. Mainly because a high BP increases the chances of developing an ED problem.

The chief cause of ED’s growing popularity is that with age, men are likely to be taking pills in order to get and erection for sexual intercourse activity. Unknowingly for the men, they did not know that all medicine have their serious side effects such as HT. According to a study, about 25% of the men having ED have been found to having developd it because of the drug they are using. Some drugs even compounded the complexity of the ineptitude in men thereby resulting in high BP. Do not just take any drug without the doctor’s prescription because it could be destructive to health.

There are some emphasis from a research that the effect of the medicine for HT could be primarily on psychological when compared to the percentage of others having their own from physical. More often than not, when ineptitude happens after taking a new drug, there is an inclation to feel concern over health instead of the drug. This could cause the problem of ineptitude. If men were more aware of the implicit side effects that may arise, men will know that it is not the norm.

Nevertheless, if your erectile dysfunction arises after beginning to take any medicine for HT, do not think twice about informing your Dr because he or she have the best knowledge to give you an alternative for your situation. keep in mind that, it could take longer for you to regian your erection if you are taking HT medication. Even if you refuse to take BP medications, try to make sure that you go for a examination on HT because this could be the indication of having ED.

How High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction Relate

Most men are ignorant of how high BP and ED can be so interrelated until they go to a Dr. and are given a diagnosis. There are many things we did not know and than are still unkown to us as humans until the specialists shed clarify it for us. To claify how high BP and ED are related, you need to know how an erection works impeccaply.

You need to know how your system work befores you reach a conclusion with your Dr. on his or her diagnoses. If you ask your Dr., he will enlighten you on what really happens after you have informed him of your medical history. It will help the Dr. to know what to do and how to go about your treatment. Some patients could be a suffer from high BP due to genes or heritage. Some men are measured with a sphygmomanometer and diagnosed with high BP without any real cuase of it and even without them recognizing or feeling it. But in this case, ED caused by of high BP happens due to the drugs that are being taken for high BP.

Some patients could be given some drugs that are having the same or antagonized component that can mess with their body and destiny. Therefore, that is why you need to see a Dr. who will give you the right prescription and give you instructions on how to go about it. When it comes to this situation, you do not go to the pharmacy for high BP medication. There are some offline or online websites nowadays that are packed with fake and ineffective drugs. That is why you need the prescription of the certified or physical Dr. to put you through.

High Blood Pressure and ED Causes

Both BP and ED are nearly interconnected in the aspect that suffering from HT and taking medication for it can cause ED. Most of the drugs produced today are full of serious side effects. If one is not taken, it could take his life wit no cure. Obviously, for a penis to erect, it depends on how much the blood flow level and what affect this blood is the force supply. With high BP, the penis will not be able to get the right amount of blood force needed and refuse to get to and mentain enough erection that is needed to participate in a sexual intercourse. The main cause of erectile problems is high BP.

Besides, one of the causes of ED which relates to BP is that as long as high BP is not dealt with immediately, the results will not be as fruitful as anticipated. One must be very cautious when handling high BP. As long as you as a man can rest yourself assuered despite the ordeal, you are bringing about the better way of escape for yourself. If your high BP is not due to genes or heritage, then rest assured, it will go very quickly, more so, that it is combined with meticulous adherence to doctor’s orders.

For a blood vessel to perform effeciently, NO is very important as it allows the brain to send a signal when sexually aroused. Those men who have long years of history on high BP refuse to yield enough NO and thus, the tissues of the penis cannot be enlarged any longer to accept more of the blood neccessary to obtain and uphold an erection. Both high BP and ED are chronic medical challenges that necessitate acute attention of your Dr.

How High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction Causes Are Intertwined

Some of the common causes of high BP and ED are:

  • Immediately high BP tampered with the arteries found in the penis by preventing it from enlarging ( necessary to obtain and uphold an erection). Also, this lets penis forfeit it capability of becoming flaccid) By this, the blood flowing into the penis become deficient.
  • Men having high BP will also often endure low levels of testosterone that is very crucial for a man.
  • Some high BP drugs, too, are related to ED and such involve water pills and beta-blocker drugs.

Honesty with Doctor on Blood Pressure

Those men considering this kind of drugs for their ED need to consult their Dr. first. You do not just go to the counter or online pharmacy to buy the drug without accurate diagnosis and right administration. Just begin by seeing your Dr. first. Keep in mind that the more your Dr. knows concerning you, the better the results will be. This will help you keep a fulfilling sex life. Get ready to answer some questions your Dr. will ask you.

Some of the

questions may be:

  • What drugs have you been taking so far?
  • Did you have any problem with your partner sexually?
  • Have you been stressed or depressed?
  • Do you have any kind of abnormal stress you are dealing with?

You need to prepare yourself beofre seeing your Dr. because you must be sincere if you truly want to get out of the sexual problems you find yourself.

With the new development in technology for treatment, you do not need to suffer in silence due to embarrassment that is making you timid to articulate your problem. Look for the best clinic or hospital where you can find a well-qualified Dr. who can take care of your BP and erectile problem need. Any minor incident of HT could cause ED as is above clarified. Your Dr. will diagnose you and give you the right drug that reach its goal. Disceretion is a fast killer, do not kill yourself because of these two silent killers. You can become a man again if you quickly consult with your Dr.