Best over the counter Erection Pills for Male – get Harder and Longer erection.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction - natural treatments

It is estimated that about 4 in every 10 men over the age of forty five years are likely to suffer from a form of erectile dysfunction or another. It is not that age causes ED; it is just that older men are more likely to have been exposed to the causes of ED than young men.

ED in simple terms can be used interchangeably with impotence. It is a common disorder that makes it hard or impossible for a man to get erections. There is always the option of paying a visit to a doctor and discuss the ED issue. It should never be embarrassing, bearing in mind that close to half the population of men over 50 years is likely struggling with a similar condition.

Best erection pills for erection on demand

Erection pills are designed to help ED patients get an erection, either on demand or in the long-term. First, let’s talk about the available prescription male pills that will give you instant erection on demand.

There are four popular brands of instant erection pills. They are; Viagra, Stendra, Cialis and Levitra. Below are the several important things you should know about these ED medications:

  • They are not curative medications. This means that you still will experience difficulties in getting erections once you have quit the drugs.
  • You should never use the drugs contrary to what available instructions direct. The fact is that they chemically interact with the body and can cause adverse side effects when used the wrong way.
  • It is not a guarantee that the medications will work for you. Viagra, for instance, has an estimated success rate of about 77%. This is admirable enough for many people though.
  • You will have to dedicate quite a portion of your budget to the cost of buying these medications. A pill of Cialis will cost you close to or more. But there is the option of buying generic versions of these drugs which are pretty cheap.

Which over the counter erection male pills do actually work?

ED is not always treated with prescription pills. Other options include herbal Viagra, dietary supplements, therapies and acupuncture.

There is no much availability of scientific reviews and reports on how the above-mentioned methods work. A couple of dietary supplements have a potential of bringing about some side effects. It is for this reason that professionals advise that you consult a health practitioner, your doctor preferably before actively using these erectile dysfunction OTC treatments.

Dietary supplements that can get you a harder erection include:

  • Vitamin D – Many reported cases of ED do link to less amounts of Vitamin D in the body than required. Although this vitamin is available in many common foods such as green vegetables, supplements help raise its levels in a short span.
  • L-arginine – It is one of the few natural erection supplements ingredients that actually work with no side effects. It helps improve general sexual health as well as promote the production of the male hormone.
  • Zinc – Zinc and testosterone are closely related. It has been proven that the mineral can actually raise the levels of the hormone’s serum in males.
  • DHEA – DHEA is a hormone whose production occurs naturally in the body. It can, however, be supplemented when its levels have fallen extremely low. The hormone is linked to high libido and ability to get a harder erection.
  • Flavonoids – It is not well known if flavonoids can actually help treat ED. However, individuals who have a tendency of taking high levels of flavonoids have shown a great resistance to developing ED.

Which are the best harder erection herbal products?

Herbal extracts to treat ED have been used for centuries. The fact that they promise to offer all natural treatment makes them a consideration for quite a great number of men. However, you should never be misled into using the words natural and herbal interchangeably. Some extract can be all natural but with potential health side effects. Yohimbe, for example, is a natural plant. If taken by a patient under blood pressure management drugs, very dangerous interactions can occur. Below is a list of common herbal products used for herbal erection male pills.

  • Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha benefits include protecting the brain from the effects of Alzheimer’s disease as well as boosting libido.
  • Ginseng – The Korean ginseng particularly is commonly used to boost sexual performance. It has quite a large number of loyal users who hold that it can actually improve sexual experiences even in women. Science has little to say about the same.
  • Yohimbine – This native of Africa is a common ingredient in herbal over the counter erection pills. It allegedly works by making a patient’s blood vessels wider. This helps increase blood flow to penile muscles and the body in general. Patients with high blood pressure or taking medications to manage the condition should not take a supplement containing this product.
  • Horny goat weed – You have probably come across the legend of that goats’ owner who noticed more sexual stimulation among his goats after they had consumed this plant. There is no much evidence supporting the claim that the same sexual stimulation alleged in that farmer’s goats can be experienced in men.
  • Rhodiola rosea – This plant with a fancy and somehow romantic name is said to have the ability to make bedroom matters much pleasurable. Allegedly, it can reduce sexual exhaustion and increase stamina.
  • Mucuna pruriens extract – It is a powerful aphrodisiac. Products in this category produce sexual excitement and improve general sexual experiences when taken. As it is with other products in this list, no much reliable information supports these effectiveness claims.

Can I use acupuncture for natural erection in place of erection pills

Acupuncture is a treatment method that does not include pills. Terming it as a treatment method can be a bit misleading. It is more a health technique than it is a treatment method.

Very thin and fine needles are inserted into different parts of a person’s body during Acupuncture. The needles are meant to produce stimulation to the points into which they are inserted. The stimulation can help return numb nerves or joints to normal functioning. The funny thing is that Acupuncture is actually painless even though many needles are used to see it to completion.

Acupuncture has been said to have positive results when used to treat ED. In one study, about 30% of ED patients who tried this method reported having had experienced enhanced male effects.

The good thing about trying Acupuncture over erection pills is that no side effects are involved. Additionally, this health technique will actually bring along a couple of health benefits including freedom from exhaustion and stress.

How to get longer erection without erection pills

Some people will dismiss any claim that pills work or will generally not welcome the idea of taking pills. For such individuals, other alternatives to longer erections include penis surgery, gels, creams, pumps, injections and exercises.

  • Surgery – Surgical operations to promote hard erection usually make use of penis implants. Here, implants that can be inflated are surgically inserted into the penis. When inflated, a hard and instant erection can be gotten on demand.
  • Gels, creams and sprays – These three almost work the same. The basic idea is to have fine ingredients that can promote blood circulation into penile muscles applied to the penis. The faster the ingredients contained in the sprays of gels can sip through the penis skin, the more effective the products will be considered. If effective, they can be a quick solution to getting instant erections.
  • Pumps – You can use a penis pump to get an instant and hard erection on demand. This method is a bit cumbersome and will require a lot of practice. The bottom line though is that it can actually help ED patients get quick erections for about half an hour.
  • Injections – Injections introduce some erection promoting ingredients directly into a man’s penis or system. Some may contain testosterone or such products.
  • Exercises and foods that boost erections – This is by far the best and safest way of improving your erections. It will also keep you healthy and free from common diseases known to cause ED such as diabetes.

Exercises include going for trained workouts to taking penis exercises such as the Kegels. Workouts keep blood flowing efficiently in the body and into the male organ. Penis exercises, on the other hand, keep the erectile muscles in the right condition so that you can take control over your orgasms on demand.

Healthy foods, on the other hand, keep your body supplied with all vital vitamins, minerals and bodybuilding agents. They also give you the required energy needed to recover after orgasms.

ED patients can choose any of the above discussed best erection pills. In fact, it necessarily doesn’t have to be that you are an ED patient. Dietary supplements are being used by healthy men to better their sexual experiences. The most important thing is to make sure that you get the available information on what goes into a particular harder erections method, technique or pills.