5 Penis Enlargement Exercises – Best Penile Workouts to Make It Bigger At Home.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Penis Enlargement - natural methods

Exercises are not always about getting the penis-enlargement, they also are about strengthening certain muscles such as the pelvic-muscles. These are the muscles present between the pelvic-bone and the tail-bone. Mastering to be in-control of them can treat erectile dysfunction resulting from premature ejaculation.

For too long, men have been trying to get bulked-up and ripped to attract everyone. Some overwork themselves, head to the gym for long hours, and even use protein-powders. The penis-workouts are less extreme and are not as exausting as the former kinds.

Workouts are the one way that you can protect from shrinking of the penile muscles that occur with age. The thing with muscles is that they can be extended and strengthened, and the only way to do that efficiently is through exercise.

Some experts are always active to criticize the natural procedures publicised as best exercises to make the penis enlarges. Well, we cannot criticize them much. Anyway, it should be their nature to be dubious.

5 penis exercises to make it bigger

Penis exercises have been long done in different civilizations and parts of the world. It was only after the coming of the internet that the information and their advantages came to be universal information. Below are 5 of the most well-known penis exercises that you can try at home:

  • Jelqing

A good number of men do carry out this routine, although for sexual trigger and not to make the penis enlarge.

  • At the beginning of the drill, get a cloth/towel and dip it in a luke-warm water tub. Cover your penis in the cloth for about 5 minutes.
  • With your index and thumb fingers, grasp the base of the penis so that they make an O.
  • Continue with the grip and ‘milk’ the penis along the shaft towards the glans.
  • Try this 3-times daily

Jelqing is more of a penis-circumference-increment drill than it is a length grower. However, some reports show that it also can enhance length. As fun as it seems, it is effective.

  • The circular extension

This drill is much simpler. You have to grasp the glans; and make circular rotations with your penis. Make sure that the penis is extended to make it enlarge from the bottom to the tip.

  • Warmed-up towel drill

The considerable concept behind this drill is to get the blood-circulating all the way inside your penile muscles. This is when you get the surprise of an erection.

Make sure that you have a luke-warm water tub and a towel to begin with. It is much like the same procedure we began with in jelqing. In this case however, you have to cover the penis plus the testicles with the warmed up towel. Keep the towel in that posture for about three minutes.

  • Kegel drills

Kegels are hardly any penis drills for the enlargement; but, are a best way to get in-control over your urination and climaxing.

To understand better that which ones are the pelvic-muscles, try repressing urine when taking a short call. You will feel the movements of the muscles trying to keep back the urine.

Easy Kegel-drills involving grasping the pelvic-muscles for about 10 seconds and let go them. Other differences consist of trying to pick up a napkin with your penis while lying on your back.

  • Length-stretch exercise

While standing up erect, grasp the tip of the penis and extend it to the max it can get. Repeating the procedure 5X in the intervals of fifteen seconds is what you need to aim for.

You can try this drill in a different way; that is by extending the penis to the left, right and downwards.

What are the benefits of penis enlargement exercises to enlarge penile muscles?

Apart from the fact that penis enlargement exercises will give you a bigger penis, here are some other benefits:

  • Fuller erections
  • Improved lasting durations of acquired erections. A night that never seems to end is like a bowl of spaghetti that will never make you gain weight.
  • Boosted libido; supported by the fact that there will be more blood transportation inside your penile muscles
  • More enjoyable-orgasms; where you can control when to peak
  • Enhanced self-esteem; men have more manliness when they have a big penis. And then, let the game of sex-hunger begin. Nothing is sexier than a well-poised man.
  • Enhances prostate health; will help you produce more sperm
  • Enhances sexually-affairs and therefore, your couple-life will more thrilling.

How to measure penis girth before penis exercises

The only way you can know if your peni- enlarging-drills are working is by measurement of the penis circumference/length; and, comparing the before and after results. This is how the girth and length are measured:

  • Standing up, grasp it against your bladder. While holding the part just below the glans, make a 90-degrees angle between t and the pubic bone. Place a ruler adjacent to it; and then, measurements can be taken.
  • For the girth, measurements can be taken with a tape-measure or a string. The most important thing is to do it at the mid-section area.
  • The most advised procedure for measuring its length is called BPEL (Bone-Pressed Erect Length). For this, erected penis is needed before measurement.
  • For measurement of its thickness, the requirement is to have 100%-erection before measuring. For finding the thick section of your shaft, a tape is wrapped around that area once; and, measured from where the starting point of tape is met by itself.

Can penis exercises videos help make it bigger?

The best drills to improve its size can be best elaborated by drills-videos. There are many of such videos uploaded online; and which can be watched for free.

These are a more interacting session where you can actually try the exercises as they are being illustrated for you. However, it is good to first get the informations before going on for the illustration-videos.

Vitamins and supplements to use with best penis drills for enlargement of the penis.

Well, even the best drills will not work on their own. It needs that vital vitamins and minerals is provided as the raw substances for the growth phenomenon. They consist of:

Most of these minerals/vitamins can be gotten from foods. However, to get them in affluence you will need to consider their supplements.

Other items such as Tribulus terrestris extract will help with general sexual health enhancing. This is just one of the various items whose advantages in men’s sexual health are being considered and giving auspicious results.

Penis enhancing is a much protectibe way to not only improve penis-size securely at home but also enhance other health advantages. There are some, like Kegel drills that whole research-papers have been publicised on. You can consider downloading or buying such notifies your better results.