Yohimbe Supplement – Its Benefits, Side Effects and Uses for ED and Weight Loss.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Supplements

Yohimbe is a plant, a native of West Africa. Historically, it has mainly been used to promote sexual health and treat erectile dysfunction, especially for men.

The bark of the tree contains an active compound known as yohimbine. It is an alkaloid and mostly credited for the main Yohimbe benefits to be gotten from the plant.

You may have come across some terms such as Yohimbe HCL and Yohimbe supplement. The two are quite different and can be confusing in some cases.

The supplements contain some yohimbine in them but only to some extent. They are available over the counter as dietary supplements. They can be used for general enhancement, including more athletic performance output, sexual enhancement and for mental prowess.

Yohimbe HCL, on the other hand, is a prescription medication inside the borders of US. It cannot be accessed over the counter and needs a user to have a prescription for best experience and results. Supplements claiming to contain some amount of Yohimbe HCL that has not been regulated should be stayed away from.

Yohimbe HCL supplement; how it works

In this article, we will mainly deal with yohimbine, the already identified active compound in both Yohimbe supplements and Yohimbe HCL.

It falls into the category of compounds known as alpha blockers. These are compounds that work by increasing the activities of a certain part of the nervous system known as the sympathetic nerves.

When the activities of these nerves are increased, brain chemicals such as adrenaline also tend to appear in larger quantities in the blood system. As you may already know, adrenaline is the brain chemical that stimulates more energy release and aids in fighting emergencies. Think of the increased energy that seems to have come out of the blues when one is under attack or in the presence an anxious situation.

The most notable effects of yohimbine are dilated blood vessels and thus lowered blood pressure. It is actually for this reason that Yohimbe bark extract is used for male enhancement, especially by promoting erections.

Metabolism and fat burning process are also boosted by Yohimbe use. This can be felt in form of heightened body temperature and stamina. It has also been observed to override the barrier that usually prevents excess fats from being metabolized in the body. All these factors combined sets Yohimbe supplement as a perfect weight loss and athletic performance boosting remedy.

Yohimbe benefits reviews

The most notable Yohimbe benefits revolve around Erectile Dysfunction treatment and weight/fat loss.

In terms of treating ED, Yohimbe HCL is actually an approved medication for the same. It is not available over the counter and effective for that matter.

Just like other ED prescription medications, yohimbine works by promoting more flow of blood into the erectile muscles of the penis. As it is to be expected, this will lead to an erection. Additionally, it promotes anxiety relief, a factor that also contributes to better sexual experiences. Some reviews also suggest that it can boost testosterone levels. As it currently stands, it is not clear whether using this supplement alone can be enough to completely treat ED.

In one study conducted in the early 1990s, it was observed that taking 20 mg of the supplement for about 6 weeks can promote weight loss of up to 3 pounds. This was however done using Yohimbe bark extract. It is unclear whether taking raw Yohimbe or in tea can actually match the results.

Yohimbe has also been used for nootropic benefits. Nootropics are substances that can enhance mental performance and promote brain development.

Alone, Yohimbe cannot be compared to most of the leading nootropics including noopept or even the racetams. All the same, the supplement increases both body and mental energy. This prompts a more attentiveness, alertness, and aids in clearing confusion resulting from brain fog.

Uses of yohimbe bark extract

Although additional research reports are called for, the main uses of Yohimbe bark extract include:
ED treatment
Many studies are in the favor of the claim that yohimbine can effectively treat erectile dysfunctions. As a matter of fact, loyal Yohimbe users claim that raw supplements from the tree’s bark work even better than the extract itself. The same has been touted as an effective supplement that can increase sperm count. This, of course, is open to debate.
Athletic performance
More metabolism in the body means more available performance energy. As noted earlier, yohimbine works by increasing the presence of adrenaline in the body. This ensures that athletic performers are supplied with the required energy for their exercises.
Treating anxiety
Freedom from anxiety and depression is very important, especially for women sexual enhancement. Under stress, it is hard for women even for men to actually engage in sexual activities. Although there are controversies surrounding the effectiveness of Yohimbe in relieving stress, it has been used for the same in quite a number of cases.
Combats the side effects of antidepressants
Antidepressants are known to cause sexual issues and other related side effects. Yohimbine has been shown to combat such side effects, particularly ones associated with the use of SSRIs.
Treats hypertension
Yohimbine lowers blood pressure. This is by causing a vasodilation effect on blood arteries that carry blood under high pressure. In patients suffering from orthostatic hypertension, some reports suggest that Yohimbe dosage can improve the situation.
Aids in treating dry mouth
Dry mouth is yet another main side effect of antidepressants. Some evidence has it that yohimbine can lessen the side effect. Not enough evidence supports this claim.
Other Uses
Other uses include treating paining chests, improving the symptoms of diabetes as well as promoting quick recovery from exhaustion and fatigue.

It is important that an herbalist or a doctor be consulted before any administration of Yohimbe to pills to treat above described conditions.

At home, you can use Yohimbe pills as sex pills for enhancement. In such case, ensure that you are familiar with the potential dangers, short- and long-term use effects as well as the recommended dosage.

What is yohimbe plus and its uses

You may have come across a supplement named Yohimbe plus and got to wonder what exactly it is. Well, plainly enough, it is a Yohimbe containing supplement with sexual enhancers such as ginseng and ashwagandha. The modification is meant to add on the Yohimbe benefits especially when it comes to sexual enhancement.

There are different brands of Yohimbe plus products that you may come about on the internet. A different brand will always contain a different additional active substance or the same ingredients but in a different concentration. It is therefore always good to check the list of ingredients as well as the particular manufacturer that is offering that Yohimbe plus brand.

In some cases, Yohimbe plus supplements will produce more effective effects and within a shorter period of time. They also come with the advantage of the fact that they can deal with more than one issue at the same time.

For example, you can treat erectile dysfunction and at the same time enjoy better athletic performances. You can also boost mental growth capabilities that would have come about, was it that you were using raw Yohimbe supplement on its own.

Yohimbe bark extract dosage

There is usually no enough data concerning the correct dosage for most herbal supplements. Users mostly depend on the available reviews and maybe online or two studies that have been conducted.

It is the same case with Yohimbe root and bark extract supplements dosage. In this case, the recommended dosage for Yohimbe is set at 20 mg per day. That dosage will work effectively for issues concerning weight loss and athletic performance. Note that it is always for the better to keep exercising and eating healthy diets that support weight loss when taking Yohimbe for the same purpose. The supplement will rarely work on its own.

For issues concerning sexual enhancement for men and for women, the correct Yohimbe dosage is set anywhere between 5 and 10 mg. hear, Yohimbe pills can be taken as sex pills for as long as the need for the same is present.

Dosages of up to 100mg have been experimented with. This is very dangerous, however. As you have noted, yohimbine mostly works by lowering blood pressure. Such a high dosage can lead to sudden collapse or even death.

As always, you are advised to begin with the lowest dosage and work your way up. Supplements do not always produce the same effects for everyone. Moreover, you may find that the concentration of yohimbine in particular supplements are quite different.

Don’t interact prescription drugs, especially MAOIs with Yohimbe before consulting a doctor. It can lead to unwanted side effects.

Side effects of yohimbe supplements

Unlike some of the herbal supplements that you will find being advertised for sexual enhancement and premature ejaculation treatment, Yohimbe is not all safe and care should be taken when using the same.

As you may have noticed, the use of yohimbine requires you to have a prescription in the United States. It is not without a good reason. There have been reports of side effects such as kidney failure and heart attacks.

Most notable Yohimbe side effects include:

  • Skin flush
  • Rash
  • Muscle tremors
  • High blood pressure
  • Fast and irregular heartbeats
  • Chest pain
  • Priapism; an erection that doesn’t cease
  • Pain in the genitals
  • Stomach upset
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Very low blood pressure
  • Breathing difficulties

Children, breastfeeding, and pregnant women are not advised to use Yohimbe. It could lead to impairments in normal development.

If you have the following conditions, only use Yohimbe when directed by a doctor:

  • Prostrate disorders
  • Liver impairments
  • Stress
  • Schizophrenia
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Kidney diseases
  • Heart and blood malfunctions
  • Diabetes
  • Surgery

Yohimbe is known to promote blood thinning. This could lead to a complicated surgical operation. Stop further intake of the supplement about 2 weeks before any serious medical surgical operation.

Where to buy yohimbe plus pills

Yohimbe plus pills are available over the counter without a prescription. This also goes for raw Yohimbe supplements or barks. For Yohimbe HCL, a prescription is required and necessary for that matter.

It is always advisable to buy from an online vendor that will provide you with additional information on Yohimbe use and related details. You can also get suggestions on other options and tricks to promote quality male orgasm and improve general sexual experiences.

Final thoughts
Yohimbe is not the only both sexual enhancement and athletic performance enhancer supplement available today. It is, however, pretty effective and has been in use for long.

The most important thing is to ensure that you have the correct details of what it can or cannot do. You are always advised to refrain from using herbal or any other form of over the counter products without your doctor’s advice.