What is Male Impotence: Definition, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Male Enhancement

Sex is one thing which is important to both men and women especially those who are in a relationship or marriage. This is one way that couple can keep their association close and intact where both parties keep it together due to the love that is created during sex. For women, sex means a lot and if you satisfy a woman in bed there is no doubt that she will forever be at your feet waiting for you to show her directions both of you will take. However, if you cannot satisfy your lady in bed then you are up in huge shock where she can even leave you for another man. This is what worries those men who are having an issue with ED. Impotency definition is described as the inability of a man sexual organ in this case which is penis to fail to have an erection, or have a weak erection, or cannot sustain an erection for a long time.

This is a condition which has treatment and no man should suffer from this condition in silence. There are a lot of men who will not speak about this problem because they think that they will be seen as weak and who cannot perform well in bedrooms. This can make men suffering from male impotence to even get into deeper problems which are caused by emotional stress that they will be subjected to whenever they think of this problem. When a man is suffering from this problem, he can also develop other problems such as low self-esteem and this can also go to affect their productivity in their workplaces. They will also, avoid socializing with people so that they cannot at any time start speaking about their sexual experience as they will not have anything positive to say about. All these factors can make such people live in isolation and eventually lead to depression.

What are the main CAUSES OF impotenCE IN men?

Male of any age can suffer from what we define as impotence. It doesn’t matter how healthy you look on the outside as even those bodybuilders who don’t watch out for their health can also experience this problem. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for any symptoms that you can see that show that you are suffering from this problem. Among the causes of this problem include the following:

  • Diabetes is one of the main problems that can lead to the development of this problem where it affects hormones that are useful when it comes to making your sexual experience better. Diabetes affects metabolism which is also key and therefore, this can lead to moods that will not make you have a good erection.
  • Smoking is also another big issue that can lead to this problem of male impotence. Smoke will go and enter the prostate glands which are responsible in the production of sperms as well as testosterone hormone and thereafter lead to ED. Therefore, for smokers then you should know you are risking your sexual reproduction health.
  • Alcohol is another big contributor to this problem in male. This will affect the brain communication with the sexual organ and this will definitely lead to impotency. Even though many use natural Viagra after they drink alcohol, it is better for you to take minimal alcohol so that you don’t take it if you are planning to have sex.
  • Another common cause of this problem is mental issues that affect men who are in relationships. When a man is mentally unstable then the brain cannot communicate very clearly with other organs and this will mostly affect the sexual reproduction organ.
  • Lifestyle problem can lead to this problem as well since the exercise that one takes part in will mostly affect male. For instance, lack of exercises can also cause this problem since blood flow all over the sexual organ can cause this problem as well.
  • Obesity is another big issue that can affect the sexual performance of a man. Men who are overweight can fail to have a stiff erection since the fat content around their body can cause this problem to occur.

Effects of male impotence on men

A man who is suffering from what has been defined as impotence can have the following effects that can affect men. One of the effects of this problem is what it can be considered as unsatisfactory sex life. When a man is unable to have an erection he cannot penetrate a woman and this, therefore, men that have ED will not in any way enjoy having sex. Unless a man uses sex pills for men then there is no way that he will enjoy having this act or making love with her lady. The worst thing is not only will this affect the woman partner as well. She will not enjoy sex even though she is not the one with the problem and this can place the relation on rocks.

Another effect that you will experience for having an erection dysfunction is the incapacity of impregnating a woman. When you cannot erect then you cannot penetrate a woman and also you cannot ejaculate. This, therefore, without ejaculation you will not produce any sperms that can fertilize a woman. This means that a woman will not be fertilized and therefore this condition will lead to infertility.

You will also experience an emotional problem which will lead to depression due to failure to meet male responsibilities in bedroom affairs. This can lead to depression and this is one of the biggest problems that could make a man even stop appreciating what he is.

TreatmentS which are offered for impotence

  • If you are using medication which is for treatment of another problem then you should seek for alternative medication which will not have a side effect on the user. This is a way of treating a condition which is brought by usage of a problem that can lead to ED.
  • There are also those who use pills to cure a problem that they may have. The advantage of using pills include treating other sexual disorder problems such as premature ejaculation which is common to many males.
  • Another way that you can address this problem is through changing the lifestyle that you are living and start eating healthy meals which can help to increase important nutrients that can resolve this problem. This will also include staying away from drugs as well as alcohol which is the main cause of this problem. You will also have to quit smoking which also contributes to a larger extent to this problem in men. For those who may be suffering from stress and depression, one of the best ways to address this is through attending therapies which can help to overcome this problem.
  • There are those people who would prefer going the natural way. This is a way of dealing with the problem using products that are made from natural compounds which have been proven to be effective when it comes to solving erectile dysfunction problem. Herbs are used to treat erectile dysfunction naturally.

Herbs that are USED TO TREAT erectile dysfunction problem

The following are some of the herbs that are used to treat this problem which include the following:

  • Ginseng – this is a common herb used by people especially in China and Korea where it has its roots in. People are using this herb all over the world due to the good reputation it has acquired in solving the problem relating to impotency in men.
  • Another herb that you will find being popular is the maca herb. Originally from Peru but is now being used all over the world.
  • Another herb that originated in Africa is Yohimbine which is a bark of a tree that contains essential nutrient to treat this problem.

Important nutrients that are used in drug used to treat impotent causes in men
There are several nutrients which help the body to make it more sexually productive especially in men bodies. They include the:
Iron this is an important element found in many meals as well as herbs.
Another element is iodine which is found in maca which helps to address mental problems.
Amino acids are very effective when it comes to metabolism.
Magnesium is also another important nutrient which helps to increase blood flow to the penis.
What are some of the benefits you will get for using natural herbs in treating impotence?
Among the benefits that you will get include:
Increase blood circulation in the body including your penis.
Increased desire to have sex with your partner and this is known as libido.
You also enjoy high metabolism rate that helps your body to work effectively.
Increased production of various hormones in the body including adrenaline which boosts your activeness.
Proper control of your male organ and you can control ejaculation when you are about to have it and this spices up your sexual life.