What Is L-Citrulline Malate or Powder – Uses, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Supplements

If you are an athletic performer, a bodybuilder, an ED patient or just someone concerned about their cardiovascular health, chances are high that you will come about a substance known as L-citrulline.

It is an amino acid, one that your body can make on its own when the need for the same arises. However, it has been shown that supplementing with the product can lead to more increased energy, stamina and a possible management plan for chronic ailments.

There are other two amino acids closely related to L-citrulline; L-arginine and L-ornithine. Supplementing with L-citrulline increases the levels of these two other amino acids naturally without the need for additional supplements.

What are L-citrulline malate supplements?

First, let’s look at what L-citrulline actually is. In the body, L-citrulline undergoes a conversion process which turns it into another amino acid known as L-arginine. This, in turn, promotes the production of a chemical known as nitric acid. It is the acid that is worth all the attention, the same that gives the properties of alternative Viagra pills.

Nitric acid dilates the arteries promoting an easy flow of blood all through the body. This is the trick that ED pills such as Viagra use. Vasodilated arteries will allow more blood to pass through them. If you are informed about the erection process, then you know that more blood in penile muscles means an erection.

You might be wondering what is the reason not to just buy L-arginine supplements instead of all the hustle. Well, L-arginine requires a more complex process to get assimilated and absorbed in the body. It requires the attention of the digestive system, liver and all that. With L-citrulline, absorption is quicker.

L-citrulline supplements benefits

So why is L-citrulline that important? Below are L-citrulline benefits:

Boosts nitric acid
Nitric acid has many potential benefits in the body. The benefits are mainly attributed to the fact that the acid promotes arterial relaxation. This means that blood will find its way to your different organs much more easily. Therefore, you will stay energetic and oxygenated.

Lowers blood pressure
Some studies have shown that L-citrulline from L-citrulline malate can improve the symptoms of hypertension. Most high blood pressure patients will experience a warning period before the condition develops to its full-blown stages.

Helps with erectile dysfunction
Just like L-arginine, L-citrulline can ease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Again, this is contributed by the fact that it promotes the production of nitric acid, an erection generator. However, it is not as effective as Viagra or other prescription ED drugs.

Fast wound healing
There is no much evidence to support this but L-citrulline is said to promote faster healing of wounds. This is common with most amino acids.

Anaerobic and aerobic enhancement
Supplements containing L-citrulline have been used for both aerobic and anaerobic enhancement. They provide the body with ready energy to take it through strenuous activities. However, no much effectiveness has been reported when used for hardcore training and performance exercise.

L-citrulline dosage for ED

L-citrulline powder is the most circulated form of the supplement. The best L-citrulline dosage will depend on your expectation. Most users prefer 9 g of the supplement in a daily dose. This can be spread out through meals to give the body time to digest and assimilate the product.

For performance enhancements, dosages ranging between 6-8g are recommended. This can be taken about an hour before the exercises.

No official L-citrulline dosage has been set off yet. Depending on how effective the ingredients used in the supplement you are using are, other dosage amounts might be recommended for you. Ensure to read the instructions provided on the supplement label.

When L-arginine is used in place of L-citrulline, for example, even 10 grams will not provide equal results. In fact, L-arginine brings about undesired results such as diarrhea. Also, L-citrulline will generally increase the levels of L-arginine in the blood. It is, therefore, a preferable product.

Risks and safety information for L-citrulline malate supplements

Not many side effects are associated with L-citrulline malate. The major concerns are in the way the supplement may interact with certain medications.

For example, L-citrulline should be avoided by patients taking drugs known as nitrates. These are drugs mainly prescribed for treating heart-related conditions. Taking L-citrulline alongside nitrates may interfere with how the drugs work and in most cases encourage further complications.

ED pills such as Cialis, Viagra and Levitra should not be used alongside L-citrulline. Like in the case of nitrates, a sudden drop in blood pressure might result from over-dilation of the arteries. Also, avoid the supplement if you are under any medication prescribed for treating blood pressure.

L-citrulline and related products are not to be used by pregnant women or those still breastfeeding. Ensure that your doctor knows about all the medications, herbal products or supplements you are taking before using L-citrulline.

Foods with L-citrulline benefits without side effects

If taking a supplement for L-citrulline doesn’t seem the thing for you, you can always get the product from common foods. Just like testosterone boosting foods, the foods in this category help bring the levels of the chemical to its normal levels and not any higher. They include:

Watermelon is the main ingredient you will be needed to have to make natural Viagra or increase penis size without pills. But what is so special about the fruit?

Apart from the fact that it will keep you hydrated all day long, watermelon is very rich in L-citrulline and other similar amino acids. It helps keep your heart healthy as well as ease the symptoms of hypertension. There also is an excess of three vitamins in the fruit plus minerals such as potassium and fiber. It is amazing how so many health benefits can be contained in a single fruit.

Onions and garlic – Though some vegetables will contain almost the same amounts of L-citrulline as in onions and garlic, these two also come with additional sexual health benefits. For example, you will not miss them in lists of testosterone foods.

Meat products
Seafood is included in this category. Liver, for instance, is full of L-citrulline. It is funny since the same products help in the liver detoxification process. In red meat, you will not lack for some L-citrulline. This also goes for salmon and oysters.

Dark chocolate
Guess we can just never forget about chocolate. Well, apart from its sweetness, dark chocolate will still leave you properly provisioned with L-citrulline.

There is a sufficient amount of L-citrulline in almonds for example. However, it has been shown that walnuts do contain some of the product but not so much as it is contained in its seedlings.

Soy and beans
Basically, any legume will contain some level of L-citrulline in it.

L-citrulline malate supplements for ED

L-citrulline dosage for ED will depend on how bad the ED condition has gotten. However, it is unlikely that an excess of 9 grams will be needed. In fact, subjects who took as low as 3 grams of the product still did report significant results.

Always make sure that you have checked for the concentration details provided in the supplement label you are using. More quality ingredient will be of more effectiveness. Also, it will depend on which other supplements you are using. Taking foods that increase L-citrulline can help you get faster results.

If you are having ED issues, talk to your doctor about more strategic treatment methods. Sometimes, improving blood flow and balancing hormones is not all that is needed. ED is a complex condition and can be caused by anything from stress to prescription medications.

L-citrulline will help you perform better in lightweight trainings or just keep you energetic. It will also improve your endurance and blood circulation. However, it is unlikely to be effective for heavyweight performance exercise and trainings.