What is a Micropenis Syndrome: Conditions, Disorder and Treatment options.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Male Enhancement

Sexual reproduction issue is one of the most important things that you can never try to ignore. This is one of the most important areas in human life as it plays a huge role in the continuity of generations. People who have poor reproduction health are at the risk of leaving this world without continuity of their genes. There are many problems that you can experience in your reproduction organ and for men, one of this problem is a micro penile disorder. Many people don’t know the meaning of a micropenis. This is a condition which is also known as microphallus which is a medical term used to describe a penis which is smaller in length than what is an average length of the normal penis.

In adults, the micropenis syndrome is where you will find a fully matured person with less than two inches of penis length. Even though this is a rear condition which you will find in only a small percentage of men with this condition. Its, however, there are many who suffer from this problem and they would like to know how they can try to have their penis larger. There are many ways they can achieve this, among them is the use of penis enlargement pills which can be a good way of dealing with this problem. Men who are really having this problem and it can be quite frustrating to deal with such a condition and therefore, you may need to be very smart to get rid of this problem.

What are the causes of micropenis syndrome in adults?

There are many reasons as to why you can have this problem even though this problem occurs when a baby is not even born. Micropenis treatment can be caused by one of the following things:

  • One of the biggest cause of this problem is related to the hormonal issue where during the development of male characteristics in the baby while in the womb, the baby is most likely to develop this problem if testosterone is insufficient. Therefore, one of the main contributors to this problem is due to insufficient production of testosterone hormone in the body of the male fetus.
  • Genetic factors can also lead to this problem in children. If your family has a history of this micro penile disorder then it is most likely that a male child can be born with this problem. This can be either from the mother side or even the father side as genetics are carried in the blood.
  • It has also been proven that there are children who get this problem due to an environmental issue that surrounds the mother when pregnant. When a mother uses certain types of products that can contain any steroid then this can cause certain enzymes in the body to be produced and therefore lead to this problem.
  • When children or mother of the newborn is exposed to too much pesticides then this can lead to this problem. This is why babies should not be close in any place where pesticides are being used and if a mother of a newborn baby is exposed to such chemicals then it is good to properly wear protective gear since they can transfer these toxic chemicals to their babies.

Even though a male who has a disorder size of the penis such as micro penile disorder, this doesn’t mean that they will never have to enjoy sex. In fact, they can just have sex just like normal guys do. However, they have to deal with the stigma of having a small penis which is not a common thing in men. Some women like men with a big dick and this can cause relationship problem between a couple who have this issue. This can be dealt with therapy session where the couple attends counseling session that helps them to know how to cope with this situation and learn how they can make their sexual life satisfactory even when the husband has a small penis.

However, there are several treatments that a person can use to make sure there is an increase their penis size. These treatments can be a simple treatment which is through the use of natural method while others would opt for over the counter products and lastly for a complex medical procedure.

Main micropenis treatment that you can find In the market today

When you have this problem, there are several treatments that you can use to treat this condition. Among them include:

Natural penis enlargement methods

This includes the use of natural ways that will not involve the use of drugs or any other form of treatment. Just like the use of natural Viagra, there are certain types of herbs which are used to make the penis larger and they are harvested from forests while others are grown in gardens. These herbs help to increase the nutrients that the body require so that certain hormone such as testosterone can be produced in the body. This will then help the sexual reproductive organ to increase and start functioning as required. Some of the herbs which are used for this purpose include Korean ginseng as well as maca to mention a few. This method has its advantage which includes its fewer side effects and it’s cheaper to treat. The disadvantage of this method is that it can take a while for you to notice real changes and require a person who is consistent when it comes to taking this dosage.

Another natural method which is used to achieve this treatment is through eating healthy meals that contain essential chemical compounds that can help to increase testosterone and other hormones which are used for the growth of the male reproduction organ. Food that can be used for this purpose include eggs, pumpkin seeds, bananas etc.

Exercise is also part of these natural methods which are used for penis enlargement as it is used to stimulate and enlarge the penis. Sometimes, the use of special tools such as penis extender is used for this purpose.

Over the counter products used for treating micropenis condition

For those who would like to enlarge their manhood using over the counter products, they are supposed to use the following products. Micropenis treatment is made through the use of creams which are applied to the shaft of the penis. There are also sprays which are used for this purpose. Sex pills for men are also used for this purpose and are readily available in many clinics without even the need for a prescription.

Medical techniques used to treat micropenis condition

There are different forms of techniques that can be used medically. Surgery is one of the methods used to help a penis to be bigger and it is one of the most effective penis enlargement methods you can find. You can find many pics on the net which have been taken so that people can see how this procedure is done. There are other medicines which can be prescribed by a doctor that can help to increase the level of testosterone hormone which is used for this purpose.