Tribulus Terrestris Supplement for bodybuilding – Extract, Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects.

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Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine are perhaps the pioneers of complex medical techniques. Mostly, these two branches of medicine take advantage of herbal products with medicinal benefits. Tribulus terrestris was used in both.

Tribulus terrestris is found in tropical regions, mostly in Asia, Europe and Africa. It is a popular ingredient of dietary supplements promoted as an alternative to Viagra, muscle and strength enhancers. Some claims report that it can boost testosterone. It is interesting that Tribulus terrestris has shown positive effects for women libido too.

Most of the available tests results were experimented on mice. Randomly picked mice were divided into two groups. In both groups, random mice were castrated while others were left to be. In the experiment, one group was served with water in which Tribulus terrestris powder was dissolved. In this group, libido was reported to have increased.

Tribulus terrestris benefits from reviews

In a Tribulus terrestris extract, you will find a variety of substances associated with steroidal effects. It is because of this reason that Tribulus terrestris has for long been used as an enhancing supplement. Here are the most notable Tribulus terrestris benefits:

Increases testosterone
What would a man not do to get some more testosterone in their systems? For starters, testosterone is the hormone that gives a man masculine characteristics including more sex appetite.

Tribulus terrestris has been reported to help bring a balance in the available levels of testosterone in the body. However, a conclusion has been made that the same will not elevate the hormone beyond the required levels.

For women, Tribulus terrestris has been shown to balance the ovulation hormones and thus increase fertility.

Enhances sex drive
Apart from keeping your T levels in the required range, Tribulus terrestris will also keep you in the mood for sex. This is very important for it can actually help in the treatment of some forms of erectile dysfunctions.

Muscle gain
Tribulus terrestris contributes to muscle gain but only to an extent. This can be associated with the fact that it will keep you with enough testosterone to make the muscle gain attempt a reality.
However, its effectiveness cannot be compared to anabolic steroids. It also won’t help you increase penis size.

Improved strength
You will need strength for bodybuilding just as you will need strength to keep you going all day. As much as this can be derived from foods, Tribulus terrestris will help boost the availability of ready energy in the body.

Hormonal balance
Hormones are the key to a productive life and fertility. For women, hormones play very important roles in issues concerning fertility.

Tribulus terrestris can bring about hormonal balance in a matter of weeks. In fact, it has been used to treat issues related to post-menopause.

Circulatory improvement
Tribulus terrestris acts as a kind of blood detoxifier. This promotes circulatory health and keeps the blood from potential ailments.

Apart from that, Tribulus terrestris produces vasodilation effects which contribute to quality erections. It has been used to treat ED in men.

Treats depression
If you have not been affected by some form of depression or anxiety, you must have experienced episodes of mood swings. This at most times is attributed to imbalanced hormones. Taking a Tribulus terrestris supplement on regular basis can keep the situation in control.

Manages fatigue
Maybe it is due to stressful lifestyles or a certain illness. No matter, fatigue will reduce your productiveness. Tribulus terrestris extract can reverse the situation.

Promotes kidney health and manages diabetes
Tribulus terrestris has some potent detoxification effects. It helps to get rid of toxins accumulated in the blood. This is very common with today’s lifestyles. You find that the more toxins your blood carries, the less efficient it will carry out its functions.

Also, Tribulus terrestris has been used to manage diabetes by leveling the available amounts of insulin. It should, however, not be used in place of insulin injections or medications used to treat diabetes.

How to take Tribulus terrestris dosage pills

In most cases, Tribulus terrestris will be available in capsules. The pills will come with specific dosage information, and it is important to follow them. All the same, general guidelines are as follows:

  • Take the pills thrice a day. This can be spread thought-out your main meals for better results.
  • Tribulus terrestris dosage should be between 700mg to 1250 mg. Don’t exceed this limit with the aim for better results. It will end up promoting resistance to the product.
  • 9 weeks are most recommendable, throughout which you are advised to keep clear records of the achieved results. This is the only way you can know how effective the product is for you.
  • Ensure that you take breaks in between the 9 weeks. Preferably, don’t take the supplement in week two and four respectively.
  • Always check the label for more precise guide dosage instructions. Manufacturers always provide them depending on the concentration of the extract.

Potential Tribulus terrestris capsule side effects

Tribulus terrestris is a very potent herbal product. When taken in the right dosage and following the right guide information, side effects are rare. All the same, reports from reviews tell of the following Tribulus terrestris side effects:

  • Increased heartbeat rate has been reported. This can be attributed to the vasodilation effects of the product. In such circumstances, you are advised to take a break or quit taking Tribulus terrestris supplement all together.
  • In some cases, users have reported feeling uncomfortably warm. This is made worse in summer-like conditions.
  • You might experience some sleeping disorders. Such include being awake during the night. Since Tribulus terrestris promotes more energy production in the body, it may keep you in the need to make use of the energy.
  • Avoid taking Tribulus terrestris powder in a coffee or just using stimulants alongside the supplement. Enough research is still needed to uncover possible interactions.
  • Tribulus terrestris has been known to cause liver damage and affect vision. You should not exceed the recommended dosage to avoid this.

Tribulus terrestris benefits for bodybuilding and ED

Most promotional ads for Tribulus terrestris are connected to its bodybuilding enhancing properties. For one, it keeps testosterone levels well-balanced. This ensures that fats will not be left to accumulate but rather be metabolized to release the required energy.

Tribulus terrestris benefits in bodybuilding can also be attributed to the fact that it increases physical strength. This is especially when used together with another herbal product such as maca. Here, it reduces the recovery time after physical workouts and promotes fitness.

By promoting efficient flow of blood in the body, Tribulus terrestris is able to keep a bodybuilder from exhaustion. Well, not necessarily keep them from it but reduce the extent to which exhaustion will affect performance.

Tribulus terrestris extract and pills interactions

When Tribulus terrestris is used with other specific herbal products, it brings about better results. The herbal products to interact with a Tribulus terrestris extract include:

  • Maca – Combined with maca, more aphrodisiac effects will be felt. The two are a powerful libido enhancer. They also promote endurance needed for bodybuilding and daily activities.
  • Ginseng – This combination is meant for brain health as well as reducing stress. Ginseng is also a potent libido enhancer and will boost sex drive when combined with Tribulus terrestris. Ensure to check the details for drug interactions with ginseng.
  • Ashwagandha – For treating sleep issues linked to Tribulus terrestris use, you can combine the extract with Ashwagandha. The combo will also fight stress and ideally help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It will also keep you in the mood for sexual intimacies and provide you with the needed energy.
  • Rhodiola – For more brain health and endurance, add some Rhodiola to your Tribulus terrestris supplement.
  • Spirulina – This best works for athletic performers. It is a fitness combo that promotes endurance. It can also ideally promote faster recovery from exhaustion.

When stacking with other herbal products, ensure that specific guidelines for both products dosage have been followed. Also, start with lower limits of both dosages to avoid overburdening your system.

As always, hear what your doctor has to say about the herbal supplements you are taking. For instance, athletic performers run the risk of testing positive with illegal enhancers. Also, avoid foods that kill testosterone.

Issues related to blood pressure, heart attacks and erectile dysfunction should not be taken lightly. Don’t attempt to treat such conditions with herbal supplements. As much as they can successfully transform your life for the better, they can also promote serious interactions with medications or worsen chronic ailments.

Where to buy the best Tribulus terrestris dosage capsule

You can access Tribulus terrestris in form of powder or extract. Extract is the best form and more effective one. Some clinics will offer it in form of mother tinctures. This will, however, call for professional administration.

Before making a purchase, ensure that the legality with which a company is operating can actually be confirmed. There is no easy way of getting the right quality product. For starters, ensure that the source provides you with more details on where you can physically find them and that their contact lines are working. Your doctor can refer you to the best source.