Tribulus Terrestris Supplement – Benefits, Dosage and Potential Side Effects.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Supplements

You can call it devils weed, cat’s head or whatever nickname sounds best to you. They all refer to a plant, a native of Asia known as Tribulus terrestris.

A lot of focus has in the past been directed towards the use of this herbal product of bodybuilding and athletic performance. It also has been touted for male sexual health enhancement; claims having it that it can increase testosterone in men. In fact, the same has been linked to increased libido in women.

So what can Tribulus terrestris do and what can it not do? Let’s have a review of its uses, benefits, dosage, possible side effects and also the best Tribulus terrestris products that are out there.

How does tribulus terrestris supplement work for men and women?

You will always come about articles rushing to tell you that Tribulus terrestris increases body stamina and libido for women and for men. But it is in rare cases that you will come to articles telling you how exactly that happens.

The main reason behind that is because there are no enough reports to support or elaborate more on the claims.

With supplements, it happens that a certain individual notices some effects after having taken the supplement or its products. After that, they tell a friend who then tells a friend and the legend is spread. This is the case with most of these herbal supplements that were used in the ancient times.

One possible explanation for the claim that Tribulus terrestris can both increase libido and bodybuilding performance by increasing testosterone levels can be offered in terms of other sex hormones.

LH and FSH are abbreviations for two sex hormones whose availability in the body is directly related to that of testosterone. It has been observed that Tribulus terrestris supplement can increase the levels of these two hormones. This is mainly through an active ingredient known as protodioscin.

Another explanation revolves around the reduction of blood sugar in the body. As a bodybuilding supplement, it means that the active compounds in the plant will promote more metabolism of the available blood sugar into energy. Decreased levels of blood sugar translate to more availability of the hormone testosterone.

This is all about the functioning of hormones. With hormones, high levels of one hormone result in either lower or still higher level of a related hormone. LH, FSH and insulin are all involved in the above possible explanations for higher levels of testosterone associated with Tribulus terrestris.

Tribulus terrestris benefits reviews

Now that we have cleared one of the mysteries surrounding this herbal product, lets have a review of the most notable Tribulus terrestris benefits:
Increases testosterone
Multiple tests have been run, all aimed at finding out if actually, Tribulus terrestris can increase testosterone.

In some, it was shown that Tribulus terrestris supplement users experienced an increased level of the hormone, especially in the first ten days of the trial. Past that period, almost no increment in T levels was noted.

There can be dramatic changes in the body if testosterone levels are to be increased. For one, you would become more sensitive to ED pills or even run out of the need for the same. You will also experience a lot of body energy and stamina. Mental clarity will manifest as well as a general feeling of motivation.

Most if not all these effects will contribute to more gym and bodybuilding output.
Increases lean muscle mass production
In bodybuilding, lean muscles are the ultimate price for most practitioners. As it happens, Tribulus terrestris benefits for men include promotion of lean muscles.
We will again go back to our hormone, testosterone. It falls under the category of anabolic hormones. This basically means that it promotes the production of muscles, lean muscles being the center of focus in this case.
May treat erectile dysfunction
For women and men, the issue of ED is a far-reaching one. As much as it may not be all that effective when used on its own, the mere fact that Tribulus terrestris can boost testosterone levels qualifies it to be a potential Viagra alternative.

Tribulus terrestris benefits for women

Tribulus terrestris reviews are always male-oriented. Hardly will you find a review for Tribulus terrestris benefits for women.
It is an energy booster
It has been reported that Tribulus terrestris may boost energy levels for women. This can be helpful in a number of ways.
Treats mood swings
Some Tribulus terrestris and ashwagandha supplement have been shown to promote lightened moods for women. This is very important especially for women suffering from PMS and related disorders.
It is a libido booster
It is not easy to confirm whether a certain supplement can actually work in boosting libido for women. They are just so complex.
All the same, some reviews claim that women who took best Tribulus terrestris dosages reported having experienced improved sexual experiences including sensitivity and appetite for sex.

Which are the best tribulus terrestris online products?

Tribulus terrestris grows in many parts of Asia. However, the quality of its products is affected by the part of Asia it grows in. for example, Tribulus terrestris harvested in India or China is thought to be of lower potency than the one harvested in Bulgaria and Turkey.

Generally, look for a Tribulus terrestris extract that as a concentration of not less than 40% of saponin. It can be as high as 60%, which will, of course, affect the recommended dosage. Also, the best Tribulus terrestris online dosages should not contain protodioscin lower than 6%.

Tribulus terrestris extract dosage

The correct dosage for a Tribulus terrestris extract varies, depending on the concentration of the active ingredients and the part of the world you are buying it from.

On average, a dosage of 200 to 500mg seems to produce desired effects in most cases. This is assuming that the saponins are set at 60%.

For better measurements, a 1 pound weighted man should take around 4 g of protodioscin every day.

This dosage is for a Tribulus terrestris extract. Extracts are generally much more concentrated than raw products. Therefore, you can use higher dosages of up to 6000mg, 2000mg and 1000mg when using root powder.

You can also use a teaspoon to get the right powder measurements to use. One or two teaspoonfuls of the powder mixed in juice or milk will do.

Tribulus terrestris extract side effects

Tribulus terrestris dosage will interfere with the current levels of blood sugar available in the body. For this reason, side effects such as dizziness and headaches might be experienced.

Its long-term use is not much recorded. Avoid using the same for more than 8 weeks. For even better experiences, cycle it with another adaptogen.

Always consult your doctor before using herbal supplements. This includes when it is being used in penis growth pills.

Where to buy Tribulus terrestris supplement for bodybuilding

Tribulus terrestris is a widely available supplement. It can be accessed as a dietary supplement online and without a prescription.

You can order bulk powder Tribulus terrestris dosage from vendors located in India. This is a very cost-effective approach. It also will enable you to buy other related supplements such as ashwagandha or even ginseng.

The basic thing is to ensure that the online vendor you are buying from is reputable enough and can be trusted.

Final thoughts
For over 4 centuries now, Tribulus terrestris has been used for both sexual enhancement and bodybuilding. As evidence from past users have it, the product can actually prove very effective in such matters. However, you are always advised to get the right information concerning all that can be expected from such an herbal product and what cannot be expected from the same.

All the same, you can consider giving Tribulus terrestris a try. It is a kind of a complete package for a man. In fact, very desirable effects can be gotten from using penis exercises and Tribulus terrestris dosage at the same time.