Tongkat Ali Extract (testosterone) – Benefits, Dosage, Reviews and Safety Information.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Supplements

If you have heard of herbal Viagra, you definitely have encountered or will hear of Tongkat ali. Basically, it is a plant, a native of Malaysia and Indonesia. It goes by other names such as Malaysian ginseng, but Tongkat ali is the most commonly used.

For years, it has been known that Tongkat ali can improve one’s energy levels, boost health as well as produce aphrodisiac effects. It was mainly used in powder form, though it is now available in a root extract.

Tongkat ali benefits and uses for men and women

So many Tongkat ali benefits associated with Tongkat ali have been published in different reviews. We are going to go through the main ones in this article.

Boosting libido
Even in the ancient days, Tongkat ali was being used as a libido booster. Many studies involving rats have affirmed that the herb can actually produce aphrodisiac benefits.

Increases testosterone
This is perhaps the main reason as to why root extract of Tongkat ali are mostly marketed. More testosterone in the body means more masculinity and improved libido.

Tongkat ali works a bit differently from other T boosters. Rather than raising the levels of the hormone that will be produced, Tongkat ali raises the levels of the producing cells themselves.

More sperm
More sperm and healthy ones for that matter mean more fertility. Tongkat ali is able to increase the motility rate and the number of sperm cells contained in man’s ejaculation. This is a very important factor, bearing in mind that today’s life predisposes us to a couple of sperm killers such as sugary foods and partying lifestyles.

Improves sexual experiences
Sex is of less use in a relationship if it cannot be enjoyed. Also, your sperm will need to be shot deep into a woman’s vagina for better chances of conceiving.

Tongkat ali comes to help in this case. It will give you the vitality needed to get the sweet sex job done.

Promotes fertility
Seems like Tongkat ali is all you need for good sex? Well, actually it will give you more than that.

Study results have shown up to 17% improvement in fertility of men who took Tongkat ali root extract. This is mostly attributed to healthier sperm and more sex drive.

Penis enlargement
Looking for a way to increase size? I am not talking about adding 2 inches on your member. Ideally, Tongkat ali will promote more production of the cells that make testosterone. It is this growth that is thought to contribute to penis enlargement.

Don’t be lured into buying loads of Tongkat ali extract products in the hope of filling your pants though. It won’t work that way.

Controls mood swings
We all want to be in a good mood. But that is not always the case. The pressures of life are there to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

Taking Tongkat ali, whether in extract or some powder in your coffee can help with mood swings. This is not mentioning that it will also keep you in a state of well-being.

Aids in muscle gain
Are muscles the thing for you? Or are you tired of fat accumulations that won’t let you enjoy life? Maybe you need some Tongkat ali extract.

The product has been used in bodybuilding and athletic enhancements. However, its effects will not match those of anabolic steroids.

Tongkat ali dosage information for root extract and powder

One of the most important things that people forget when taking a Tongkat ali supplement is failing to take breaks. Naturally, your body will see herbal products as external influences that should be avoided. Therefore, natural mechanisms will be developed to render the herbal product ineffective. You might, therefore, take a supplement for weeks without ever coming close to the desired effects.

When taking a Tongkat ali supplement, develop a schedule; so for example, if you have bought a dosage to last you for 10 days, take it for the first 3 days, take a 2 days breaks and finish the rest consecutively. This will give your system enough time to make use of the product to the fullest.

If you are taking it in powder form, 200mg (100:1) is the recommended Tongkat ali dosage. Since a root extract is more concentrated, lower dosages of about 25g are recommend.

It is better if you divide your dosage twice and take it at different times of the day. All the same, this is not an official set dosage. Refer to the manufacturer’s guide instructions for more precise details.

Tongkat ali testosterone boosting supplement

There have been many controversies on the issue of Tongkat ali testosterone boosting capabilities.

Available reports indicate that substances such as alkaloids and glycosides are contained in a Tongkat ali root extract. These are the compounds ideally responsible for more T levels in the blood. As it happens, official reports are yet to be released and confirm whether Tongkat ali can actually increase the male hormone.

Where to buy the best Tongkat ali extract.

It is not a surprise that online sources will be listed as the best places where you can buy your Tongkat ali root extract extracts. The basic thing is to know the difference in the forms in which it comes in.

Root powder was the main form in which Tongkat ali was sold. However, technology has allowed for more efficient forms. The root extract is the best form in which you should get your supplement in.

When buying, you will come across things indicated as 1:200 or 1:50. What that basically means is that there is 1 part of Tongkat ali where there is 200 parts Tongkat ali extract.
The 1:200 supplement is most recommended. It will give you value for your money and still produce the expected results.

Different people will react differently to dosages. The important thing is not to take an overdose of the supplement. Although you will not experience life threating side effects, you will end up becoming easily agitated and aggressive. Just take a single pill for one day, and then slowly find your way around the supplement usage with time.

Ensure that your dosage is gotten from a reputable source. It is not a guarantee that the initials and promises scribbled on the label will actually be telling the truth. Here are some guide tips;
Ignore the powder form. Root extract will be more beneficial. This is in terms of efficiency. Don’t be lured into cheap products being circulated over the internet. As it happens, some of them have been found to contain mercury.

Check for registration details as long as the source you are buying from is concerned. See what their contact page has to offer. Know what to expect in terms of cost. Finally, run a search on the web for the source you are buying from.

Tongkat ali root extract dosage side effects

Taking Tongkat ali in the recommended dosage will not produce side effects that can’t be dealt with or tolerated for that matter. However, precautions are still necessary.

  • Anxiety – Some people are much sensitive to changes in their hormone levels. This can end up creating anxiety issues. If this happens, quit any further use of Tongkat ali.
  • Aggressiveness and mood swings – Taking very high dosages of Tongkat ali root extract will cause agitation and aggressiveness. In some people, even the recommended dosage will spark these effects. Lower your dosage if this happens.
  • Sleeping problems – Well, it might keep you feeling awesome all day long but Tongkat ali can also give you sleeping problems. If you are taking large Tongkat ali dosages, start by cutting on the same. As your body becomes used to the product, your sleeping experiences will improve.

You will find other additional details regarding Tongkat ali on the internet, magazines and even advertisements. Well, the truth is that it can bring you major transformations in your life. But this is only if you have the right information and will do get it right.

Tongkat ali should not be used to treat medical conditions. This includes male infertile or even ED. For women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, the use of Tongkat ali supplements can wait. The fact is for female sexual health such as pregnancy, several hormones play a part and even a slight imbalance can lead to miscarriage.

Always remember to talk to your doctor when under any prescription drugs or have a history of chronic illnesses.