The Best Testosterone Boosters in the Market Today – Complete Guide with Examples.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Male Enhancement

With age comes maturity or as they say, old is gold. But not so with libido and masculinity. It may be argued that men close or past 60 years have less need for lean muscles and increased libido. As much as that is partly true, sexual health remains of importance even for older men.

Testosterone is the hormone mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of masculinity in men. In its deficiency, as it happens in later ages, reduced masculinity and libido will occur. In extreme cases, cognitive abilities such as memory retention will too be negatively affected.

There is a quick solution to this, or so do testosterone boosters claim. To understand how exactly these boosters work in treating testosterone deficiency and its effects, this article has gathered the various important things you should know about over the counter and natural T boosters for sale.

Do over the counter testosterone boosters work?

Over the counter products to boost testosterone do raise the levels of testosterone in the body for sure. It is the extent to which the gain will occur that matters. A standard testosterone replacement therapy will result in about 300% increment in testosterone levels. On the other hand, the best testosterone booster will not achieve more than 30% gain in T levels.

Once diagnosed with low T, it is unlikely that even the best over the counter boosters will reverse the condition.

Very low levels of testosterone hormone can be caused by issues such as injuries to the testicles or infections of the endocrine system. Since natural and herbal products that raise T levels work by stimulating the natural production of the hormone, it will be of little value to take such products when the endocrine system is damaged.

Over the counter and natural testosterone boosters do work in relation to keeping the hormone’s level in the required levels. This is especially for individuals over the age of 40 years.

Note that low drive for sex always translates to low T. Other factors such as stress, obesity and drug abuse contribute. It is best that you get a testosterone test before deciding that you really are suffering from low T. However, reviews have consistently reported sexual health promotions in men taking testosterone boosting natural products.

Which are the best testosterone boosters for male sexual health?

Research reports, reviews and user responses have allowed for the compilation of a list of products that can be considered the best testosterone boosters in the market today. These products can promote muscle gain, improve sleep quality, boost sexual experiences; but all to a certain extent.

This is an amino acid and a main raw material for the production of nitric acid and testosterone. For a quality erection to be achieved, the nitric acid must be present and in the right levels for that matter.

This amino acid is usually naturally produced throughout a man’s lifetime. But just like other minerals and vitamins, low production of the amino acid can occur. Supplements are available over the counter which can help elevate the levels of this amino acid.

This is a typical supplement; in that, it contains a list of ingredients known to promote efficient production of testosterone in the body.

ZMA contains zinc, magnesium and several other vital minerals. It is advertised as a sleep aid and T booster. Promotional claims suggest that it can also promote muscle gain and balance sex hormones.

Tribulus Terrestris
This herbal product doesn’t actively aid in the production of more testosterone. What it does is boost the levels of a different hormone abbreviated as LT. Think of LT as a predecessor for testosterone.

More research is needed on the effectiveness of Tribulus terrestris. All in all, user reports indicate that supplementing with the product can boost sex drive and actually act as an alternative to Viagra to some extent.

D-Aspartic Acid
Sometimes abbreviated as D-AA for commercial purposes, it is an amino acid that relays messages from the brain calling for the production of testosterone.

The brain is the center of all important decisions made in the body. Once a deficiency in the amount of testosterone circulating in the body is sensed, the brain sends signals to the testes to produce more of the hormone.

D-AA ensures that the brain signals are relayed to the testes as required. Significant results have been reported from users.

This is one of the top natural products that will actually boost testosterone production and levels.

Maca is a supplement on its own. It contains more than three vital mineral products including zinc and magnesium. It is also stuffed up with fatty acids and amino acids all recommended for efficient testosterone production.

For individuals with adrenal issues or imbalanced hormones, maca would be the best product to try.

Anabolic results such as increased strength and lean muscles have been reported in fenugreek users. In as little as 3 weeks of active use, test subjects have shown increased levels of ready energy including boosted sexual drive.

Fenugreek is a native of India and a component in some pastes and curry products.

There are other products that do or are thought to boost T levels. However, the above-described products are so ranked as the top boosters in the market today.

Searching the internet for top testosterone boosters today, you will come about lists and lists of supplements all available for sale over the counter. Take a lot of caution with the supplements. If possible, get a professional to advise you on the best one to go for.

What is the importance of testosterone for sale for male sexual health?

You may be wondering the exact reason as to why men line up for testosterone for sale products. Well, the main reason is because they have come across promises that increasing the hormone’s level is beneficial for male sexual and general health.

The promise ideally a genuine advice. This is assuming that enough research has been done concerning the actual product being considered.

Below are the main benefits of testosterone for sale supplements and products.

Increased sex drive
The natural urge to engage in sexual intimacies present in youths gradually decline as age advances. This can be a major cause of relationship issues especially when a partner is still enthusiastic in regards to sexual intimacies.

Depending on the real cause of low sex drive, herbal and natural testosterone boosting can actually produce positive effects in this direction.

Boosted active energy
Ready energy is essential for vital and actually all body process as well as activities.

Ready energy is derived from breakdown of fats to glucose. Apart from being a sex hormone, testosterone plays a role in this natural production of ready energy. Furthermore, increasing the levels of this hormone helps lower high insulin levels.

Lean muscles
Masculinity is essential to men’s self-esteem. Men with more lean muscles are considered more sexually able. For this reason, a product promising to fasten the buildup of such muscles will certainly gain the attention of men.

A male testosterone boosting product will certainly contribute to the buildup of lean muscles for men, especially when trained gym classes are added to the mix.

Bone strength and healing
Testosterone promotes the development of stronger bones in men. It also quickens the rate with which broken bones heal.

It is for this reason that athletes and gym performers end up using different types of T boosting products.

Cognitive degradation
Seems enough cannot be said about the benefits of testosterone in male health. The hormone other than keeping a man in the right sexual health also promotes mental health.

Aged men will find it hard to keep memories or excel in puzzles. This may lead them to consider testosterone boosting products to help reverse the effects.

Better sleep experiences
Supplements such as ZMA will give you better sleep experiences. It is well known that sleep tends to degrade with age. The problem is that lack of sleep will actually lower the efficiency with which testosterone is produced.

Side effects of male testosterone boosters

Let not ads convince you that their testosterone pills for sale or supplements will produce no side effects. There is always a risk in manipulating the normal functioning of body process, and that is what boosting testosterone production does.

More adverse and sometimes unpredicted side effects will occur in cases where the boosters are taken without a medical reason behind it. Below are the most common side effects:

  • Increased risk of heart attacks and blood pressure
  • Sleeping disorders/apnea
  • Excessively oily skin
  • Acne
  • Enlarged male breasts
  • Malfunctions in the natural production of testosterone

Not all boosters available in the market today actually list and provide information on all ingredients used to manufacture them. Even on reviews and product information, you will access the internet, there is no guarantee that the information provided is to be trusted.

What happens is that testosterone boosting supplements are classified as dietary products, not as drugs. For this reason, regulatory bodies such as FDA are not mandated to countercheck the safety of such products. Some manufacturers take the advantage and go on to include unidentified and potentially harmful products.

Stay away from untested over the counter products no matter how natural, they will assure you to be. This is especially if you have heart and blood-related ailments.

Other testosterone boosters for sex improvement and muscle gain

It is important that testosterone and basically any other hormone to be maintained at the correct levels. This can be done through other safer approaches where over the counter boosters can’t be fully relied on. They include:

Weight management
Lose some weight if you are obese. That is the best advice anyone who really cares about your general health and libido will tell you. Low T is always reported in obese men especially over 40 years.

Just don’t smoke
Easier said than done? Well, smoking is an extremely hard habit to quit. But there is always a solution to everything. Start by searching the internet for possible solutions. You will find that it not that hard where enough effort is employed.

Strain your body
Strained exercises can increase your T levels way more than a supplement will in most cases. You find that your body responds to the activities you put it through. If for example you rarely take part in strenuous activities, it will be of little need for the body to produce a lot of testosterone, bearing in mind that this is a masculinity hormone.

Sleep and rest enough
Remember how you always wake up or you used to wake up to a hard erection even when no sexual stimulation is around? Or the way you wake up feeling all energized? That is attributed to testosterone. During sleep, a lot of this hormone is released to address any deficiency in its levels.

Talk to your doctor
Never assume that some fatigue you are feeling or several days of reduced sex drive is calling for T boosters. It is not always the case. Talk to your doctor and find out what the real problem is.
The market is flooding and will continue to flood with different products that promise to help boost testosterone. It is not fair to out rule their benefits and effectiveness as well as it not practical to guarantee their safety. If you must use one, ensure that your health comes first and enough research is done.