Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in Males: Signs and Treatment.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction

It is a fact that majority of men are facing this serious issue concerning erectile dysfunction. This is a problem that many men are dealing with and many of them being shy to seek treatment for this problem. Many people think that a man can be judged by how he performs in the bed and those who fail to satisfy their ladies are weak. When some people start seeing signs and symptoms of failure in this area then they are capable of developing depression as well as other mental problem of dealing with the same. Men who have this problem are more vulnerable to depression since this is one thing that can make them have low self-esteem leading to the development of this problem. The best way of dealing with this problem is by admitting that you have this problem and you shouldn’t shy off from seeking the treatment that can cure this. Never allow yourself to develop those fears that can make you stop from getting the help that you need to get rid of this problem for good.

What are erectile dysfunction symptoms in men?

This is a condition where a man is incapable of having a stiff erection or even if he can have an erection he can’t sustain it for a long time. Even though almost every man may have experienced this problem once in a while this should not mean that you should get worried but when it starts occurring often and you have no clear reason behind it then that’s when it becomes a concern. Many men with this problem will also discover that this is just a mare symptom that they may be suffering from other health conditions. This is why if you discover that you can’t have an erection when you want to have sex then you should seek proper test so that the real problem can be diagnosed. Do not rush for the ED pills when you start experiencing this problem often and just get proper treatment from a health expert near you.

Who can get sign and symptoms of ED

Many people think that this is a problem of aging men and erectile dysfunction symptoms cannot be seen in young men. This is a myth and as a matter of fact, this problem can affect both young and old men and therefore no one is immune to this problem. This problem is caused by reduced blood flow in the penis which might be caused by several factors and as a result failure for this important organ to raise for the occasion when it is required to do so. When you experience this problem for the first time, do not be so much bothered as this can be a temporal problem that you might be undergoing. But if you notice that this problem is continuing going on, then it is good to seek help regardless you are a young or old man.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men who are under forty

When you are not old and you think that you are having or developing impotence problem, here are some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men who are below the age of 40 can experience. One of the things that should clearly convince you that you are suffering from this problem is when you can’t have an erection no matter what you do when you want to have sex. Your partner may try everything possible to arouse you but nothing will happen and your manhood will not respond in any way. If you have ever experienced this then definitely know that it is early symptoms of ED.

You will also find it hard to maintain an erection when you have this problem and this is what you should check for when you are trying to figure out whether you have an impotency issue or not. When you are having sex but you discover that your erection has just faded away without you ejaculating then it could be caused by this problem. Also, when you find that yes, you are having an erection but its still cannot hold for long then you should know that this is a clear sign that you have an impotency problem to deal with.

How can poor lifestyle cause ED in men

If you start experiencing erectile dysfunction symptoms, age in men can tell you something about what can be an underlying issue. For instance, sign and symptoms in young men is mostly contributed by a poor lifestyle that majority have engaged in.

  • One thing that has led to this is poor eating habits which lead to obesity. This is one of the conditions that may make you suffer from this problem and many young men are failing in their bedroom responsibilities due to this problem.
  • Also, when meals are concerned most young men do not check on the nutritional value that they get from the meals they take. Some of the food they take are those which have a low content of nutritional value and as a result, it cannot supply the body with any nutrients.
  • Another big problem that is associated with the lifestyle that many young men are living is the rate at which they are smoking. Erectile dysfunction symptoms can be seen when a person is a chain smoker as this interferes with the production of testosterone which is essential for erection in a man.
  • Drinking of alcohol is another lifestyle problem that you will find in many young men who are below their 40yrs. This can also play a huge role in causing impotency in men.
  • Many young people engage in illicit relationships and as result get heartbroken by some of the ladies they are dating and as result start developing stress which can also contribute immensely to this problem.

There are however other causes to ED that a man cannot prevent easily and they are caused by things which are beyond their control.

Causes of early symptoms of impotence in men

  • One thing which you cannot control is the damage to the nerves. When you get these injuries then you are more likely to suffer this problem.
  • You are also likely to suffer this problem due to side effects of drugs that you may be using when under treatment of another disease.
  • Spinal cord injury can also lead to this problem since the coordination of the brain is affected and signals from the brain may not reach the sexual organ of a man.
  • When a man has anxiety, he is more likely to develop this problem. A man should be calm and avoid getting nervous when with a woman because this can temporally cause ED.
  • Some surgeries in your sexual organ can also cause this problem when important veins or nerves get damaged at the end of the procedure.
  • What are the common treatment methods that you can use to treat ED?

There are various methods which are used in treating symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men. Some of the methods used are simple for those people who have a temporal problem while those with a complex problem can get a sophisticated treatment plan that can get rid of this problem. Some of the common treatment include:

  • The use of male enhancement pills, these are sued for those people who have a temporal problem and they may need time for this problem to end. Anxiety, stress and side effect of a drug can easily be treated using this method of treatment. A doctor will prescribe the pills that you can take before you engage in a sexual intercourse and it will be enough to see you through the whole act. An example of the pills which are mostly used for this purpose includes Viagra as well as Cialis.
  • Another common method which is used by many men especially who are shy of disclosing their problem is the use of natural remedies. This is treating this condition using natural herbs and foods which are known to solve this problem. A good example of these meals includes the use of ginseng herb as well as pomegranate fruit juice.
  • Another way of treating this problem is through practicing healthy lifestyle which includes quitting smoking and stop taking drugs. This will also include engaging in exercising which is key to making sure that you are healthy.