Saw Palmetto (Extract) Supplement for Acne – Benefits, Extract, Dosage & Side Effects.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Supplements

Saw palmetto is a plant, of which its berries are harvested for their potential medicinal benefits. Saw palmetto benefits were first discovered by the natives of America. They used the berries as erectile dysfunction pills, mainly for promoting more sperm production in men. The same was also used to treat some forms of urinary infections.

Today, the most notable saw palmetto use is in treating prostrate disorders including enlarged prostate gland. It has been noted as very successful in that. In fact, it is in some cases used to treat cancer of the prostate.

The supplement has also been used to fight off colds, ease the symptoms of asthma and even reduce pain of migraines. Some users depend on it for better blood circulation, urine flow and of course promoted sexual health.

Saw palmetto supplement reviews

The berries harvested from the tree/shrub are the most productive. It contains such compounds like plant-based sterols, fatty acids, polysaccharides, and flavonoids. All these play a part in the health benefits to be discussed later.

Saw palmetto supplement is an anti-inflammatory agent. It is actually for this reason that it is used in the treatment of enlarged prostate and even acne.

It is not that the supplement can actually reduce the size of an already enlarged prostate; all it does is relax the inner linings of the muscles that are pushing the prostate outer sides up.
This also applies in most of the situations where saw palmetto is used to treat inflammations; such as saw palmetto for acne.

It is common to find erection pills using saw palmetto as one of their main active ingredients. Well, the supplement is actually one of the few supplements whose mode of action is explainable. We will get into the details later in this article. The basic thing to know is that it maintains testosterone levels in the body.

Saw palmetto pills benefits

Below are the main notable saw palmetto benefits:

Prevents prostate cancer
In men, the prostate gland continues to grow throughout their lifetimes. This is due to the presence of androgen hormones, a category of hormones to which testosterone belongs.
Saw palmetto works by blocking certain enzymes which convert testosterone into a more potent androgen hormone which contributes to the enlarging of prostate gland. With time, a more enlarged gland might mean prostate cancer.

Maintains the levels of testosterone
In an advert, you will come about of saw palmetto being used to increase testosterone levels, the advert will be telling the truth but in a false manner.

Saw palmetto doesn’t necessarily increase the levels of the hormone. What it mainly does is prevent the conversion of the same into another hormone abbreviated simply as DHT.
This aids in maintaining a healthy male, based on how important the testosterone is to the body.

Used in treating BPH
BPH is the abbreviation for benign prostatic hyperplasia. As the name suggests, it is a condition that leads to an enlarged prostrate. The fact that it is benign means that it is not cancerous.
However, the condition brings about complications such as urinary difficulties and ED. For one, an enlarged prostate is unable to function appropriately. It can also block the urethra, making it impossible for sperm to pass.

Treatment methods that are available for BPH are attributed to erectile dysfunctions. Saw palmetto works by promoting a relaxation in the inner linings of the prostate gland. This prevents more pressure from building, which would otherwise increase the enlargement rate of the prostate.

Prevents untimely hair loss
Hair loss including early onset of baldness are associated with reduced levels of testosterone. Being able to prevent the conversion of the hormone into DHT. Saw palmetto aids in preventing untimely hair loss and also delaying the onset of baldness.

Saw palmetto extract uses

Saw palmetto extract is used as a preparation supplement for prostate surgery. Unconfirmed claims suggest that taking the supplement for about 8 weeks prior to a prostate surgery can work by reducing complications.

Another notable saw palmetto extract use is in replacing medications used in treating BPH. Men taking the supplement were noted to have experienced better urinary flow. There are conflicting research reports that suggest that the effects of saw palmetto in that are only to some extent.

Other saw palmetto uses include reversing the onset of baldness, improved bladder control, treating sore throats, easing the symptoms of asthma, curing colds among other uses.

It is always good to consult your doctor before using saw palmetto to treat medically diagnosable conditions. As much as it might promise very effective results on paper, it may be of opposite results in real life.

Saw palmetto acne uses

Saw palmetto acne uses have been gaining a lot of attention lately. Perhaps it is because of the fact that saw palmetto comes with additional benefits apart from treating acne.

Increase in androgen hormones is a main cause of acne, especially in adolescent boys and girls. Since saw palmetto can inhibit the conversion of estrogen and testosterone to androgen hormones, it can in the process be used to prevent mild acne attacks.

Saw palmetto pills also come with inflammation-fighting properties. This can also contribute to lower rate of acne development.

Saw palmetto acne calls for the presence of zinc, with the mineral aimed at aiding in the absorption process. You can also apply it externally in form of a cream or oil. Saw palmetto powder can also be added to water or tea and be taken in the same.

Saw palmetto supplement dosage

The correct saw palmetto dosage will depend on what you are aiming to treat or achieve.

For BPH treatment, the right dosage is usually set at 320 milligrams in a day. You can split this dosage and take it twice in a day. It will still work effectively.

For hair loss treatment and when used as a Viagra alternative, the correct dosage evolves around 200mg, taken two times in a day.

To avoid mild side effects or even developing tolerance to the supplement, begin with the lowest dosages and find your way up. Also, try taking the supplement on and off cycles. Saw palmetto can also be used with other enhancement products.

If you are not sure on the correct dosage you should use, consult an herbalist or call your doctor. Guessing the correct dosage can be of disastrous consequences.

Saw palmetto side effects

Such saw palmetto side effects like diarrhea, reduced libido and fatigue have been reported. Some users have also reported abdominal pain and discomfort.

Since saw palmetto tablets and supplement can manipulate the presence and working of hormones, its use is advised against for pregnant women and those breastfeeding. If you are taking birth control pills, be aware that saw palmetto can decrease the effectiveness of estrogen. This means that your pills might not be as effective as they are required to be.

The supplement also encourages blood thinning. If used with other products that encourage the same, there are increased chances of uncontrollable bleeding in case of an accident or surgery.

Where to buy the best saw palmetto extract pills

Saw palmetto products can be accessed in form of berries, tinctures, tea, capsules, extracts, and tablets. You can also purchase a cream or oil containing the supplement.

Berries are available in health stores. You can also buy them in form of dried berries powder. This can be added to tea or water for easier administration. The problem with this method is that most of the fatty acids contained in saw palmetto berries may be wasted. Fatty acids are not soluble in water.

Saw palmetto pills and tablets are available over the counter as dietary supplements. You can buy them at around $15 for a bottle of the capsules.

Final thoughts
Saw palmetto is a potential both body and sexual health enhancer. It can, for example, is used to boost penis extender results and actually promote the enlargement of the penis in some cases.
However, it has been shown that the supplement can be of mild side effects in some cases. It is therefore important that it is used in the correct dosage and for the correct intention.
A doctor is always better suited to provide more help even in the case of using saw palmetto for treatment of identified conditions. For example, it should be noted that saw palmetto should not be used as a replacement for cancer treatment options. Always consult your doctor.