ProExtender System – Reviews, Average Cost, How to Use, Before and After Results.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Penis Enlargement

Penis size is always subjected to debate, as to whether it affects the quality of sex or not. Most professionals agree that a penis sized between 2-5 inches when flaccid is in the average limit. What they do not seem to agree on is whether female partners are concerned by their male partners’ penis sizes.

Let’s leave that discussion for another day. For now, we will focus on whether it is possible to actually increase penis size permanently. At least by now, you should know that using pills and supplements alone in an attempt to increase penis size is a waste of time and probably money.

Best penis enlargement results can be achieved by combining extenders use, penis exercises, healthy lifestyles, supplements and surgery. It is not necessary that they must be used together all at the same time. For example, surgery and healthy diets will do. A combination of penis exercises, extenders and a healthy lifestyle will also do and is considered relatively safe.

Let’s have a look at ProExtender, one of the extender devices brands that are gaining a lot of online attention.

What is ProExtender system and how does it work?

ProExtender system is basically a penis extending device, meant to produce permanent results in regards to making the penis bigger. It originally was defined by a plastic surgeon of Dane origin.

The basic mode of action is straightforward. When worn on the penis, the device produces slight tears in the muscles of the penis. In attempts to heal itself, the body produces more cells that are meant to replace the torn ones. This, in the end, leads to a bigger penis. Unlike erection pills, the device will produce permanent results.

This size elongation technique is applied in plastic surgeries and also in treating people with extreme burns. It is also a common traditional practice in some cultures, where loose objects are hung on pierced body parts such as the ears or lips to elongate them.

There are two models of ProExtender system. One can be used in men measuring 2 to 7 inches in penis length while the other one can be used for those desiring even longer penis length than that.

A larger penis can act as a male enhancement feature in a number of ways, including increasing male motivation and confidence.

How to use ProExtender system

When it comes to how to use ProExtender, it is pretty a simple process. The device comprises a base ring, two extension bars and a silicone based band where you will slide the glans.

The base ring goes in first. Make sure it settles at the base of the penis. Next, adjust the extension bars to a limit that they will not cause discomfort to the penis. Leave the device on its position for about 4-5 hours in the first weeks. This period can be increased up to 12 hours as you get used to the device.

If you are not sure on how to use ProExtender, you can check for more details on the official website. You can also watch free online videos on how to use the device. In fact, the full ProExtender pack also come with a compact disc from which you can watch the full process.

The device will work best when you are not engaged in manual work or activities that demand you to keep moving. This is because it may become loose in the process. Avoid wearing it when going to sleep. As you know, quite hard erections do occur on their own, in the middle of the night and in the mornings. You can end up suffering penis injuries if the device is worn when sleeping.

You also should not wear it while the effects of drugs such as Cialis and Levitra are still to be felt.

ProExtender reviews and testimonials

With healthy lifestyles such as exercises and foods that promote penis growth, ProExtender reviews show that the device actually works for real. Penis exercises will also help strengthen the forming muscles.

Some ProExtender reviews argue that the device is not the top-ranked one in the market. But such concerns are always there no matter the quality of the product being reviewed. We can live with that I guess. It also comes at a relatively higher price than some other brands.

You can compare the prices and results expected from other penis extender brands and enhancement products. You may never know where your final solution to a bigger penis hides.

Where to buy
ProExtender is not available over the counter like Kamagra, the India online generic of Viagra. It cannot be bought in stores like Walmart or Amazon. The best place to buy the device at the best price is from the official website. You can check with Leading Edge Health or just go to

The average price for the device alone is around $300. This will only cater for the device system. If you are interested in supplements to aid in the penis growth regime, you will have to pay an additional cost of approximately $30. The package will also come with an exercise DVD for better directions on how it works and how to use it.

Delivery services are available in India, UK, Germany even Malaysia. You can check for more details on that, provided on the official website.

Expected ProExtender results

ProExtender results pictures show an increase in both girth and length of the penis. For guys who have used the device for about 6 months, ProExtender results are approximately 1 to 3 addition for penis size.

The admirable thing is that ProExtender results are permanent. This means that you will still maintain the longer penis once you have quit using the device.

For best results, ensure to follow manufacturer’s guidelines on how to use the device. Also, make sure that you have bought the actual device available for sale on the product’s official website.

Comparing ProExtender before and after use

ProExtender before and after use has the following advantages and disadvantages;
The product was designed by a professional. A plastic surgeon understands all that goes in traction. Although it may not come with a medical mark of quality, you are assured that the device is relatively safe.

ProExtender before and after results are permanent. They also include increment in both girth and length. Also, ProExtender is a manual device, which means that you will be in charge of the traction process.

The device can help in treating forms of erectile dysfunction including a deformed penis. You can wear it discreetly and also comes with enhancement products if you wish. If not effective, users are eligible for a money back guarantee offer.

One of the main disadvantages is that the device is expensive. Some extenders come at as low as $90. You will also have to order it online.

Final thoughts
Additional information on Vimax, Extenze Vigrx Plus and Male Extra can be of help to you. These are supplements meant to increase blood flow to the penis. They also provide the body with the nutrients it may need to produce new cells. Using them with ProExtender can in some cases provide better results.