Penis Enlargement Surgery – Enlarging, Enhancement, Implant and Reduction Guide.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Penis Enlargement

In a world that we would all be honest to one another, 4 in 10 men will tell you that they would prefer an inch or two added to their penis sizes. Only 2 in 10 women would share the sentiments in regards to their partner’s penis sizes.

Days are of the past that penis enlargement surgery sounded more like chemotherapy or a jump off the Titanic. In fact, reports have it that more men are considering the knife than women are going for breast enlargement surgeries. What therefore is the cause of this turn of events? Is there an evolutional revolution resulting in smaller penis sizes? What happened to the idea of penis growth foods?

Well, nothing much has changed in evolution terms from ancient days. The only identifiable change is the coming of the internet which made it much easier to learn and actually go for plastic surgery concerning penis size manipulation.

Penis enlargement surgery before and after

First, let’s get the facts right. You find that most decisions to undergo a plastic surgery to get a bigger penis are based on concerns that a man’s penis is not of the normal size. So what is the normal size?

  • A flaccid penis will on average measure anywhere between 3 and 5 inches
  • When erect, a man’s penis is averaged at 5-6 inches. Most of them will fall on the closer side of 6
  • In circumference, any size above 4 inches for an erect penis is in the normal range
  • 25% of men will have penis sizes averaging at an excess or equal to 6 inches
  • Less than 10% of men will measure more than 7 inches in their dick sizes

A penis enlargement procedure follows two main processes. First, a ligament that holds the base of the penis to the pelvic bone is identified and consequently cut in a surgical operation. An inch or two are added to its suspension angle after which it is reattached to its initial position.

To take care of the penis girth, some fat is extracted from the lower abdomen and deposited on the lower side of your penis. This is supposed to rub against the vaginal walls of a female partner for more sexual pleasure.

Enlargement surgery before and after will give you a longer flaccid penis. You can think of it as what would happen to a hanging balloon once you lower its support rope. The problem is that minimal effects will be noticed once the penis is erect. There also have been concerns about the surgery reducing the likelihood of getting a full libido max erection. The whole process will take about two hours.

What is Penis reduction plastic surgery?

A penis reduction surgery is the reverse of the above-described surgery. In this case, the operation is mainly done to reduce the girth of the penis.

The call for a reduction plastic surgery mainly arises from concerns from sexual partners of discomfort caused by pelvic thrusts during intimacy. It can also arise from psychologically related issues, where a man is seen as a kind of a freak for having an oversized penis.

Penis reduction surgery mainly involves removing some amount of tissue found under the skin of the penis. This can be through excision or using specific medications your surgeon will take you through.

It is effective in most cases unless complications occur during the operation. All the same, it is recommended that you seek a professional’s advice and therapeutic help before going for the operation.

Penis size before and after penile implant surgery

Penile implant surgery is yet another treatment option for ED and one that can replace premature ejaculation pills. There are two main types of penile implants that can be surgically inserted; inflatable and malleable.

Malleable implants are a bit simple in how they work. The basic idea is an adjustable implant being inserted into the penis. If the need for an erection occurs, all that is required is to lift the penis into an erect position and the rest follows the normal process.

Inflatable implants are a bit complex. In this case, a pump and a liquid holder cylinder are surgically inserted under scrotal area. In the need for an erection, a little pumping will be needed to transfer the liquid to tubular implants inserted under the penis skin. This will mimic a natural erection.

Penile implant surgery cost is much higher compared to other types of plastic surgeries. On average, the surgery cost will range at $20,000. It is for this reason and others that the surgery is only recommended when there is a medical need for the same or when you can afford and your doctor has recommended for the same.

Penis size before and after the surgery remains largely unaffected. However, it will appear longer and bigger since you will be able to get maximum erections after the surgery.

How much is a penis enhancement surgery cost

The particular surgery price that will be quoted for you will depend on the type of surgery you are going for and the experience of the surgeon. It may also be affected by the geographical area from which you are getting the services and additional services such as medications and hospital fees. Your surgeon will take you through all these costs before the operation.

On average, a penis enhancement surgery cost is set at $4500-$8000. Bearing in mind that it will be unlikely to be admitted, the surgery cost might not include admission fees and in-house care services fees.

You will need to go for appointments and take care of a couple of surgery before and aftercare services. These are actually very important to ensure that all goes well as expected.

Can supplements replace plastic penis enhancement surgery?

Enlargement surgery is the most popular of the three discussed above. As we may have briefly touched on, men considering the surgery are concerned that their penis sizes are not in the normal range.

Well, we cannot dismiss such concerns as baseless despite the available evidence and fact checks. The thing is that mental comfort is of a great importance when it comes to sexual health. Unless a man gets what they exactly want, they will end up underperforming in bed.

There are some supplements and products that can help in such situations all the same. For instance, taking Tribulus terrestris supplements has been shown to boost sex drive and promote penis enlargement effects. However, supplements will never give you a rapid increment in the size of the penis.

Other products such as horny goat weed have been advertised as men’s sexual health boosters. If used correctly, they can eradicate the need for enhancement surgeries. You are not advised to use such products and supplements when recovering from any form of surgery or when under clinical medications. Always ensure to inform your doctor before such a move.

Surgery is perhaps the fastest way you can add an inch or two to your penis size. You should, however, take your time to review the advantages and disadvantages associated with the operation. Additionally, get a number of sexual health facts and reports from recent research findings. For instance, the average sizes of male penises were recently adjusted following new research findings.