Natural Testosterone Boosters That Work – Remedies, Supplements, Therapy.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Sexual Health

The percentage of men beyond 40 years and suffering from a form of low testosterone is estimated at 45 and increasing. So why is testosterone of concern anyway?

Well, in simple layman’s terms, testosterone is the hormone that maintains muscles, keeps your bones strong and does increase libido. The hormone is produced in higher levels by men than by women. It is the main sex hormone in men.

In the years during the onset of adulthood, testosterone production in the body reaches its peak. Thereafter, the production will gradually decline as age advances.

Low testosterone (Low T or hypogonadism) is a condition that results from the low production of the hormone. In such case, certain side effects such as accelerated loss of hair, low lean muscle mass, weakened bones, lack of ready body energy, low libido and degraded cognitive abilities are experienced. Although testosterone can be replaced through injections with artificial forms of the hormone, the safest and healthiest way to boost its levels is through natural testosterone boosters that actually work.

10 natural testosterone boosters that work

Keep exercising along with intermittent fasts
Short timed strenuous body exercises force the body to release testosterone in large amounts to keep up with the energy needed for the workouts.

Intermittent fasts, on the other hand, are meant to force the body into an extreme need for energy supplementation without necessarily getting it from food. This calls for more testosterone.

Get lots of Vitamin D
Think of vitamin D as a natural steroid. It is used in the production of sperm cells and in treating issues related to fertility.

Vitamin D deficiency is almost always linked to low levels of testosterone and in most cases development of erectile dysfunction.

Remember to supplement with zinc
Zinc is perhaps the most important mineral used in the production of testosterone in the body. In fact, research reports have shown a close connection between ED resulting from old age and low levels of the mineral in men above 50 years of age.

Zinc is available in food products such as oysters but can be accessed in supplements for quick recovery results. All the same, taking a lot of the minerals especially in supplements can degrade your immune system.

Cut down on sugar
Sugar raises the levels of another hormone known as insulin. Insulin is the hormone which diabetics cannot sufficiently produce or assimilate in the body, leading to the notorious diabetes condition you know of.

Increased levels of insulin discourage the production of testosterone in the body. You just have to read about common diseases and conditions that cause ED and you won’t miss diabetes on the list.

Consider some strength training
Strength training is one of the best natural ways to boost the production of natural testosterone.

The idea behind it is relatively simple. During the training, your body will need muscles and strong bones to withstand the pressure. The only way that this can be achieved is if testosterone is released in large amounts to help in the production of the needed strong muscles and bones.

Lose some pounds
Excess weight is almost synonymous with Low T and erectile dysfunction. Obesity is just too much a condition for normal bodily functions to handle. For one, there will be no sufficient blood circulation and hormonal levels will be greatly imbalanced just to mention a few.

The best way to lose weight is by signing up for trained gym exercises and adopting healthy meal plans. Due to the seriousness associated with the link between health risks and obesity, complete and accessible guides on weight loss have been developed, published or captured on videos. Make sure to also learn on what your BMI index is, and what the recommended range should be.

Healthy fats
Fats are important sources of energy for the body process. Without fats, the body will end up digesting itself, like it happens with hunger stricken individuals.

But fats are not all of the same type. There are those that will quickly add weight on you, such like ones contained in junk foods and quick snacks. There are the healthy fats on the other hand, which are recommended for testosterone production. Such can be gotten in foods such as fermented milk products, coconut and nuts oils, and goat cheese. Other types of healthy fats can be gotten from sea foods, avocadoes, almonds, flaxseeds and such.

Adopt stress management plans
Stress elevates or is caused by a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol and insulin are two testosterone killers that you should avoid.

Going for a movie in the evening after work or getting some workouts has been known to reduce stress effectively. If the case is extreme, therapies and antidepressants might be the only effective solution that will work.

Sleep enough
Sleeping at around 10 o’clock in the night and waking up at 6 in the morning has been said to be the most effective way to increase testosterone naturally.

During sleep, hormone levels in the body are reset to the right levels. This especially if you are accustomed to specific sleeping schedules rather than random sleep sessions.

Try some supplements
Supplements might not necessarily be all natural testosterone boosters but can actually help. Unlike injections, pills promote a healthy body condition optimum for the production of testosterone.

To start with, Vitamin D and zinc supplements can help.

How to naturally increase testosterone with supplements

You will come about dietary supplements of some kind on the internet even when not actually looking for them. The fact is that they are becoming a part of our daily lives. Rather than trying to fight the change, better that we learn all their benefits and then we can make an informed decision on how good or bad they are.

When it comes to how to naturally increase testosterone and sperm count with supplements, the basic thing you have to know is that taking supplements will not elevate your testosterone levels overnight.

Think of enhancement supplements as raw materials are needed for the production of testosterone. For the production to be completed though, other factors must come into play. For example, what exercises are you taking; how dire is your need for testosterone and what age are you?

If you are suffering low T from injuries or surgical operations sustained in the testicles, the likelihood of supplements working is close to none. In such a case, in fact, no method to increase testosterone naturally will work.

Some professionals are skeptical about the reality of supplements effectiveness. It is not without a good reason though. For one, supplements must be used alongside testosterone boosting exercises and lifestyle. Basically, any habit or physical limitation that will inhibit the natural production of testosterone will also render supplements mostly useless.
Talk to your doctor before deciding to go for a particular supplement. Although they work almost like foods that naturally increase testosterone, some will bring about undesirable side effects that can be avoided. For example, supplementing with a lot of zinc will end you up with reduced immunity.

Can natural testosterone boosters treat erectile dysfunction?

Low T is a common suspect in many cases of ED especially ones resulting from old age. Although low T will most likely reduce sex drive, it is rarely the sole cause of erectile dysfunction. For example, low T will surely contribute to low sperm count, but diabetes will cause inability to get an erection. The two are forms of erectile dysfunction but caused by different factors.
So what causes ED then?

Chronic illnesses
A chronic illness is largely incurable. It can only be managed and prevented from worsening. A good example of a chronic illness is high blood pressure and diabetes. These diseases are always likely to end up causing erectile dysfunction.

Naturally boosting testosterone is not the best option to treat ED resulting from such diseases. Rather, patients are advised to first manage the ailments and see if any improvements will come along.

Stress buildup
The brain must instruct the testicles to produce testosterone. Under stress, brain impulses are either delayed or prevented from reaching target organs at all. This will cause low T and in most cases ED.

Also, the stress hormone cortisol does reduce T levels in the body. Stress is best treated through therapies, antidepressants and lifestyle changes. Antidepressants too can be used to treat premature ejaculation.

Physical injuries
Injuries sustained in male sex organs especially ones involved in sustaining erections will contribute to low-quality erections. This includes surgical operations such as removal of prostate tumors.

It is best that you consult your doctor on the best approach to use in treating ED due to surgical operations and physical injuries.

Hormonal imbalance
Sex as a whole is controlled by a number of hormones. Such include testosterone, estrogen and luteinizing hormone. Other hormones that contribute to libido include dopamine and cortisol.
In the probable case that these hormones are imbalanced, low sex drive as well as inability to sustain long erections will occur. Taking a hormone test can help reveal the exact hormone that is out of the recommended levels.

We all know that excess weight is bad for the heart. True as that is, obesity or excess weight is also a wrong story for sex appetite. It hinders sufficient circulation of blood in the penile muscles. It also proves as an obstacle to sexual intercourse among other challenges.

Drugs and medications
Diabetes medications, for example, will take from a man the appetite to be with a woman. So will abused drugs such as tobacco and alcohol. In fact, research reports have it that men who are addicted to smoking in their youth will most likely develop ED issues later in life.

Addiction to drugs can be an extremely hard issue to deal with. Luckily, there are many places to get help. Such include therapeutic sessions, online guide tips even rehab centers.

Can a replacement therapy help increase natural testosterone

A testosterone therapy helps increase natural testosterone for subjects diagnosed with low T. This is achieved through injections containing active forms of artificial testosterone.

Testosterone can be produced in the lab just like other hormones such as insulin. When a doctor affirms the need for a quick boosting of the hormone in a patient, they will usually advise for a testosterone replacement therapy.

In a typical case, a replacement therapy will elevate T levels by more than 300%. That is an incredible rise and is only called for medical reasons.

Some gym performers, athletes even healthy men go for illegal testosterone replacement therapies in the hope of transforming their sexual experiences and physicality. This is a very misled decision. For one, excess testosterone will do you more harm than good. You may develop lean muscles but end up with shrunk testicles and enlarged breasts. You may also be left with permanent difficulties in your natural testosterone production system.

How to naturally increase testosterone with herbal products

Herbal products have gained popularity as more research reports publish their findings. For instance, cordyceps mushrooms now rank with herbal products such as horny goat weed. These mushrooms have recently been reported to boost not only sex drive but also increase cognitive abilities and boost immunity.

If you are aiming to reverse the effects of age and still escape the side effects of taking illegal testosterone replacement therapies, herbal remedies may be the best option for you.

The good thing about herbal remedies is that they don’t only focus on raising T levels. Some will promote efficient blood circulation, some will fight obesity while others will keep your stress levels in check.

All the same, herbal remedies have a major disadvantage. This is the fact that enough research reports on how they work are lacking. In this case, user reports and reviews are the only way you can tell which is the best one to go for.

Natural ways such as weight management and eating foods that boost T levels are the most recommended. Safe supplements can help jumpstart the effects while replacement therapies will work best for patients already diagnosed with low T.