Muira Puama Supplement (testosterone) – Benefits of extract, powder & root.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Supplements

Muira puama is an herb, a native of the amazon forest. It has for long been known to have certain curative and enhancement properties. In most cases, Muira puama root is the part of the plant harvested for medicinal uses. However, the stem and other parts of the plant can also be used but are considered less potent than the root.

Libido and sexual stamina are the most notable Muira puama benefits. It has actually earned itself the nickname ‘Viagra of the amazon’. Some reviews compare it to Yohimbe, but with reduced potential side effects. The good thing about Muira puama is that it can be used for men as well as for women sexual enhancement.

Other than sexual enhancement, Muira puama has also been used as a treatment option for conditions such as painful menstruations, painful joints, gastric discomforts.

Muira puama benefits for men

Muira puama is a common ingredient in a number of men enhancement pills. Like it is with most herbal products, conclusive data on how exactly Muira puama produces its effects is not available.

In such cases, users have to depend on the available reviews as well as testimonials from past users. It is the only way to know actually what to expect especially for first-time users.

Most people agree that Muira puama benefits arise from its ability to promote better circulation of blood, especially in the genital area. As you may already know, the volume of blood circulating in the body, and in this case, the pubic area is the one that determines the quality of the erection to be achieved.

Continuous use of this supplement is thought to aid in increasing male sex hormones, most notably testosterone.

But there are other herbs that can be used for the same. For example, Ashwagandha, ginkgo and ginseng. Why Muira puama then? Well, Muira puama has for one been used for a very long time, by the ancients of the amazon forest. But since it is not that we are trying to find the best out of all the available herbal enhancement products, it will be of little help to keep comparing them and finding which of the is best.

As a matter of fact, several reviews recommend using Muira puama supplement together with Ginkgo biloba for best results.

Muira puama has also been advertised as a brain enhancer. For one, it acts as an aphrodisiac. These are substances that promote a general feeling of wellbeing. They are very effective in stress management and also for treating erectile dysfunction resulting from stress and related factors.

Muira puama extract experience and uses

Muira puama is very common in South America. There, it is not only used as a sexual enhancer or to boost testosterone but also as a treatment option for conditions such as paralysis resulting from polio. In Europe, Muira puama is to enhance fertility and also as a cure for dysentery.
Below are some of the most notable Muira puama uses and experience:

  • It is used to promote appetite and aid in weight gain. This can be particularly helpful for patients suffering from muscle wasting conditions and diseases.
  • Used to treat sore joints. Some reviews propose that some of the alkaloids in the plant have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is used for treating menstrual disorders such as PMS and painful menses. For PMS, Muira puama aids in reducing the stress and anxiety produced by imbalanced hormones in women suffering from PMS. For painful menses, Muira puama promotes a relaxation in the uterine walls.
  • Reviews suggest that Muira puama is very effective in treating stomach discomforts. This includes issues such as nausea, bloating or even loss of appetite.
  • Other noted Muira puama uses include treatment for the following; CNS disorders, neurasthenia, and rheumatism.

Muira puama benefits for women

It should not be surprising to learn that it can also be used for sexual enhancement even for women. It is common for best sex pills to be revolving around men. The following are the most notable Muira puama benefits for women.
It enhances libido
The issue of libido in women has always been a tough one to discuss and actually get a supplement that can boost the same. In the early days of Muira puama use, it was noted that Muira puama root could actually boost libido in women. This is attributed to the release of female sex hormones that takes place after continuous use of Muira puama supplement.
It aids in stress management
For women, stress is almost inevitable. Stress is a major cause of low libido in women. It also elevates the symptoms of diseases such as high blood sugar and weak immunity. Muira puama has been noted to effectively promote good mood even reduce mood swings in menstruating women.
Improves physical performance quality
In the south of America, it is common for women to engage in physically demanding tasks, all the way from manual tasks to traditional dances requiring physical fitness. Muira puama has been used to promote physical fitness, where it acts as a muscular tonic supplement. It is also used to promote athletic performance, mainly by reducing fatigue. As you can remember, we associated the use of Muira puama extract with boosted blood circulation.
Mental enhancement
All decisions and body activities depend on the signals being produced by the brain. An enhanced brain is therefore very necessary to ensure the right functioning of the body including sexual appetite. Muira puama has been shown to support the mental enhancement. For one, it is an aphrodisiac, which means that it can effectively fight stress and related conditions.

How to supplement with muira puama powder and tea

Traditionally, a pot of water is used to simmer Muira puama and then consumed as a form of herbal tea. It is the easy way to go about and will not necessarily require you to have Muira puama powder or root extract capsules and pills.

However, it has been suggested that not all potentially active ingredients available in Muira puama powder do dissolve in water. For a better experience, it is better to take Muira puama in form of testosterone pills or mother tinctures.

Muira puama testosterone supplement dosage

Muira puama testosterone dosage is set at 20 to 25 mg in a serving. This dosage is enough to increase semen volume over time and also boost libido in men. For the best experience, the dosage should be taken together with other male enhancement products such as ginkgo. This is just the suggested dosage from reviews and not the official one. As it happens, most herbal supplements including Muira puama have no officially set dosage limits.

It is also good that you make one or two lifestyle changes to get the most out of the pills. For example, keep exercising to ensure that excess weight is not added once appetite has been enhanced. Also, avoid habits such as drug abuse.

Muira puama extract side effects

Muira puama capsules or even powder rarely produce any side effects. This is common in most enhancement supplements and even herbal extracts meant to treat premature ejaculation.

Potential Muira puama side effects include gastric discomforts and oily skin. These side effects should not last long. They basically are reactions that your body will be making to a newly introduced substance.

Where to buy Muira puama root pills

Although it is a native of the amazon, Muira puama is used as far as Australia. It is available over the counter as a dietary supplement.
You can buy Muira puama powder or extract locally or order it from abroad. For example, there are quality mother tinctures which have been developed in the ways of Ayurveda medicine in India.

Final thoughts
The use of Muira puama started with the natives of the amazon and has continued its course even in the present day with all the developments in the medical world. This means that there is much potential in this Amazonian herbal product.

To boost sexual health, increased mental stamina, treat PMS, joint pains even boost male orgasm among other uses; the correct use of Muira puama can prove very effective.