Mucuna Pruriens Extract – Benefits and Dosage Information for Bodybuilding.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Supplements

Mucuna Pruriens is a vine that is widely found naturally in India and some parts of tropical Africa. Its seeds (beans) contain lots of serotonin, ideally a self-defense mechanism for their itch when touched. It is the beans that contain all the medicinal properties associated with Mucuna Pruriens extract.

Main Mucuna Pruriens benefits from reviews

Mucuna Pruriens benefits are mainly associated with L-Dopa. Though there are other substances of potential health benefits, their concentrations are generally too low for any health-related benefits.

Reviews for Mucuna Pruriens associate the vine with a list of health benefits. They include:

Nervous system health
Mucuna Pruriens is known to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s disease. This is because the seeds from the vine are rich in a substance known as L-Dopa. In fact, it has been suggested that Mucuna Pruriens is a better treatment than conventional treatment for this disease.

Treats depression
Mucuna Pruriens is a natural antidepressant. After a couple of tests carried out to reveal the effectiveness of antidepressants, the vine showed significant results in natural relieving depression and anxiety.

Improves fertility
Sperm motility and health have been reported to improve in men taking Mucuna Pruriens supplement. This helps treat infertility in men with low sperm count and unhealthy sperm cells. It also improves the production of natural testosterone.

Balances prolactin levels
In men, reviews show that infertility arising from lack of hormones such as prolactin can be treated using Mucuna Pruriens extract. It also works as an adaptogen; that is in reducing the levels of the same hormone in case it goes higher than desired.

Treats snake bites
Mucuna Pruriens has been used to treat snake bites by preventing snake venom from making it to the heart.

Mucuna Pruriens benefits to sexual health and the brain

Mucuna Pruriens is a very potent herbal Viagra. It has been shown to not only boost naturally occurring testosterone but also promote sperm health.

In one study, more than 75% of all tested subjects tested higher concentrations of semen catecholamine. Mucuna Pruriens was also reported to have normalized the motility and number of sperm cells in most of its test subjects.

The extract has also been used to ease depression and stress, both which can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it helps to protect the brain from degrading progressions. This too can be associated with ED in later stages of development.

You will from now and then be advised to ask your doctor for more advice if you are having the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. As much as Mucuna Pruriens and other herbal remedies might promise safe and significant results, there is no guarantee that your ED issue is being caused by an issue they can address. All the same, Mucuna Pruriens will improve your sexual health and promote male fertility.

What is the correct Mucuna Pruriens powder dosage?

Since Mucuna Pruriens is usually accessible in its powder form, dosage information is provided in the assumption that you are using its powder. Currently, there are no official directions as to how Mucuna Pruriens should exactly be used. Most of it depends on reports from users and reviews for the product.

Most users make use of 500mg daily doses. This Mucuna Pruriens dosage is sufficient to produce effects such as mood enhancement, boosted energy and sexual appetite.

In quite many cases, 500mg has proven to be a strong dose. In fact, users are advised to start with 100mg and increase it in response to the felt effects. At any time, you are advised against taking an excess of 1g in a single day.

Depending on which brand of Mucuna Pruriens supplement you are using, differing instructions may be included. It will be better if the supplement is taken according to manufacturer’s instructions. Note that taking higher dosages will not bring about faster results. It will only exhaust your body and invite more serious side effects. If you are not clear on how best to take your dosage, contact an herbal specialist or just contact the manufacturer for specific details.

Mucuna Pruriens bodybuilding supplement usage and benefits

In more than three millennia, Mucuna Pruriens bodybuilding effects have been known and taken advantage of. Although people in the ancient days rarely knew how the vine works in promoting bodybuilding results, research has allowed us to have clearer knowledge.

The most notable effect in relation to bodybuilding that Mucuna Pruriens brings about is elevating the levels of two hormones; testosterone and the human growth hormone. For starters, these are the hormones responsible for strong bones, lean muscles, sex drive and other masculine characteristics.

Like most testosterone foods, Mucuna Pruriens works overtime to bring about an increase in the levels of testosterone. For bodybuilders, that translates into enhanced muscles, more training energy and less accumulation of fats.

The human growth hormone, on the other hand, is involved in ensuring that bones develop to be strong enough and that enough muscles develop in a bodybuilder. Human growth hormone also ensures that any excess lipids that may be forming are utilized to provide the energy needed for the trainings.

Potential Mucuna Pruriens dosage side effects

Mucuna Pruriens powder is not associated with any intolerable side effects. This is especially when it has been used in the correct dosage.

However, reviews report that stomach related issues might be experienced. It has also been reported to raise blood pressure when used with some oxidase inhibitors. Other side effects include the skin itching and irritation that you will experience by coming into contact with the vines’ pods and flowers.

Avoid any Mucuna Pruriens product in the event that you have been experiencing issues related to toxicity. For breastfeeding women, advice from a doctor should be sought. This is because it can mess with the levels of prolactin. This is the hormone that controls the production of breast milk.

Like always, contact your doctor before using Mucuna Pruriens products with any prescription medication. This includes ones to treat depression, blood clotting and diabetes. As much as interactions with such medications may not be harmful, they can end up decreasing the efficiency of the drugs.

Note that Mucuna Pruriens is an herbal product and should not be used for personal prescribed treatment of medical conditions.

Where to buy Mucuna Pruriens dosage for best experience

Mucuna Pruriens has come to be domesticated for its benefits. For this reason, various factors affect the quality of the final product that will be made available in the market. Below are the factors to consider before making your purchase.

Herbal products should remain natural all the way. For this reason, ensure that you can get all the details on where the ingredients used were grown, harvested and processed in.

Enough time should be allowed before the harvesting of an herbal product can be done. This, in fact, affects the quality of the final product. Preferably, go for sources that get their products from privately operated growing farms.

Even herbal products are still regulated commissioned bodies. Make sure that your source has met all the needed qualifications of an herbal products producer. This will help you avoid products confining chemical toxins that will end you in a hospital.