Male Orgasms Forms and Enhancements – Top Tips For Longest Multiple Climaxes.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Sexual Health

Male orgasm and ejaculation are very closely related but not the same. Some men can orgasm without ejaculating while others will ejaculate during an orgasm. Ejaculating basically means releasing sperm from the penis through the urethra at the height of sexual stimulation or sex.

During an orgasm, a man’s thrusts will continuously become involuntary. Penile muscles will contract more intensely as they force sperm out of the urethra. Other changes such as increased heartbeats, heavy sighs and higher blood pressure will be experienced.

The process is a complex one. It involves neurotransmissions, muscles, penile contractions and needs for lots of enhancement. It is very important to understand male orgasms even for women, for it plays an important role in cementing sexual relationships.

Can male orgasms occur without ejaculation?

It is in fact very possible for a man to experience an orgasm without ejaculating. This is common in boys who are yet past adolescence.

In some cases, men will ejaculate some moments after an orgasm. Others will feel the intense pleasure of an orgasm but fail to ejaculate at all.

Some men report experiencing multiple orgasms; in a quick succession without ejaculating at all. All these differences are contributed to by many factors; some of which are vaguely understood even up to date.

The main forms of male orgasms are:

  • Focal centered orgasms – In this case, a man feels intense shuddering focally centered in the genitals especially the scrotum.
  • Spread orgasms – The shuddering and the extreme sensation will spread to other body parts, for example, the thighs and buttocks.
  • Full blown orgasms – The orgasms sensation spread all over the body. Most men will hold tight to their partners or any other physical entity at their proximity.

Note that the titles given to these forms of male orgasms are not official. They are only aimed at giving the reader the actual impression.

Do women play a role in male multiple and intense orgasms

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that women actually play a bigger role in male multiple and intense orgasms that do the men themselves.

Even without going to the issue of a woman’s vaginal walls being needed to stimulate an ejaculation, just the outward behavior and how close a woman is to her man will largely contribute to or discourage issues of forced male orgasm.

Top tips to promote longest and most intense male orgasm

Here are the tips for women transform their men into stallions during sexual intimacies and orgasms.

Get him comfortable
Mental comfort is of great importance when it comes to getting an intense male orgasm. Ensure that you take your time with kisses and caresses before letting him inside you.

Get on with some dirty talk
You have heard of ‘bad girls’? Well, men love them in their bedrooms. Don’t shy away from talks considered gross in public. Tease him with promises of how savage you can get in bed. Don’t forget to tease him with praises on how package purely like of a stallion.

Show him what you got
Men are more attracted to the site. Let your man see your goodies as you trespass the room. Preferably, wear short skirts and light clothes which you will keep taking off the more you come close to sex. It keeps him anxious.

Touch, touch and touch again
Stroke every part of his body. Keep teasing his manhood from time to time. Before finally letting his penis into you, stroke the shaft and the glans a couple of times.

Give him some oral attention
Oral sex can be so overwhelming that most men will assuredly end up in an intense male orgasm.

Try new sex positions
Different sex positions determine how your vaginal walls grab and stimulate his penis. For example, you on top will give you more freedom to decide how deep the penis gets. This will give your man the time to relax and feel his penis inside you.

Consider the final moments a Haley’s Comet
You remember that occasion that comes ones in a lifetime? Consider your man’s ejaculations such. Hold him tight when his sighs deepen. Stroke his back and buttocks. Let him hide his head by your neck. Don’t forget to wrap your legs around him and never let go.

Are multiple orgasm signs of a forced male orgasm?

Multiple orgasms are hard but not impossible to come by in men. They can be but not always a sign of a forced male orgasm.

It is actually very hard for men to fake orgasms. Unlike women, men will not scream at a climax. However, you will feel the involuntary thrusting of his pelvic area and a sort of vibrating effect on his penis. Also, the penis will in normal cases become flaccid after a climax. This is even when under enhancement pills and ED pills.

Supplements to make an intense male orgasm last the longest

Some supplements, for example, an Ashwagandha supplement can effectively make an intense male orgasm last the longest. This is achieved through hormonal balance and reduced stress levels. As you may already know, men will rarely climax intensely under stress.

Other herbal products and ingredients of common supplements such as Tongkat Ali can help reduce the need for a forced male orgasm. They promote sexual health and ensure that normal production of semen is occurring sufficiently.

A quality male orgasm can be promoted by larger semen volumes. This can also promote the reality of multiple orgasms. All in all, the particular enhancement techniques you are to apply to your man will largely determine how intense he takes that final step.