Licorice Root Extract – Effects, Health Benefits, Uses and Potential Side Effects.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Supplements

Licorice is an herb with somehow an awkward name. It is mainly found in parts of Asia and Mediterranean. For centuries, the root extract from the plant has been used for many health benefits including treatment for malfunctioning adrenals caused by overuse of steroids.

There are variations and controversies surrounding licorice root extract. It is therefore important that you are familiar with the controversies before making use of the supplement. We will try to break down the same as much as we can. We will also provide some sex advice for men should a chance come about.

What is licorice root extract and powder?

Licorice root extract is available in liquid form. It is the most popular form of this supplement. Users prefer to add it as a sweetener to drinks. Commercially, it is added to beverages and some candy brands.

The powder made from the plant is made into a gel and can be externally applied to the skin to treat acne and other skin infections. The powder is also sometimes used in vegetables as a form of spice.

The leaves from the plant can also be dried and crushed to make a tea. The tea bags are available in supermarkets. They can be used to promote gut health, treat adrenal disorders or even promote respiratory health. Some use them as herbal Viagra, especially in herbal licorice tea.

The controversies mentioned earlier revolve around the safety of glycyrrhizic acid. It is a compound contained in licorice products. Experts direct that using the compound for a long period of time or in excess can be of health-threatening effects. For this reason, most of the products sold in the US do not contain the compound. It is good that you get advice from your doctor before using licorice products containing the above-mentioned acid.

Licorice root extract uses and effects

There are many potential uses of licorice extract. Most of them have not been supported by scientific evidence as up to now. For this reason, caution should be taken especially when a medical condition is involved.

The most notable of licorice root extract is the treatment of skin inflammations, including eczema and acne. This requires that licorice is applied in form of a gel on the infected skin areas. The extract is also used in treating and preventing heart burns. Some surgeons also use it to lessen coughs resulting from surgical operations. The supplement is said to prevent excessive bleeding after surgery. It can be effective when used prior to penis enlargement surgery.

Other uses include; treating canker sores, easing toothache, controlling hepatitis, reducing cholesterol, promoting normal menses, reducing accumulation of potassium even removing skin spots.
You are not advised to use licorice products to treat conditions that can be diagnosed in a clinic.

Licorice root benefits

Let’s now have a look at the most notable licorice root benefits:
Promotes respiratory health
Licorice has been found to promote the normal functioning of the respiratory system. This includes reduction of phlegm and mucus that may be blocking the nasal cavity. Licorice root tea is most notable in this case.

Treats heartburn
DGL in licorice can reduce the occurrence of heartburns and also ease their mildness. It has also been found to promote gastric health, including reducing indigestion and paining stomach. Its tablets can be chewed prior to meals for better results.

It is an anxiety reliever
The stress hormone, cortisol is made by the adrenal gland. Since the hormone is excreted in large amounts under stress, the adrenaline gland can end up being impaired. Taking steroids for a long time can also impair the glands.

Licorice extracts can boost adrenal gland and in the process aid in the management of cortisol levels. This will be interpreted as reduced stress and anxiety.

Normalizes menses
PMS is a common condition in women. It is caused by imbalanced sex hormones, especially estrogen. Licorice has been observed to mimic the effects of the hormone. This helps normalize menses in women and also reduce menstrual cramps.

What is licorice liquor and where to buy it?

As the name may suggest, licorice liquor doesn’t contain the active ingredients in licorice root. It is just a beverage with a licorice added flavor.
You can buy licorice liquor or flavor in local retailers. This should however not be taken with the aim of getting the same health benefits discussed in this article or as a natural Viagra remedy. It is only meant to provide the sweetened flavor that comes from licorice extracts.

Licorice root extract dosage for tablets

DGL licorice is the safest of licorice products. It comes in form of tablets that can be chewed. It is also available in powder licorice root tea and capsules.
The maximum limit is set at 5 g per day. Do not take more than that, to avoid potential side effects.

Licorice root side effects

Most reviews suggest that licorice is safe when used orally or when applied on the skin in form of a gel. To avoid mild side effects, take DGL licorice.
Some of the potential side effects include:

  • Low potassium
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Edema
  • Brain damage
  • Paralysis

The extreme side effects are very rare. They are in healthy adults. They can be encouraged by conditions such as heart, kidney or liver diseases. Habits such as chewing tobacco can also encourage the side effects.

Taking licorice for long can actually reduce the levels of testosterone in the body. If you are familiar with impotence definition, you are aware of the fact that low testosterone is disastrous in most cases. It is best that you manage usage of licorice.

If you have been diagnosed with low potassium, heart/blood pressure disorders, cancer, and kidney disorders, don’t take licorice root tea or supplements. Consult your doctor for more information on the same.

Additionally, licorice root extract should not be taken consequently for an excess of 4 weeks. This is especially when you are using other ED remedies that work on your own.

Final thoughts
Licorice is a very potent supplement that we have in the market today. It is associated with so many uses and health benefits. However, the plant can also bring about a couple of undesirable side effects. All users should be familiar with the dosage information, benefits and potential side effects of using the product.

As always, talk to your doctor before starting to use a particular supplement. Also, you will be advised on which is the best supplement to use with licorice. Some suggestions include ginseng, ginkgo and cordyceps supplement.