L-Arginine Supplement for ED and Weight Loss – Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Supplements

If you are considering to lose some weight or to find an effective natural cure for erectile dysfunction, chances are high that you will come across L-arginine. It is classified as an amino acid and is naturally produced in the body. It is also available in supplements.

Foods such as red meat, seafood, poultry and dairy products are good sources of natural L-arginine. Illnesses such hypertension and diabetes promote deficiencies in the levels of natural L-arginine.

L-arginine benefits to erection quality and bodybuilding

There are many identifiable L-arginine benefits in relation to promoting erection quality, body health, bodybuilding and even weight loss. The benefits include:

Cardiovascular health
L-arginine has been shown to treat angina and infections of the arteries. It also promotes heart health to patients suffering from heart failure and other cardiovascular ailments. It also eases chest pain and promotes normalization of blood pressure.

Erectile dysfunction treatment
Think of L-arginine as the gaseous form of nitric acid. Nitric acid is the chemical behind the relaxation of blood vessels that ultimately causes an erection. Apart from promoting hard and long-lasting erections, nitric acid also ensures that cells in the penis muscles are provisioned with oxygen and enough nutrients.

Controls weight loss
Infections such as HIV/AIDS cause rapid loss of weight and muscles. Since L-arginine is an amino acid, it helps in the rapid replacement of muscles needed for patients with such ailments.

Helps in surgery recovery
Post-care services for a kidney transplant will work best if an L-arginine supplement is used. Here, L-arginine promotes the regeneration of new cells needed to make the new kidney part of the body.

Helps ease migraines
Factors such as depression, allergies and pollution do contribute to the development of migraines. Migraines, on the other hand, are terribly painful and impossible to live with. L-arginine has been known to ease them by promoting a relaxation effect that ensures oxygenated blood travels to the brain.

Heals injuries
Although enough research is still needed to boost this claim, L-arginine has been linked to faster healing and mending of wounds.

Removal of toxins
L-arginine aids in the removal of body toxins through the kidney. In patients undergoing or recovering from kidney transplants, L-arginine can be used to speed up the blood cleaning process.

Immune boosting
Since it is an amino acid, L-arginine is used in the production of new cells where others have died during an infection.

Reviews for the best L-arginine dosage

Different studies and reviews provide differing information on the right L-arginine dosage. In most cases, 2-3g seems to work the best. This dosage should be taken three times a day. Depending on your situation, lower or higher dosages to the quoted dosage can still have the desired results. It is good that you ask for better directions from your doctor.

L-arginine supplement will be the right choice in case you are suffering from protein deficiencies. This includes treating burns, when experiencing rapid development, suffering from ailments that cause rapid muscle wasting and such.

Can L-arginine cream be used to treat erectile dysfunction?

An L-arginine cream can be used for quick results in achieving an erection and as a short-term management option for ED. The cream is effective in both men and women and requires application just moments before sexual intercourse.

For men, L-arginine cream can be applied to the penis. This enhances blood circulation in the male organ and hence a boosted erection.

For women, application of the cream on the clitoris is required. Again, more blood will flow to the organ, bringing about more sensitivity.

In some cases, the cream can be applied on the feet for diabetic individuals. This helps in the balance of available blood sugar and hence, more energy for sex. Some studies suggest that using such a cream can promote faster healing of ulcers. These claims are still to be confirmed.

Foods that contain L-arginine benefits

Amino acids fall into three major categories. There are the nonessential ones, those which the body can make on its own. There are the essential ones, those that can only be gotten from foods that contain them. There also are the semi-essential ones, those that are not always needed in the body unless for special reasons.

L-arginine is in the third category. It is mostly needed to aid in the development of early stages of life. Although healthy grown-ups do not always need it or make it when the need arises, deficiencies can still occur in the production of the same. Below are the best foods that contain L-arginine.

Loin pork meat is rich in L-arginine. It is estimated that one rib will contain at least 15g of the compound.

In a turkey breast, you will find an excess of 15g of L-arginine. This is not counting the many vitamins and healthy fats also concentrated in turkey meat.

Soy beans, for example, are estimated to carry about 5g of L-arginine in a cup. They also contain minerals such as magnesium which have additional health benefits.

This close cousin to turkey is a great source of proteins. A chicken breast, for example, will contain L-arginine not weighing less than 9g.

Unless you are allergic to them, peanuts can be a great source of L-arginine. To avoid the issue of adding excess weight from the high amounts of fats contained in these nuts, consider taking small amounts of the same in different meals. This will give your body the time to make use of these fats without having to store any excess of them.

Dairy products
Cheese is a good example. It is recommended that you go for cheese from goat’s milk since cow milk cheese has a lot of unhealthy fats.

Pumpkin seeds
You will find in a list of foods that increase testosterone naturally. Other than containing lots of iron essential for the production of blood, pumpkin seeds are also a great source of L-arginine. A cup, for example, will hold not less than 7g of the compound.

The amount of L-arginine in lentils measures about 1.5g in a cup. They also are very rich in fiber to keep your digestion system healthy.

L-arginine side effects from available reviews

Supplementing with L-arginine can bring about some side effects. They include:

  • The risk of excessive bleeding from open wounds; this is because L-arginine promotes more blood circulation
  • Increased levels of potassium in the body
  • Reduced blood pressure below the recommended point
  • Changes in the levels of available sugar in the blood
  • Worsens asthma and its symptoms
  • Allergic concerns

L-arginine doesn’t interact well with ED pills such as Cialis and Viagra. You find that ED pills also work by relaxing blood arteries for more blood flow. If the two chemicals are used together, too much relaxation in the arteries can lead to very low blood pressure.

Too much of L-arginine will be harmful to your health. This is especially when it comes to L-arginine gotten from supplements. In the case of foods, try to distribute the particular source of L-arginine you are using throughout your meals rather than stuffing it in a single meal.

Also, you are advised against taking L-arginine supplements, including L-arginine for ED cream if you are taking hypertension medications. Contact your doctor prior to any L-arginine use in such cases.

L-arginine for ED and bodybuilding

L-arginine is a popular ingredient in best herbal Viagra products that treat ED in men and bodybuilding enhancers. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, L-arginine can be helpful in several ways.

For example, it will keep your blood flowing just like ED pills do. This should not be taken to mean that supplementing with L-arginine is all that it always needs. You find that erectile dysfunction in men can be contributed to a couple of factors. Stress, for instance, will make it hard for a man to achieve an erection. In such cases, L-arginine will be of little help.
Ensure that you have talked to your doctor in case you are having issues getting or maintaining an erection. Although your doctor may prescribe a product that contains L-arginine, it will rarely help on its own.

All the same, an L-arginine cream applied to the penis or the clitoris will promote better sexual experiences. It is all about getting the blood flowing efficiently in these reproductive organs, and L-arginine will work in such cases.

When it comes to bodybuilding, L-arginine can act as a steroid of some kind. In children, L-arginine promotes the growth of muscles since it is an amino acid in nature. These effects can be replicated in bodybuilders.

There are many forms in which you can access L-arginine. It can be supplemented, taken through foods or be injected in its artificial forms. Whichever the form, the desired effects will be achieved. It is important, however, that you get the safety details from a professional if you are pedaling with any chronic health condition or trying to treat a medical condition.