How To Use a Penis Pump – Guide Tips For Water, Manual and Electric Pump With Results.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Penis Enlargement

A penis pump is an ED treatment device that promotes an instant erection. It is a safer method compared to most ED pills as well as penis surgery.

The device can return very much desirable effects but only if used the right way and for the right purpose. It is for this reason that you are advised to learn all you can before considering to actually buy the device.

Types of penis pumps; water, air, and electric pumps

There are three main types of penis pumps. However, all of them use the same mode of action to produce their effects.

  • Air pump – it is also known as a manual penis pump. Basically, it consists of a cylinder, a suction tube, a hand operated suction pump, an air valve and an opening to the cylinder.
  • Water pump – It is also known as hydro penis pump. Its basic structure is that of a manual pump. The main difference is that instead of air, water is used to create the suction vacuum. Displacement of water through pumping creates a more powerful vacuum and offers more blood circulation into the penis.
  • Electric pump – The above two described types of pump are manually operated. While the basic structure of an electric pump remains much unchanged, electric power is used to run the device. Some modifications such as a vibrating bullet are added to help massage the penis during the suction process.

How to use a penis pump for best results

Penis pumps come at differing sizes and prices. It is important that you take the measurements of your erect and flaccid penis before choosing the actual pump you will purchase.
Here are the steps:

  • Identify the different parts of the pump and their functions
  • To the cylinder’s opening, sprinkle some water to reduce irritation especially if you have a sensitive skin.
  • Insert the penis in the lubricated opening. Note that some pumps will only allow a flaccid penis. Many brands will, however, allow an even hard penis to enter the cylinder’s opening.
  • Let the cylinder rest comfortably on your pelvic bone. You can consider shaving for easier handling of the cylinder.
  • Shut the air valve or hold it with your fingers as indicated in the instruction manual. Some pumps will need that you keep holding the air valve.
  • Use the suction pump to slowly create a vacuum in the cylinder. For electric pumps, make sure to check the suction pressure gauge. Always allow some recovery time after each pump. Continue the process until the penis is erect to the desired extent.
  • Release the air valve and remove your penis from the cylinder. You can apply some lube to the penis or massage it slowly.

Depending on what you want, you can use a penis ring at the base of your erect member. This will allow you to keep the achieved erection. It is not recommended to keep wearing the ring for a duration of half an hour.

Results expected from using a cock pump

So why do guys use a cock pump? Well, there are several reasons as to why penis pumps are gaining a lot of popularity today.

  • Penis enlargement – Penis pumps ensure that a full erection and a hard one has been achieved. This increases the size of the penis even though for a little while. There are some who suggests that continuous use of the pumps can actually promote penis enlargement.
  • General sexual health – This is mostly linked to boosted self-esteem and therefore preventing issues such as performance anxiety and the like.
  • Manage penis deformation – A condition known as Peyronie’s disease, for example, causes a curved penis. Such a condition can be corrected using a cock pump.
  • Pleasure – Some individuals find it pleasurable to use a penis pump or achieve an erection on demand. They also feel good when they see the quick results that can be gained from a cock pump without side effects.

Best budget penis pumps

Penis pumps can cost from as low as $9 to as high as $300. It depends on a user’s preference and budgetary limitations.

The best way to settle on the best budget penis pumps is to compare their prices as offered at different retailing outlets. Note that you may need additional devices such as cock rings, lubricants, battery cells and antibacterial agents. Below are some purchasing tips that can help.

A pump that will allow you to monitor the changes occurring on your penis is much better. Such changes can occur in the coloration, shape and size of the penis. In this case, a transparent cylinder is more recommendable.

The pump of your choice should perfectly match your penis size. This will prevent difficulties during the suction process. Taking measurements of a flaccid and erect penis can help.

Ensure that the pump of your choice will allow you to keep pressure gauge measurements. Note that applying too much suction pressure can tear your penile muscles.

Set your preferences and settle on a pump that matches them. For instance, a hydro pump is best suited to be used in showers. Air pumps can be used in normal environments but need you to manually operate the suction process. Electric pumps, on the other hand, will require that you get battery cells or a power socket.

Being a bit flexible with your budgetary limits can prove advantageous in the long run. Electric pumps, for example, may come with added massaging features. This can improve the quality of the erections gotten and ease any potential discomfort. This also goes for lubricants that help reduce possible irritations.

Precautions and safety tips for best penis pumps

It is safe to use a hydro pump or any other type of dick pumps even on frequent occasions. For starters, a pump can be used about three times in a week. The following safety tips will reduce the probability of any potential complication:

  • Never let the suction process get to a point of being uncomfortable. This includes irritations, pain, extreme changes in the color of the penis (turning very pink) and such. This is despite the fact that it might take a while to get a maximum erection.
  • Let the pumping process be more of a pleasure than a vigorous process. Don’t be in a hurry to get a full-blown erection. Even with an electric pump, best results will be achieved slowly.
  • Pubic hair will sometimes cause difficulties in handling of the pump cylinder. Some prefer to shave it off. Also, always leave your testicles outside the cylinder.
  • Breaks should be taken after about 10 minutes of pumping. Just let go off the air valve and take about three minutes to massage your penis. This allows for recovery time and encourages the flow of blood into the penis without being forced.
  • Repeat a bit of massaging your penis shaft once the pumping process is done. If you are using a cock ring, ensure that it has been fixed at the bottom of the penis. The ring should not be worn for periods extending half an hour.

Watching an illustration video on how to use a penis pump is of great effectiveness. It will for one help you identify the specific parts of the pump and also the functions of each.

Using a penis cock pump with other ED treatments for best results

The best penis pump can prove as an effective natural Viagra for men and one without side effects for that matter. In fact, it gives you freedom and control over the coming and gong of your erections. However, its effectiveness can be increased by using other ED treatment methods like male enhancement pills.

Enhancement pills and supplements work by encouraging blood flow into the penis. As you may have noticed, this is the same technique that penis pumps use although in a more physical approach.

Taking supplements and using penis pumps can produce very desirable results. The supplements will help unclog the fine blood vessels on the penis while the pump will draw blood into them. Supplements will also help keep the penile muscles healthy to avoid any case of torn penis muscles.

ED treatment prescription pills can also be used with penis pumps. This in case that an erection delays or is not achieved to full extent. In some men, ED prescription pills can produce serious side effects and should be taken in light amounts. Their effectiveness can be boosted by a penis pump.

If you have undergone a penis surgery or have penis implants, it is necessary that you learn how a dick pump can be used without adverse results.

You should not attempt to treat penis deformations resulting from injuries sustained on the penis with a pump. It can actually end up tearing the muscles even more. The best approach is to get treatment in a clinic first and ask for the doctor’s guidelines. The same goes for deformations resulting from diseases and progressive disorders.

All in all, penis pumps do actually work. They are an option you should consider if you are not open to enhancement pills and surgeries.