How to Stop Premature Ejaculation – Best Pills for Treatment and Home Remedies.

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When a man reaches climax and ejaculates, the penis becomes flaccid and a general exhaustion is felt. This bars a man from continuing sexual intimacy for a couple of minutes or hours for some.

On average, men will last for more than 3 minutes before an ejaculation. This duration can extend to even 15 minutes. Above that, discomfort is likely to be felt by the female partner due to drying of vaginal lubrication.

If a man takes less than two minutes to reach a climax, it is considered a premature ejaculation (PE). In that case, both partners will hardly get sexually satisfied let alone enjoying the sex. In some cases, some men will even ejaculate before vaginal penetration during foreplay.

Note that the first sex round usually lasts for a very short period of time compared to consecutive ones. It, therefore, should not worry you if you ejaculate fast in the first round.

Ejaculating prematurely can be caused by a couple of factors, mostly psychological ones such as stress and performance anxiety. However, it is not purely a mentally oriented disorder. Other factors such as oversensitivity will contribute.

Best premature ejaculation pills; How to stop PE with pills

There are no particular pills purely developed to treat PE. This is because it is more of a resulting condition than it is a disease.

The available pills that can be used to manage this condition are meant for depression management. They produce a side effect; delayed ejaculations which is the main goal in our case. There are two main types of these pills; SSRIs and tricyclic antidepressants.

SSRIs examples:

  • Fluoxetine – When taken, this drug manipulates the chemical functioning of the brain. This is aimed at bringing about a balance of various chemical agents essential for the brain’s normal functioning. Fluoxetine should be used in accordance with a doctor’s directions. This is because it can cause unbearable interactions with some medications.
  • Paroxetine – Again, this drug works chemically to bring about a balance in brain chemical agents. It has its side effects and warnings; therefore not to be taken without guidelines from a qualified medical practitioner.
  • Sertraline – Although this drug is effective in treating anxiety-related disorders, the full science behind its working is vaguely known. Like other brands of antidepressants, its use should be preceded by a doctor’s instructions.

Tricyclic antidepressants example

  • Clomipramine – This drug excites some brain chemicals once taken. It can be used to manage premature ejaculation but under professional directions.

How to cure premature ejaculation naturally without pills

The following are mainly exercises that can provide an effective solution in relation to how to cure PE without premature ejaculation pills. Some will be effective while others may prove not the thing for you. Most will require a lot of patience and stickling to detail. For better results, consider trying several exercises at the same time.

The squeeze technique
The technique requires you to squeeze your penis when a climax is neared. This will reduce the urge to ejaculate and gradually get rid of the erection altogether. With practice, it can help you take control of your climaxes.

Start-stop exercise
Here, you are required to withdraw your penis just before you climax on your partner. Hold the penis by the shaft and squeeze the part where the glans attaches to the shaft. You can try self-stimulation first before introducing it to your partner.

The Kegels
These are strategic exercises named after the man who first explained them. They require that you exercise your pelvic muscles, by tightening and releasing them repeatedly in successions of 10 seconds. You can try it when urinating and when it is much harder to do it.

You can, for instance, try breathing deeply when near a climax. It reduces the overwhelming anxiety felt just before and during an orgasm.

Thicker condoms
Excessive sensitivity does contribute to PE. Male orgasm can be delayed by wearing thicker condoms or ones containing Benzocaine. This is a chemical that numbs the penis and delays climaxes in the process.

Best premature ejaculation treatment with home remedies

A variety of home remedies have been advertised as potential premature ejaculation treatment options. You will find that most of the included home remedies work by improving men’s sexual health. Therefore, they may prove not very effective and call for more drastic measures. All the same, they will provide a long-term PE management option.

This fruit has been named a superfood in multiple occasions. It produces a relaxation effect on blood arteries and reduces anxiety.

Green onions
Green onions provide an aphrodisiac effect. Taking seeds from this plant with water prior to your meals is said to promote sexual stamina.

Boiled asparagus
Boiling asparagus along with fresh milk can act as a premature ejaculation treatment option. The plant contains almost of families of vitamins and zinc.

It is a popular sexual disorders treatment remedy. You can access it over the counter in form of a supplement.

Tongkat Ali
This is yet another herbal product that has been in the use for several past decades in the men’s health world. It is thought to have PE reducing capabilities.

Ginger, almonds and honey
There are several antioxidants present in this combo. They also contain vital minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc. Iron is the main component of blood.

Chewing this product raw has a couple of sexual benefits in men. In this case, promotes longer sexual endurance.

Mixing a boiled egg with a chopped carrot plus some honey can transform your sexual endurance. It can, however, take some time, 3 months on average.

Cinnamon has many applications in the medicinal world. It is also used to manufacture soaps and lotions. In terms of how to prevent premature ejaculation, cinnamon acts as an aphrodisiac.

Creams and spray that prevent premature ejaculation

A more recent approach on how to stop PE has seen the introduction of creams and sprays. The main idea behind a cream or a spray that can stop PE is to make the penis less sensitive through numbing.

The glans is the most sensitive part of the penis. Most men will ejaculate if stimulated on this part of the penis. The spray is supposed to be applied mainly on the glans, where numbing will occur. It works more or less than a condom.

A cream may contain additional ingredients meant to be absorbed into the penile skin and bring about male enhancement.

Some users report having experienced reduced sexual pleasure after having used these products. This is, however, an expected result. If numbing is to occur on the penis, less pleasure is likely to follow. However, it is a manageable side effect that can be dealt with later once you have learned to control your climaxes.

How to cure PE; Other premature ejaculation treatment options

Therapies are always recommended and are said to have very desirable effects. These include counseling sessions and hormonal replacement therapies.

Counselling and talk therapies help clear anxiety-related issues that may be contributing to premature ejaculations. If you can recall, PE was earlier described as a largely mental oriented disorder.

A penile implant surgery can also to some extent help treat PE. In this case, inflatable implants are inserted into a man’s penis through a surgical operation. When inflated, the implants bring about a hard erection that can be maintained for longer periods of time. There are some complications and side effects linked to this approach though. You should take your time to review them if you are considering penile implants.

Homeopathic treatment approach has also been used to treat PE. In homeopathy, supplements that promote the normal functioning of the body are taken. Here, no chemical pills to actively address the particular condition are included. The basic idea is to get the body to self-heal itself. It is more or less how a majority of natural Viagra for men products work.

Finally, acupuncture healing technique can be considered. This method uses no pills or medications. Here, small needles are inserted into the skin on various parts of the body. This is meant to promote communication between the various parts of the body. Acupuncture promotes general body health and also greatly relaxes an individual mentally.

You are likely to arrive at the best treatment options once you have talked to a professional about the same. The first step should be to discuss the issue with your partner first.