How to Make Your Penis Bigger – Enlargement and Growth Pills with Sure Results.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Penis Enlargement

The whole issue of having or not having the ‘right’ sized penis has always continued to spark mixed reactions among different groups of people. The most interesting part of it is that a larger percent of men are concerned about their penis size than do their female partners. But what is the right size anyway?

Normally, a man’s penis should measure anywhere between 3 and 5 inches when not erect. Any size below 2 inches can formally be considered small. Any size beyond 6 inches on the other hand can be considered somehow large and can cause some level of discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Think of all the pictures and videos you have probably come across, illustrating massively sized manhood; well, they are enticing enough. However, the reality contained in the same is open to doubt.

Men aiming to make bigger their penis usually have five options to choose from. They include:

The best option depends on a couple of factors. For example, it is of importance to ask yourself the following questions:
How many more inches do I intend to add?
How much money am I flexible enough to spend?
What professional information and services do I have access to?
What do reviews and client testimonials say about the particular method of choice that I am considering?

Real facts you should know about penis enlargement pills

This article concentrates on penis growth pills. All the information contained here is aimed to help an interested individual come up with the best decision in relation to getting a bigger penis safely. However, it is advised that you check with your doctor before ultimately nailing down on the final decision.

First of all, let’s dig more into the real facts about pills that can or promise to make penis bigger:

The size of a man’s penis is genetically controlled. What this means is that real difficulties will be encountered in attempts to enlarge the same. Well, unless you consider gene mapping (which is currently more theoretical than it has been successfully implemented.)

The best penis growth pills will hardly contain a single ingredient. Most of them are what we call supplements. Think of supplements as cocktails; made from a couple of natural products with or thought to have male enhancement capabilities.

Setting unrealistic goals in regards to how to make your penis bigger with pills can be very heartbreaking. In fact, it is the leading cause of disappointments in enlargement pills users.

Pills for penis enlargement will rarely transform your manhood into the sizes promoted in advertisements and magazines. That is; any size increment beyond 2 inches is largely impossible.

If accessed from a trustworthy supplier, penis growth pills can produce remarkable results; not necessarily giving you a bigger dick but producing natural male enhancement.

What is the importance of supplements and pills for penis growth?

It is natural to wonder why so many men are settling on the decision to go for products and supplements that promise penis enlargement results. Well, the main reason is that to make penis bigger is not the only focus for these pills and products. Below are some of the main reasons why penis growth pills have taken the industry by a storm;

  • Aim to get a bigger penis – Not all men out there are satisfied with the current sizes of their penis. Since the option of going for an enlargement surgery is scary enough, most men turn to pills and supplements which promise to increase penis size naturally at home.
  • Attempts to get and keep harder erectionsErectile dysfunction drugs are usually the best option for men who can’t get and keep hard erections. The problem is that prescription drugs; the likes of Viagra, rarely bring about any form of male enhancement. All they do is help a man get the needed erection for a couple of hours. With enlargement pills and products, they improve general men’s sexual health and in the process boost erection quality.
  • Sexual stamina – Stamina in regards to sex can be defined in terms of the duration a man lasts in bed and the time taken to recover after an orgasm. Penis enlargement pills boost sexual stamina in a couple of ways. They also help reduce the time taken to recover after an orgasm has been achieved.
  • Boost semen and sperm volume – One way of achieving this is by boosting the levels of a hormone known as testosterone in men. This is the hormone responsible for sperm production. It is unlikely that you will miss bigger dick pills without a supplement of two that boosts testosterone levels. Ginkgo biloba is a good example.
  • Boosting the quality of orgasms – This is most common with enlargement oils and creams. The idea behind it usually is in increasing the sensitivity of the penis (glans). This leads to more intense orgasms. However, a more sensitive glans can translate into immature ejaculations.
  • Motivation – You may have heard of placebo effect. This is where a man using a certain penis enlarger method, cream or supplement thinks the product is actually working, and in the process gets motivated to engage in sexual intercourse more often and more freely.

How long do bigger dick pills and products take to work?

It always depends on what you want and how best you are informed about the whole issue of how to get a bigger penis without enlargement surgery. Generally, however, enlarging your member natural at home with pills will not work alone. It needs that you put into the mix other options such as foods that make penis bigger and exercises that can help make bigger your manhood. All the same, most men report significant results after about 9 weeks. Here is a sample guide to expected results:

  • 1-3 weeks – Erection quality significantly improves. Patients will experience longer lasting periods and shorter periods needed to recover from orgasms.
  • 3-6 weeks – Patients will start experiencing the placebo effect. More pleasurable orgasms should start kicking in. Men should also notice an improvement in the volume of their semen volume. For ones who have kept clear before and after records, some changes can be witnessed in the girth of the penis especially when erect.
  • 6-8 weeks – Your penis growth chart will take a more steep appearance. Here, major changes in the girth of the penis when erect will be experienced.
  • 8-9+ weeks – If no changes nearing the expected results can be seen by week 9, it is better to quit taking the supplement or the pills you have been taking. There is a high probability of you ending disappointed in the long run. The fact is that not all supplements and pills will work for everyone. By the onset of week 9, the patient should be in a position to control their ejaculations, last longer in bed, be motivated to engage in sexual intimacies and most importantly have a ‘bigger’ penis than they started with.

How do penis enlarger pills, supplements and products work

Before even getting down on how they work, it is best that we discuss if penis enlarger pills, supplements and products do work for real.

Only about 20% of all the supplements, products and pills that promise best how to grow your penis effects will actually work. ‘Work’ in this context has been used not to mean penis size increment in one day at home. No. it calls for a lot of patience. There is also the risk of taking supplements contained undisclosed products.

For better results, you are advised to keep close monitoring of the results being achieved. The first step towards this goal should be to set a realistic goal. For example, you can set a goal to achieve a 1.5 inch increment in the size of our penis after 8 weeks. Here, ensure to keep a growth chart, on which you will be comparing the before and after results achieved as the weeks go by. Note that even the best penis enlargement pills cannot do much in relation to elongating a penis.

Best penis pills work on the basis of the following:

  • Hormone and vitamin supplementation – Some supplements will contain several minerals, hormones and vitamins essential for men’s sexual health. For example, l-citrulline supplements help boost the levels of L-arginine in the body. Both are amino acids which play an important role in the production of the hormone testosterone.
  • Blood circulation – A man’s erection is determined by the flow of blood two paired tubular muscles inside the penis. When these muscles are filled with blood, the penis becomes hard, achieving an erection.
  • Promoting cell division – The only way size increment in the penis can be achieved is if new cells are to be made and consequently converted into muscles. Cells are mostly made of proteins, which actually are amino acids. It is for this reason that L-arginine is one of the most common ingredients of enlargement pills.

How to choose the best penis growth pills

Choosing the best penis growth pills will definitely impact heavily on the final results you will achieve. Here are some tips:

  • Always research – Never be in a hurry to buy an enlargement oil or bigger penis pill you saw being advertised. First, conduct enough research on how the product works and what has been used as its ingredients.
  • FDA approval – FDA does not control dietary supplements. However, you can check if the clinic supplying the supplements has been approved by the body.
  • Available reviews – Reviews give you a wider perspective on how the product works. The best place to get such reviews is on online forums. You can also check the product’s website. The problem is that such –reviews can be highly manipulated.
  • Money back policy – This is a major way of knowing that a manufacturer is actually confident in their product. Some even go to the extent of giving out free trials and coupons to help their clients manage the total cost of buying their products.
  • Physical address – How can you be sure that an online company claiming to operate from Canada is actually located there? Only through a physical address.
  • Customer services and delivery – Your products should be delivered discretely. Also, you should have access to contact lines in case you have any inquiry.

Risks and precautions when taking bigger penis products and supplements

You will always be advised to be very careful with products promising a quick solution to how to enlarge your penis. There, in fact, are poor records of men who have in the past succeeded in such a quest in the past. A common mistake that people make is using dick pills interchangeably with male enhancement pills. The former mainly focuses on enlarging your penis while the latter focuses more on general sexual enhancement. Products like Vimax, Male extra, VigRX and Naturamax are some of the best-known products that promise penis enlargement.

For one, you risk taking supplements containing unknown ingredients. There have been reports of enlargement pills containing samples of ED treatment pills. This can lead to complications with blood pressure.

Although different brands are made with different formulas, it is important to check exactly what has been used. Below are the most accepted ingredients; L-arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Ginkgo biloba, Muira Puama, Tongkat ali extract and horny goat weed. They are, however, not the only ones contained in enlargement pills.

Other bigger penis options like surgery and injections

There are other options, which can be used in conjunction with or independently from enlargement pills. They include:

  • Enlargement oil/gel – They contain vitamins and minerals, which are supposed to sip into the body after having been applied to the penile skin. Some also help increase or reduce sensitivity to either delay or encourage ejaculations.
  • Enlargement surgery – Surgery will definitely produce enlargement results. However, it involves a lot of risks which usually work by discouraging interested patients. Moreover, enlargement surgery mainly increases the size of a flaccid penis. Patients also risk developing erectile dysfunctions. All the same, there are times that surgery may prove necessary. In fact, getting a penis enlargement surgery in India, for example, has a high probability of going through successfully.
  • Extender devices – An extender is worn on the penis. As the name suggests, it constantly keeps pulling the penis to physically extend it. The extension comes about as new cells are made to mend the small tears in penile muscles resulting from the extender.
  • Vacuum pumpsVacuum pumps, like extenders, aim to achieve a physical extension of the penile muscles. This is achieved by wearing the device on the penis and sucking the air to create a vacuum and hence a suction which will pull the penile muscles.
  • Penis injections – In this case, minerals and vitamins but mostly hormones are directly introduced into the penis. True growth can be achieved through injections in case of hormone imbalances.

Foods and exercises – This is the safest method to achieve true growth naturally at home. Natural ways of enlarging a man’s penis include taking more zinc, which is meant to boost testosterone. Exercises help boost blood circulation and decrease the accumulation of belly fat.

Penis enlargement is a reality, but only to some extent. Never settle for a particular enlargement method or product without full information on how it works or of better options that may be of more help. For instance, best erection pills will perfectly help manage any form of ED, which may be encouraging the need for penis enlargement.