How To Increase Sperm Count – Best Tips To Increase Male Fertility and Semen Volume.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Male Enhancement

More sperm means enough testosterone and better chances of making a woman pregnant. It is also a key player in getting more explosive and multiple orgasms.

There are medicines and medical procedures that can help increase semen volume. However, contemporary medicine is far much more strategic and is the one we will focus on in this article.

Why is it important to increase semen volume?

What is the essence of more sperm count and of learning more on how to increase semen volume? Well, we have to start with self-esteem issues. Men feel more confident in their selves when they fill up their female partners with loads of cum. It is just a natural instinct that can’t be helped.

For more health-related factors, you find that most factors affecting the volume of sperm produced by a man will also be linked to the available levels of testosterone. Testosterone is a very important hormone in men. It determines how much a man will be driven to want sex, how much muscle mass they have and how energetic they will grow to be.

For men in relationships and trying to get a kid, sperm count will contribute a lot. More semen is likely to succeed in carrying sperm cells all the way up a woman’s vagina, past the cervix into the womb and finally into the fallopian tubes where fertilization will occur. If produced in very low amounts, sperm cells may never make it out of the harsh conditions found in a woman’s reproductive system especially the vagina.

High sperm count is also an indication that your body is working as expected. This is in terms of being free from illnesses such as prostate tumors and hormonal disorders.

How to increase sperm count and semen volume

Below are the tips you should try for heavier cum loads and healthy boys:

Avoid tobacco
Tobacco, especially in cigarette smoke, is as bad as that can go. I will forego health risks associated with it such as obesity and diabetes and focus on a protein known as protamine 2.

This is a very crucial protein as far as the production of healthy sperm is concerned. Cigarette smoke throws it out of balance, so much that more than 30% of your sperm production capabilities are reduced.

Pay attention to your diets
Processed meat? Not the best thing for sperm production. What about seafood like salmon? That will definitely help you produce more sperm.

Don’t forget about proteins, whole grain meals, and green leafy vegetables. In any case, you do not want your boys to die of exhaustion in their swimming race towards the female egg.

Get some exercise
Exercises are the best way you will get the blood moving all over your body with much ease. Enough of the body for now, what about sperm?

During exercises, your body produces lots of testosterone to match energy demands. The named hormone is in charge of the levels and healthiness of the sperm cells and semen volume that get produced in a man. Exercises will also make your body more sensitive to insulin. Well, diabetes patients know just how important that is.

Try supplements
A cordyceps supplement, for example, is good for your sperm production. Supplements come stuffed with a variety of nutrients and mineral products used as raw materials for sperm and semen production. Some will also boost testosterone, a hormone which will constantly correlate with sufficient sperm production.

One bottle is enough
Alcohol consumed in excess will lead to erectile dysfunction in the long run. It will also lead to withdrawal issues and low probability of long-lasting relationships. But that is just a tip of the whole iceberg.

Alcohol messes with your liver functions and leads to overproduction of estrogen. This is more a female hormone than it is a male hormone. You will end up making close to none semen and sperm cells.

Allow some freedom
Ever wondered what is the reason as to why your testicles are not internal like female ovaries? The main reason is to keep them cool and free from excess heat. This a condition for maximum semen volume production.

Avoid too tight pants, embrace some cold showers and get away from machineries that will heat up your balls all day.

How to increase semen volume and sperm count with foods

There are a variety of foods that can actually prove the best solutions to how to increase semen volume naturally. Such foods contain antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids even amino acids. They include:

Other than being advertised as penis growth foods, oysters also increase production of sperm and semen volume in a man. They are loaded with zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

This vegetable will increase ejaculate force and keep your boys in a race. Carrots and spinach can also work where broccoli is not accessible. It is vitamin A in them that matters.

This food will literally help you increase semen volume. Full of ascorbic acid, it also keeps sperm cells free from harm.

Walnuts, for example, will not miss when looking at how to increase sperm count with foods. They are full of omega-3 fats which are raw materials for sperm production. They will also keep the sperm cells well provisioned with energy on their swimming expenditure.

They are libido boosters as much as they are solutions to how to cum more. They contain a unique compound known as bromelain. There is also an abundance of about 3 essential vitamins in them.

Dark chocolate
Not the taste alone but their ability to increase production of semen in man is also a desirable feature. In them, you will find all types of antioxidants, compounds that keep male health at its best.

Ever heard of allicin and selenium? Well, they might be your best solution to how to increase sperm count. They are contained in large amounts in garlic.

Can herbal products help produce more sperm and increase production?

Herbal products are sometimes described as the best testosterone boosters. As much as that would depend on several factors, they actually can provide a solution on how to cum more sperm.
Herbal products work by promoting sexual health, balancing sex hormones, boosting libido, promoting blood flow and raising the quality of erections.

It should always strike you as important to find out more about a certain herbal product before trying it out. They will be advertised as natural products, but that should not strike you to mean complete safety and freedom from side effects. Some helpful herbal products include:

How to produce more sperm; things to do and avoid to increase ejaculate loads

Sometimes, knowing what not to do can be of more help than knowing what to do. Below are the worst sperm killers you should avoid:

Laptops, hot tubs, skinny jeans…
It is not a misconception that having a laptop on your laps all day long will affect your sperm production. This also goes to regular hot tubs, too skinny pants and basically anything that will ‘cook’ your balls.

Varicose veins
Those enlarged veins on your testicles are not good for you. How better to put it? There will be no enough provision of nutrients to your sperm production machineries.

Won’t obese guys actually provide fertile and energetic sperm? Absolutely not. This is assuming that they will actually produce enough to lead to an ejaculation in the first place. Apart from having ED related issues, obese individuals also have to deal with difficulties in engaging in vaginal penetrations.

Partying hard
The way of life, right? Yes for some, and unfortunately a pretty bad decision. The amount of toxins you expose your body to in a ‘party hard’ event can sum up to ones a regular individual will in a year. What’s more, irresponsible parties will expose you to unprotected sex. You don’t want what comes with that.

Testosterone boosters are in most cases too a good solution for men aiming to get heavier cum loads. However, it is not a good decision to heavily go on supplements especially when you have not taken a testosterone test. It can end up messing with your testicular size, give you enlarged breasts even make your skin oily and full of acne.

It is also good to go for a sperm count test once in a while. A sperm count test will indicate how healthy your sperm are; in terms of their shape, motility rate and number. Typically, sperm count test will indicate more than 20 million sperm cells in healthy men. Most of those should be swimming forward and in the right shape (a head and a tail).

Some men experience premature ejaculations and never quite get the idea of the much semen volume they produce. In such a case, premature ejaculation tablets and a talk with a GP can help.