How to Increase Libido – Tips for maximum libido enhancement with pills.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Sexual Health

Sex is a natural instinct. Scientists will like to describe it as a natural motivation to procreate and in the process escape the extinction of a particular species. But that almost takes the romance from it. Sex is much more than just procreation. It is the main bond that keeps couples together and cements most marriages. But for good and satisfactory sex to happen, libido must come into play.

So what is libido anyway?

In simple layman’s terms, libido definition can be put as the appetite or drive to engage in sexual intimacies and respond positively to the same.

What I mean is that for individuals to be considered as experiencing libido max, they must be physically and mentally capable of offering and responding to all forms of sexual intimacies. Such include:

As much as it seems easy to come by, these forms of sexual intimacies will prove a burden in cases of low sex drive. In fact, they will tend to push the affected partner much further away rather than closer.

What causes low or high libido?

Men are reportedly most affected by low sex drive. It happens that men usually judge their masculinity by the extent to which they are able to perform in bed. For women, it is usually not that depressing. Never get surprised to find that your female partner has not been enjoying your sexual presence for quite a long time.

Physical and mental causes are usually the causes of low sex drive. Below is a breakdown of the most common causes of reduced sex appetite.

  • Low testosterone – This is the male hormone responsible for puberty transformations. Reduced amounts of this male hormone will surely bring about reduced sex drive.
  • Uncontrolled exercises – Lack of exercises is harmful to sexual appetite. The same goes for exhaustive exercises with no rest. This includes spending long hours at work with little or no rest.
  • Drug abuse – Some men will turn to drugs as a consolation for failed sexual performances. A consultation the drugs may prove to be but will ultimately lead to full-blown erectile dysfunction.
  • Prescription medications – Patients taking some forms of prescription medication will find it hard to achieve steel erections or even be in the mood to have sex.
  • Depression/stress – Stress is a major libido killer. This includes having unsettled issues in your relationship. A professional once provided an analogy; better you spend a hundred dollars with a partner at a dinner and discuss a dollar lost somewhere in your daily chores than let the same go unaddressed.

Low libido definition in women

Sexual experiences and desires are very complicated in women. The issue is mainly contributed to the complexity involved in the interactions of their sex hormones. It also should be remembered that they have to undergo mostly changes in hormonal levels during menses.

All the same, the main low libido definition in women revolves around not having the ability to achieve orgasms and not being in the mood to have sex.

Most women will rarely disclose such feelings unless a male partner shows a lot of interest in the same. All the same, enhanced sexual appetite is as much important to women as it is to men. It is for this reason that you are advised to do your best in learning what your female partner likes or dislikes.

There are available enhancement pills and products for women too in the market. While very little data supporting the effectiveness of these pills and products can be accessed, it would not hurt to try.

How to increase libido and promote steel erections

Therapies are the one greatest way to address the issue of low sex drive. Here, it is best that you convince your partner to accompany you to a therapist.

Changing particular medications that may be causing the problem can also be a solution. This should, however, be done carefully and preferably after directions from a doctor. A doctor will also advise on whether a replacement therapy with hormones is necessary.

Natural libido booster methods you should try

Get dark chocolate
Dark chocolate is said to help reduce stress and anxiety levels linked to low sex drive.

Take fruits
You will not find much scientific reports linking fruits to high sexual appetite. However, the very fact that fruits promote general sexual health is good enough. Fruits such as bananas as well as avocados are a good place to start with.

No drugs please
Abusing drugs is disastrous to your libido. For one, they kill your self-esteem. Second, they promote loss of sexual appetite especially when addictive.

Don’t ignore herbs

Herbs are seemingly an old way of doing things. However, herbs such as Ashwagandha have enjoyed long-lasting acclaims relating to sex drive boost.

Try some red wine

Female sexual appetite can allegedly be boosted by red wine. Not much of it though. It is also linked to controllable intense male orgasm.

Take some time out
Too much work without play…Well, it will strip all your natural drive to engage in sexual intimacies.

Check your relationship
Be a master of your relationship; not bossy though. This mostly goes for men. Remember that women care more about emotional intimacy, just as much as the physical part means much to you.

How is low libido related to age?

For men below the age of forty years, the probability of low libido is averaged at 1-2 in a sample population of 10 men. This number jerks to 4 when the age is increased by five years.
The only explanation here is that age advances increase the need for a libido enhancer such as Mucuna pruriens.

Well, age is actually not a cause of low sex drive. You still can find a very much enhanced male past the age of 50 years. What happens is that age is a predisposing factor. You find that aged men are more likely to be taking prescription medications, be stressful, care less about relationships, have low testosterone and rarely go for exercises.

Other options to high libido max

The issue of promoting penis size increment is nowadays growing in popularity. Some even hold that it can act as a libido enhancer. By our libido definition, the physical ability to engage in sexual intimacies plays a major role. For this reason, it is important that we look at the available penis growth options.

Using a cock pump, for example, can help men achieve a forced hard erection for at least half an hour. What it requires is that you use a vacuum pump to suck blood into the penis, after which a rubber band should be applied at the base of the penis to keep the erection. This method can work significantly if low sex drive is resulting from inabilities to keep hard erections.

The other option is to go for a penis extender. Here, you will be required to wear the extender on your penis for a couple of months. It is cumbersome and requires much patience. Some reviewers have reported significant penis growth results. Some risks such as penile muscle tears are to be encountered though.