How to Improve Erectile Dysfunction: What Is the Possibility?

Posted: November 28, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction

How to improve erectile dysfunction should be your priority if you are one of those suffering from ED. There are many kinds of research that have proved it that one can overcome ED easily.

Before we discuss on how to improve erectile dysfunction, it is highly significant to have a full understanding of what ED is. Majority of men now regard this disorder as common health issue among the race. It is a very bad condition that men encounter in the prime of their lives. This is the time when a man cannot keep and sustain an erection during sexual activity. Now, that it has been known to be part of man lifestyle, and then begin to think of the way to improve on it. For you to maximize your sexual enjoyment for the rest of your life, here are some essential things you need to understand:

  • Observe the kind of Meal You Usually Eat

There are some foods that are ideal for your body and your total health while there are some others that can harm your health status despite that they look good to behold. Your penile organ must be very important to you because any man that is having a problem with his penile believe that is the end of the world since he will not be able to function as a man in his life. What a great embarrassment for a man who is not able to have erection in the presence of his partner! Watch what you eat very well before you mar your sexual relationship.

  • Keeping Healthy Weight

Another thing about improving ED is to maintain a healthy weight. When one is obese, this could result in health problems like severe diabetes which could cause serious damage to the nerve round your body. Try as much as you can to watch your weight. Too much of sugar can also lead to diabetes. As said earlier, when you watch over your weight through what you eat, you can easily control your health status. In case diabetes affects the particular nerve that gives supplies to the penis, ED can set in.

  • Avoid High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

Either hypertension or high cholesterol can mar your penile blood vessel. At the end, you might have ED. Therefore, ensure that you are diagnosed by your doctor, let him examine the level of your cholesterol and blood pressure. If your blood pressure or cholesterol is out of knock, ensure it is treated. The hypertension drugs could make things difficult for any man that wants to attain an erection. But doctors have discovered that majority of the cases we believed happened as a result of medication could be as a result of arterial damage due to high blood pressure referred to as hypertension.

  • Moderate Alcohol or None

It is yet to be proved that consumption of mild or moderate alcohol is bad and can cause ED. However, severe heavy drinking could lead to nerve damage, liver damage and some other conditions like the normal level balance of male sex hormone. All these can result in erectile dysfunction.

  • Regular Exercise

You will be very surprised at how magical an exercise can help you out of your erectile dysfunction problem. By involving yourself in routine walking of 30 minutes every day will reduce the risk of having erectile dysfunction. This helps to restore your performance during sexual activity. Strong proof connects inactive lifestyle to erectile dysfunction. Some exercises that have been proved to be one of the best helping plans for preventing erectile dysfunction include running, walking, swimming and other forms of aerobic exercise. For instance, Goldstein said that by riding a bicycle most especially can lead to erectile dysfunction. Although the short ride may not likely cause erectile dysfunction when too much time is spent on biking, it is very important to put on padded cycling pants and make sure he stands up most frequently when pedaling. Do not forget to fit the bike properly. Otherwise, you are toiling with erectile dysfunction.

  • Do Not Depend Solely on Kegel

Kegel is not the type of exercises that seem to be helpful when it comes to ED problem. The reason is that it involves repetition of contracting and relaxing of pelvic muscles. Kegels can only be helpful to women and men who are having incontinence. However, it is yet to be confirmed that it can be used in treating erectile dysfunction.

  • Maintain Testosterone Tabs

The normal testosterone level in men who is hale and healthy starts declining abruptly around 50 years of age. After 40 years of age, it typically falls with about 1.3 percent. When man is having symptoms like temperament, low sexual drive, decisions that are trouble making or having no strength shows that such man is having inadequate testosterone. This can lead to ED. If you are having any of the symptoms, make sure you consult your physician.

  • Stop Smoking

Cigarette smoking is very dangerous to the blood vessels thereby stop flowing of blood to the penis. The nicotine content in the cigarettes shrinks your blood vessels thereby affect the blood flow into the penis.

  • Avoid Risky Sex

There are some cases of ED stem from an injury to the penis that happens when having sexual activity. Hence, it is advisable to take your time and steer clear of particular positions as this could be so helpful.

  • Stop Stress

You can easily boost the level of your adrenaline hormone because of the psychological stress. In this case, the blood vessels shrink resulting to ED. Try as much as possible to reduce anything that can cause tension or things that can make you feel better in your emotion. This will give you great achievement in your sexual improvement.

How Can You Improve Your Erectile Dysfunction over Time

There are some natural alternatives and exercises that can be very vital to your action. Many people who are not interested in exercise will be bothering their mind with the question, why they must exercise their bodies? The result is not far-fetched. It is just to enable you to keep your muscles and reverse the conditions that occur with aging. This is applicable to your pelvic muscle as well because it helps to control erectile function. Maintain your pelvic muscles and keep them in shape. Also, you can maintain healthier and long-lasting erection with time.

However, if you are still young and very agile, it is possible to make a very strong erection. But as an older person, pelvic muscle exercise plan is essential so as to regain your sexual health youthfully. This will help you boost your performance when having sex at any age. You can do this by registering with private gym center.

How to Improve Erectile Dysfunction through Psychological Counseling

Are you thinking of another way on how to improve erectile dysfunction problem? The best solution giver based on the cause of your ED could be a counselor or psychologist. This is ideal for those with ED that takes its root from anxiety, stress, and depression.

Another way to tackle ED could be a supplement. But before you embark on this drug, exercise or diet, seek your doctor’s advice, in particular, those suffering from severe health problems. This will give you an expected end at the end of your treatment.

Do not forget that there is an advert that says, “Smokers are liable to die young”. This is just to let you know that smoking is not good for your body. Make your doctor your friend so as to guide and direct you on what to do and which way to go in treating your erectile dysfunction. Do not feel shy when it comes to this level. Make your problem known to your doctor. He will surely direct your path.