How to Cure Erectile Dysfunctions – Best Pills, Drugs and Treatment Alternatives.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is perhaps the most encountered form of sexual dysfunction in men. The condition can take many definitions. It is usually characterized by multiple failures in getting and sustaining an erection long enough to provide or get sexual satisfaction. ED is always likely to end up in broken sexual relationships if left untreated.
Common forms of ED include:

  • Failed erections – This is where a man fails to obtain an erection hard or long enough to take them through sexual intimacies.
  • Low libido – Libido is the desire to engage in sexual intimacies. It actually is the driving force behind quality erections that will last long enough.
  • Low sperm count – Impotence can be used interchangeably with this form of ED. Here, a man produces weak or unhealthy sperm which cannot fertilize a woman’s egg.
  • Premature ejaculations – Although PE is a whole dysfunction in itself, it still can be classified as a form of ED. In this case, a man will hardly have any control over his orgasms. It results in too soon orgasms before sexual satisfaction can be achieved.

What causes erectile dysfunction and its symptoms?

Symptoms of ED are quite straightforward. They usually revolve around not having the sufficient ability to get/keep erections and low sex drive. When it comes to causes, many candidates form the list.

To achieve a sufficient erection, a complex chemical and neuro process has to take place. This process needs the intervention of hormones, psychological comfort, neuro system, muscles and blood vessels. Any limitation in the proper functioning of the above factors will contribute to ED.

Diseases and conditions are the leading ED causes. Such diseases include diabetes, obesity, HBP, cholesterol, heart diseases, prostate cancer and like. Treatment options for the above conditions too can contribute to ED.

Psychological discomfort such as being in a stressful mood or relationship will also contribute to ED. This includes performance anxiety such as witnessed in young men and in new relationships.

If you smoke, are obese, take medics such as for treating diabetes, have physical injuries or are a heavy drinker, chances of developing ED are heightened.

Which are the best erectile dysfunction pills?

Currently, there are three main brands of pills that can be described as the best erectile dysfunction pills. They are;

  • Viagra – It is a prescription pill with FDA approval. Viagra provides four good hours of a hard erection on a need basis. This means that the achieved erection will not last for the four hours but keep coming back after slight sexual advances.
  • Cialis – This was the second pill to get FDA approval after the earlier discussed Viagra. Its effects last much longer than its predecessor. The active period for Cialis is averaged at 36 hours after intake. It works by vasodilating blood vessels in the penile muscles and the body in general. Again, it is a prescription medication.
  • Levitra – Just like the other two discussed ED medications, Levitra is a prescription medication that works by producing a vasodilation effect. Its action period is averaged at 5 hours. Its effectiveness is affected by fats and alcohol. Just like the other two, it is advised that you take the medication after light meals and when not under the influence of excess alcohol.

These are purely erection pills and should not be taken to treat a condition that may be causing erectile dysfunction. They are chemically active; meaning that several side effects are to be expected after their use. These medications are highly effective.

Natural erectile dysfunction drugs, supplements and medications

ED can be treated effectively with natural and over the counter erectile dysfunction drugs and medications. These usually are supplements produced by mixing a couple of male enhancement remedies.

Taking supplements such as L-arginine for ED can actually help. This is especially in cases that the form of ED being encountered is resulting from hormonal imbalances and insufficiency in vital minerals such as zinc.

L-arginine, for example, is an amino acid. Naturally, production of the amino acid occurs in the body. In its deficiency though, supplementation can be done through oral pills and injections. The amino acid controls the amounts of available and active nitric acid in the body. Nitric acid, on the other hand, controls the relaxation of blood vessels in the body.

Supplements are a great option in case ED is resulting from sexual performance degradation, most common in older men. They can also help increase sperm count by boosting testosterone levels. The main selling factor is that they are made from natural remedies and therefore, less likely to produce adverse side effects. You are, however, advised to be very careful with the supplements you buy. The fact is that many of such products are being manufactured daily and is actually hard to tell the right product from the wrong one.

Certain foods can also help manage ED. For starters, foods rich in zinc, Vitamin A, B and C are great benefits to sexual health. You can find more on foods that act as ED pills online.

Other erectile dysfunction treatment alternatives and remedies

There are other various erectile dysfunction treatment options a patient can choose from. They include:

  • Hormone therapies – These are treatment therapies meant to deal with ED resulting from imbalanced levels of hormones in the body. Think of hormones as some chemical compounds that control most of the chemical process in the body. Such processes include digestion and erections. Nowadays, hormones are being produced in the lab and can consequently be administered into a person’s system through injections or oral forms. It is not advisable to take hormone replacement injections on your own.
  • Implants – Advancements in technology have allowed for the possibility of penile implants being used as an ED medication. These types of implants need to be inflated to give a boost to the achieved erection.
  • Pumps and extenders – These two types of devices are said to bring about an enhanced flow of blood inside the male organ. For example, a vacuum pump can be used just before sex to force an erection. Here, you will be required to insert your penis into the pump and force out all the air. In response, a vacuum will be created, which will force blood to gush into your penile muscles. You will then be required to place a rubber at the base of the penis to help maintain the erection for about half an hour. Keep clear extender results to get the best out of this ED treatment method.
  • Surgical operations – Deformations and anatomical challenges that encourage ED can only be effectively treated through surgery. Such deformations can be genetically inherited or suffered through injuries. Some surgeries can be used to get rid of cholesterol blocking penile blood vessels. This type of surgery is growing less popular these days.
  • Penis exercises – Exercises such as pelvic muscles exercises can help treat ED resulting from premature ejaculations. They, however, require a lot of patience to take effect.
  • Counselling therapies – The main causes of ED are not always connected to physical limitations and damages. They also can be entirely or partly mental. In this case, counseling therapies will be the best alternative to go for.

How to cure erectile dysfunction through lifestyle changes

Some transformation and changes done on your lifestyle can help in the long-term management of erectile dysfunctions. These are simple exercises and transformations that you can adopt even at home. They include:

  • Weight control – Weight is a major contributor to ED. Excess weight strains the heart and makes it impossible for blood to circulate in the body.
  • Avoid anabolic steroids – Although anabolic steroids provide quick body and muscles transformations, they are a real libido killer.
  • Avoid drug abuse – Drugs such as tobacco affect the normal relaying of brain signals in the body. The results are poor quality erections and lack of sex drive.
  • Physical activeness – Physical exercises will keep blood flowing sufficiently in your body. They will also help strengthen most of the muscles directly involved in maintaining erections and sexual stamina.
  • Treat underlying conditions – ED’s definition can take the shape of a side effect or a secondary resultant of an underlying health condition. Diabetes, for example, inhibits the normal levels of active sugar present in the blood. Prostate health, on the other hand, always determines the quality of semen produced in a man.
  • Boost your testosterone – Testosterone levels can be boosted through foods and supplements. If the levels are excessively low, a replacement therapy will be a better option. Almost all male enhancement supplements and products do put a special focus on testosterone boosting.

How to choose the right erectile dysfunction treatment medication

Not all men are open to the option of discussing their sexual health even with a doctor. Although this is the best option, it comes with its understandable challenges.

ICD 9 and ICD 10 will have it that FDA approved medications are the best to treat fully developed erectile dysfunctions. But as you may have already realized, ED pills will only provide short-term solutions. Additionally, a prescription will be required, one which can only be gotten from a doctor.

ED can be managed over the internet. All you need is to identify the best option that suits you from the above-discussed pills, drugs and treatment options. From there, you can move on to research more on where additional information can be accessed from.

When buying supplements, for example, take caution not to buy potentially harmful products. Always ensure that a pharmacy or source you are buying from has officially been registered and allowed to conduct its operations.

Some professionals will encourage you to take an ED test prior to deciding that you actually are suffering from the condition. You may find that performance anxiety or stress levels are majorly contributing to same and can be simply treated with simple therapies.

For patients with prescription medications, any brand of ED pills, drugs or supplements should not be taken without consulting a doctor. You find that most ED pills work by manipulating the flow of blood in the body. If for example, you have issues with your blood pressure, you can experience a sudden drop in blood pressure which can be fatal. Also, never discontinue the use of certain medications even if you suspect them to be contributing to ED. Always consult your doctor first.