Ginkgo Biloba Tree Supplement – Benefits, Dosage, Uses and Potential Side Effects.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Supplements

In the ancient Chinese medicine, many plants were carefully analyzed and used for their medical values. Ginkgo biloba tree was such a plant. It has been argued to be the oldest of all trees’ species that is still in existence today.

The tree is a hardy one and can grow in almost all weather conditions. It provides for perfect shading and an incredibly beautiful view. Other than its medicinal properties, the tree can be planted at home or in city streets for its environmental and aesthetic properties.

In the ancient times, the tree’s seeds and leaves were the main center of focus. Studies have nowadays narrowed down to extracts gotten from dried leaves.

Ginkgo biloba supplement is largely considered safe. It is one of the bestselling herbal supplements in the world today. However, it is not controlled by FDA. Many research reports are being published from time to time in the hope of understanding how exactly Ginkgo biloba works.

Main benefits of a Ginkgo biloba supplement extract

Ginkgo biloba is associated with a list of potential health benefits. it is because of this reason that it has stood the test of time. Below are the main Ginkgo biloba benefits:

Increases focus
Most forms of brain fog can be cleared with Ginkgo biloba. Such forms include poor memory, confusion, brain fatigue, migraines and gloomy moods. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn relieves stress and boosts circulation in the brain.

There have been several clinical trials involving Ginkgo biloba. Subjects did a report of boosted mental capabilities as well as improved mood. No major side effects were reported. However, no major health transformations were reported.

Treats Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
These are two progressive brain conditions that gradually degrade the brain. Even though Ginkgo biloba will not actually cure the conditions, it helps slow down the progression of the conditions. it also promotes mental health in the patients.

Promotes vision
Although sufficient evidence is still needed, Ginkgo biloba has been shown to help maintain healthy eyes especially from natural damage from UV light. It also promotes blood circulation to eye tissues keeping them well provisioned.

Some reports suggest that Ginkgo biloba also promotes stamina in eye tissues, thus protecting from degradation associated with old age.

Reduces depression
Supplementing with Ginkgo biloba has been known to reduce the effects of depression and stress. Like other adaptogens, it works by returning body functions to normal.

For instance, stress resulting from high levels of adrenaline and cortisol can be cured with a standard dosage of Ginkgo biloba without side effects. This includes other conditions such as pain attack or social phobia.

Treats PMS
This is a condition that affects women after menopause. It is attributed to changes occurring in the body such as commissioning of the kidney to produce estrogen in place of the ovaries.

PMS symptoms include migraines, pain in the muscles and fatigue. Subjects taking 40mg daily Ginkgo biloba supplement dosages reported significant improvements in how severe the symptoms manifested.

Protects from hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins, either occurring internally or externally. They are very common in the anus and rectum. They can result from excess pressure applied on the buttocks like in obese individuals. Hemorrhoids are painful and cause a lot of discomforts.

Since Ginkgo biloba has anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to cure these inflamed veins. It also reduces the pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

Used to treat migraines
Migraines are excessively painful headaches that go on for a long time. Ginkgo biloba can be used to ease the pain, even in normal headaches.

Also, Ginkgo biloba is an adaptogen and helps the body adapt to the changes that might be causing the migraines. Such factors include allergic reactions, hormonal imbalance, drug toxics even stress.

Promotes sexual health
Ginkgo biloba is a common ingredient in testosterone pills and boosters. Ginkgo biloba for one improves blood circulation and promotes the production of platelets in the blood. This is known as blood thinning. In fact, ED pills such as Cialis work on the same basis.

Other than that, Ginkgo biloba brings about hormonal balance as well as treat stress and effects of antidepressants.

Natural asthma treatment
Asthma is basically an inflammation of lungs organelles. The anti-inflammatory properties of Ginkgo biloba help in such a case. Test subjects have reported having less breathing issues while on Ginkgo biloba dosages.

Helps manage ADHD
ADHD is a condition of the brain that retards brain and body development. Ginkgo biloba has been reported to improve brain health in affected subjects as well as ease the symptoms of the condition.

What is the correct ginkgo biloba dosage?

A large Ginkgo biloba dosage will bring about more effects than will a low dosage. However, different dosages are recommended depending on the results you are aiming for.

For issues related to easing pain such as muscle pain and headaches, a 40 mg dosage will do. This will need to be increased to about 200mg for cognitive issues and brain health.

Most people report desired results with 300mg dosages. In older people, a larger dosage may prove necessary to match the needed results.

Ginkgo biloba uses and dosage information from reviews

Below is a breakdown of Ginkgo biloba uses and dosage information relating to specific conditions and desired results according to most reviews.

Blood circulation; issues calling for improved blood circulation and anti-inflammatory healing properties will call for 100-200mg of Ginkgo biloba daily. This includes aims to increase penis size naturally with ginkgo biloba for men.

For brain health, including depression and ADHD can effectively be treated with dosages ranging from 130 – 250mg. This includes general exhaustion and mood swings.

For treating progressive conditions such Alzheimer’s disease, daily dosages with Ginkgo biloba pills ranging from 120-250mg will do. Some people prefer dividing the dosages for easier administration.

Desirable results have been reported after about 4 weeks. Some can start after 6 weeks but will rarely come any later than that. It is important to check manufacturer’s details on dosage information all the same.

Which is the best ginkgo biloba tree extract?

Ginkgo biloba is available in form of capsules, liquid, pills, and tea. It is also available in raw dried leaves which you can take at your preference.

To get ensure that you land on the best Ginkgo biloba supplement extract, here are some of the qualities to look for:

  • The supplement must contain flavonoids and terpenoids; 25-34% and 6-14% respectively. This is the recommended concentration and will bring about most of the desired results associated with Ginkgo biloba.
  • Make your purchases officially operating food stores or online suppliers. You can check for more details on the legitimacy of the stores or clinics on government websites.
  • Check for any additional information on how the supplement should be taken. Sometimes, a different production formula can be used depending on the supplement which will in turn call for different supplementing dosage information.

Can ginkgo biloba supplement treat erectile dysfunction in men?

In most cases, it depends on what the exact cause of the erectile dysfunction is. If the condition is resulting from issues related to stress and depression, supplementing with Ginkgo biloba will surely treat the ED.

Ginkgo biloba will not cure ED caused by physical deformations and injuries to male sex organs. The much it can do is promote blood circulation to these regions.

Men with low semen volume have reported significant result when taking Ginkgo biloba to increase sperm count. Sperm production is usually under the control of a hormone known as testosterone. Since Ginkgo biloba can help balance the levels of sex hormones including testosterone. This will elevate sperm volume.

It is important that you talk to your doctor when treating ED with herbal supplements such as Ginkgo biloba. As much as it is a herbal product, it can cause interactions with some medications used to treat chronic medications causing the erectile dysfunction.

Potential ginkgo biloba extract side effects

Ginkgo biloba is largely considered safe. It is unlikely that you will feel any serious Ginkgo biloba side effects especially when the same has been taken in the correct dosage.

All in all, Ginkgo biloba remains a herbal product and certain precautions should be taken prior to using the product. For instance, Ginkgo biloba is associated with blood thinning. This can be potentially dangerous especially to people predisposed to open bleeding.

There are many herbal products being circulated over the internet today. Some may claim to contain Ginkgo biloba pills or extract in them. Very important that you get assured that the herbal products you are accessing are actually safe. This is regardless of if you are on prescription medics or not.

You are advised not to avoid dried or roasted Ginkgo biloba seeds. In some user reports, effects such as seizures have been reported.

Additionally, don’t forget to mention any form of herbal product or supplement you are taking to your doctor. This is especially when you are preparing for any form of surgery or getting prescribed for certain medications.