Generic Levitra for sale online: coupons, dosage, price, where to buy & side effects.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in ED Pills

In most developed nations, citizens have the access to three main brands erectile dysfunction treatment pills. These include Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. Another drug named Stendra was also recently developed for the same purpose.

While these drugs work almost similarly in regards to chemical effects, they have their pros and cons, which a user must be familiar with to make the right choice.

Erectile dysfunctions are continuing to be a cause for concern in the world today. Lifestyle habits and stressful job activities have continuously worked by increasing the number of ED cases reported year after year. Luckily, medical advancements have allowed us to develop treatment medications that can combat ED effects.

In this article, we will try as much as possible to break down all there is to know about Levitra. It will be left to a potential user to decide whether the drug can be the right option for them or not. As already said, other options for ED treatment are available.

What is Levitra and how does it work?

Simply enough, Levitra is an ED treatment drug. It comes in form of round tablets which are orange in color. The pills are to be swallowed with water but can also be taken in meals. Staxyn is a form of Levitra which can be applied under the tongue without the need to swallow the same.

The active compound in the drug is known as vardenafil. It should not confuse you with finding the two terms used interchangeably.

Originally, the drug was distributed by three partnered companies. Today, Bayer and GSK are the main shareholders as long as the legal right for Levitra production is concerned.

FDA approved Levitra in 2003. That was about 5 years after the first drug for treatment of ED was approved. In the same year, yet another drug found its way into the market. This succession of events created a stiff competition in the ED drugs market. It also partially created a need for generic versions of the drugs.

In regards to how it works, Levitra is basically a PDE-5 inhibitor. Don’t worry about the chemistry in that. It will be explained in simple terms as we move further.

For an erection to occur in men, two massive, elastic and tubular muscles in the penis must be filled with blood. For an erection to be maintained, on the other hand, the muscles must hold the blood for a significantly long enough period of time. Failure to achieve these two requirements is one of the main erectile dysfunction causes.

For blood to flow and fill the above-identified penile muscles, a vasodilation effect must occur on the arteries that carry blood into the muscles. To maintain the blood in the muscles, on the other hand, the veins taking the blood from the penile muscles must contract. The first effect, vasodilation, is promoted by a body chemical known as nitric acid. The second effect, contraction, is promoted by an enzyme named cGMP. This is the enzyme that PDE-5 enzymes breakdown to kill an erection, especially after ejaculation. PDE-5 inhibitors prevent the breaking down of the enzyme.

That is basically how Levitra works. When taken, it promotes a relaxation effect. After that, it inhibits the breaking down of the enzyme responsible for contracted veins that remove blood from penile muscles. If you have closely followed the above-explained process of getting an erection, you already know that these Levitra effects will translate into a hard long lasting erection.
These effects can last up to 5 hours.

Where can one buy Levitra online?

Buying Levitra online is very simple nowadays. All you need to do is search for an online pharmacy that offers the pills. There are hundreds of them on the internet. Just run a simple search and they will line up for you.

However, it will depend on the part of the globe you are in. in some countries, you cannot buy Levitra without a doctor’s prescription. This means that you have to visit a clinic, get your medical status examined, after which a prescription will be developed for you. Next time you need to buy Levitra online, you will send the prescription plus your order to the pharmacy.

Here are some tips to help you find the right pharmacy to buy Levitra online from:

  • They must be reputable. You can ask google for more information on how long they have been operational and such factors.
  • You should be able to access a physical address to confirm the part of the globe they are claiming to be operating from. There are google maps and such apps these days, so confirming the location is simple.
  • Try calling their customer care services number or emailing their contact e-mail address. If they cannot reply, well you don’t want that to be your supplier.
  • Check the prices they offer for the Levitra pills. Too low priced pills aren’t the way to go.
  • See what other users have to say about the source. Here, online forums and client testimonials can provide you will the much you need to know.
  • Finally, get on the safe side by reading their money back guarantee and terms of operation. In fact, a most genuine supplier will not shy away from giving your free trial samples.

Is Levitra for sale effective and available?

Levitra for sale is very effective. It is a great option to help you manage erectile dysfunction. It is also widely available, which means that you do not have to hustle much to get the pills.
It is important that you know the difference in terms that surround Levitra for sale. They include staxyn, vardenafil, Levitra even vivanza. Staxyn is a form of the drug that doesn’t require swallowing. It is placed under the tongue where it disintegrates on its own. It is more like Kamagra. Vardenafil is the main compound in Levitra pills. It can be used in place of Levitra but the two basically mean the same thing. Levitra is the brand name used for commercial purposes. Vivanza, on the other hand, is the brand name under which GSK Levitra is marketed mainly in Italy.

Is generic Levitra legal and safe?

Lets now come to the issue of generic Levitra. It is almost another name for cheap Levitra.

What most people may not know is that generic Levitra basically produces the same effects just as the brand pills. At least as long as the pills have been purchased from a legally operating source.

In nations such as US, UK and most of Europe, generic Levitra is not legal. At least not until patent expiration for the drug; this may have to wait until 2018. But even after patent expiration, the same can be extended for several years.

Generic Levitra is however available in nations such as India, Canada, Mexico even Thailand. If you are in a nation that restricts the sale of the generic pills, you can order them and have your order delivered to you.

In this case, you will have to be careful with the number of pills ordered. For example, more than 24 pills may spark custom issues at the border. This can be avoided by ordering several brands of Levitra pills.

In regards to whether generic pills are safe, it will depend on the source you have bought them from. Always ensure that you have ordered the pills from a legally operating pharmacy. Preferably, order your pills from Canada, Mexico and India. It is much easier to check for the legibility of pharmacies located in those nations.
Users within the borders of nations where over the counter Levitra is available only have to go get their orders just the normal way.

What is the correct Levitra Dosage?

Levitra dosage comes in measurements of 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 milligrams. 20mg pills are the most potent. New users are advised against using such high doses.

Most users find comfort in 10mg and 5mg pills. It is always recommended that you start with the lowest dosage and work your way up.

A Levitra dosage should be taken about 30 minutes before sex. The drug has been noted to reach peak effects within 15-17 minutes. This can be affected by dosage measurement, alcohol, heavy meals, age and general health conditions. A dosage should not be repeated in less than 24 hours.

Avoid heavy meals when taking Levitra. Also, avoid excess consumption of alcohol. It can promote more severe side effects and impair your judgment as well as the effects. For women, Levitra dosage will hardly be of any positive effects.

For men, impotence definition revolves around the inability to get quality erections. This sometimes works by luring men into taking higher doses in the hope of getting longer lasting erections. If you can remember, we identified Levitra as a chemically active drug. This means that taking it in overdose will produce a sudden change in the body chemical composition. That can be in fact fatal in some cases. Always try to remain within the limits of the recommended dosage.

Average cost and price of Levitra in different pharmacies

The average Levitra cost offered in different pharmacies varies. This depends on the part of the globe you are in and also the brand of Levitra that you are buying.

In the US and some parts of Europe, Levitra price is averaged at $35 per pill. Outside the US, the average Levitra cost falls anywhere between $14 and $20. Some insurance plans do cover for ED medications but not always. You will, therefore, need to check with your medical insurance advisor.

Generic brands are much cheaper than that. In India, for example, expect to pay as low as $1-$5 for a pill of Levitra. Canadian pharmacies may offer the same at around $6 for a pill.

Buying pills in bulk can even lower the prices even lower. For example, if you are to buy more than 300 pills priced at $3 per pill, you will end up paying as low as $1 for one pill. This works better if you are buying the pills for resale. Note that importing such large orders is not legal in nations where generic Levitra is outlawed.

Beware that cheap Levitra price can mean fake Levitra pills. This is especially when no ‘detective’ work has been done to uncover the legibility under which a certain online pharmacy you are buying from is operating.

What is a Levitra coupon and how to get one?

You may have heard of a Levitra coupon and got to wonder what exactly it is or how you can get one. Basically, a Levitra coupon is a discount plan that allows you to save out of pocket spending on Levitra pills.

With a coupon, you can save up to half of the total expenses spent in buying your pills. The good thing is that it can be used in any legit pharmacy that is selling brand Levitra pills.

To get a coupon, you will need to identify an online pharmacy that offers the same. You will fill in some requirements and send the information for eligibility check. After that, you will download and print your coupon, which you can mail with your prescription on your next Levitra pills order.

Coupons and discount cards are very effective strategies for managing cost incurred in buying Levitra pills. You should definitely check with your supplier.

All Levitra side effects
Prescription medications always come at the cost of some side effects. It is important that you use the correct dosage and follow provided safety tips to avoid adverse side effects. Below are the potential Levitra side effects. They rarely will occur all of them at the same time:

  • Headache
  • Face flushing
  • Dizziness
  • Gastric discomfort

Other Levitra side effects:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Swollen limbs and ankles
  • Pain in the chest
  • Very low blood pressure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Pounding in the years
  • Excess sweating
  • Runny nose
  • Lost or blurred vision

Rare/serious side effects:

  • Seizure
  • Fainting
  • Shock
  • Inability to breathe

Don’t use Levitra with nitrates or grapefruit juice. In fact, consult your doctor before using Levitra with any other medication, including natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.
Some users have been reported to have experienced allergic reactions to the pills. This can cause difficulties in breathing or itchy skin. Stop any further intake of Levitra if this occurs. There is a condition known as priapism. This occurs when an erection won’t go away for even up to four hours. It is painful and dangerous for it can damage penile muscles. Seek medical services in such a case.

Patients dealing with blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, advanced age and eye disorders are more likely to suffer a blurred vision. This should stop after some time. If it persists or very mild, get medical attention immediately.

Final thoughts
Levitra is one of the most effective ED treatment drugs we have in the market today. When used correctly, lots can be benefited from the same. This is in terms of male enhancement and also cost-effectiveness.

Users are advised to get all information concerning how to take, where to buy and potential side effects of the drug. Also, advice from your doctor is of most importance.